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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“It’s a more technical beer to brew and cellar and filter. It’s such a good, clean taste. It’s perfect.”

New Pilsner Alert! Meet Cin Cin

For the last couple of years, we’ve been loving our new canning line, a CFT Microbrew from Italy, which increased our efficiency and ability to pump out about 100 cans-per-minute. 

Thanks to this bad boy, we’ve been able to offer a lot more Tasting Room-exclusive releases, including our latest this week, Italian-style Pilsner Cin Cin (as in chin chin, or how you’d pronounce ‘Cheers!’ in Italian). 

Lager superfan and Brewer Brad Young jumped at the chance to spread the gospel on this brew, and why you should check it out even if you’re not normally a beer-flavored beer drinker.

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“I think what we do here really shines in the shandies. As far as the quality of our beer, I think it shows heavily in those. Even though they’re fruited, it’s still a straight-forward beer. There’s not a ton to hide behind."

Strawberry Sunset Is Back!

Shandies. You love them, we love them. I mean, obviously we love them. After all, we’ve released eight different shandies, including our imperial versions, many of which have graduated to yearly staples!

This month is a good month for shandy fans. We currently have The Bog and The Grove out and about, as well as 4-packs left of That Cherry Lime Good Good, and two new releases this month: Strawberry Sunset this week and The Purp later this month! 

To get some more information on how the shandy magic happens in the brewhouse, we reached out to Lab Manager Lauren Appleman and Brewer Brad Young.  

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"I love when I get off at four,” he says, “and hopping across the street, having a beer with the guys you work with, talking with the Tasting Room folks."

Welcome Brad!

Cellarman Brad Young is no stranger to the industry. He’d been working up the street a spell at Ludlam Island for a few years before coming to Cape May.

“When I met Brad, after about 2 minutes it was obvious that he would fit in here like a glove,” says Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm. “Couple that with his previous experience working with a great brewery like Ludlam Island and it was an obvious choice to snag him up and bring him on board with us. It’s apparent that it was a good decision, too; he’s been a fantastic addition to our team here.”

Welcome Brad!

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