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Sexy Bock Love

Last year, we brought Bringing Sexy Bock back, and we’re bock for round three this year.

When Chris called it a “sexy bock,” he had no idea it would be so popular. But, let’s face it, those Paulner monks of yore knew what they were up to. They had nothing to do but read the bible, sing some chants, and brew some killer beer. They were gonna make it good — particularly since it was their only source of nourishment during Lent.

In that vein, we figured pre-Easter was the perfect time to bring back this bock. But, before we do, we wanted to take a look bock (okay, we’re done) to see what people had to say about it on its last trip down to Cape May.

“Solid Bock style lager. Malty, nothing over the top, just a quality German beer. Germans would be proud.” — Deutsch Dude, Untappd

“Super malty, a little sweet, no lingering aftertaste. Refreshing without being too light.” — Shawn B., Untappd

“Poured an amberish color with a small sized off-white head. Nutty, toasted caramel, toffee, and some roast.” — hopdog, RateBeer

“I don’t typically like Doppels because they are too malty, but this is pretty good. I could drink this on a fall day.” — Dan L., Untappd

“Nice amber color. Malty taste. A little heavy, but not bad overall.” — raymow, RateBeer

“Good beach version of this style. Not as malty as the style dictates.” — Chris S., Untappd

“Not quite as heavy, but definitely caramel and malt notes. Smooth drink.” — Jenny S., Untappd

“Pours a clear golden brown aromas of chocolate and slight roast flavors are very similar to the aromas.” — Deadpool37, RateBeer

“Nice, smooth finish. Good taste. Light yet rich. One of their better brews.” — highwayempire, RateBeer

“Very delicious. Blend of five grains lend to a toasty caramel flavor.” — Jen G., Untappd

“Nice clear copper color white head. Toffee malt aroma. Malty palate, light hop bitterness. A bit cloying but mostly clean. Tastes more like a hearty brown ale.” BiddleBrau, Rate Beer

“Dark roast aroma. Full flavor. I’m getting rye without the dryness.” — Jose A., Untappd

“Poured a chestnut brown with a foamy light beige head. Aroma of nuts, wort, brown bread and chocolate malts. Flavor is similar with earth and wort sweetness. Medium body, slightly chalky mouthfeel and average carbonation.” dmac, RateBeer

“Nice and sweet with good malt. A little nutty, too.” — Ryan S., Untappd

“Sexy is already here.” — Doug, Untappd (We’ll take your word for it, Doug.)

We’re Bringing Bringing Sexy Bock Back

IMG_6530Got it?  Good, because we’re not entirely sure what that title means.  It’s confusing and hurts to say out loud.  Justin Timberlake surely never sang about it.  Justin Beiber might have.  Our Sales Manager Justin Vitti definitely will if you ask right.

But, yeah.  This bock had such a good showing the last time we brewed it, we’re bock for more.  It’s a Vienna-style lager, sweet and medium-bodied, yet clean and rich.  Eminently drinkable, but take heed… with a 6.9% ABV, it’ll hit you like “Bye, Bye, Bye”.

There’s a long history to bock brewing, beginning with German brewers back in the 14th century.  Bock is German for billy goat — yeah, really — and came to be applied to beer through a long line of German people misunderstanding each other.

In the 17th century, it evolved into a lager, being brewed and consumed by Bavarian monks as a source of nutrition during times of fasting.  They weren’t allowed to eat solid food, but liquids were authorized… and there really is no better liquid in Germany than a hearty doppelbock.

The guys in the brewery — who, if given an opening for some toilet humor, will thankfully take it — originally referred to this brew as a weiner bock.  “You see, it’s a Vienna-style red lager, and Viennese in its native German is Weiner,” Brewer Brian Hink explains.  “Obviously we weren’t going to release a wiener bock, but at one point Chris referred to it as a ‘sexy beer,’ and one thing lead to another and we had ourselves one helluva Sexy Bock.”

Big-bodied with a high alcohol content, Chris hit this one on the nose — it’s a really sexy bock.  Even fans of the Backstreet Boys (we know you’re out there!) will want it that way.

(If you’ve made it through this blog without at least one late-90s boy band song stuck in your head, we’ve failed miserably.)

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