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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
If your kid asks for your support to start a brewery: go with it.

Mop Man’s Advice

We’ve got a number of new fathers around the brewery:

Ryan and his wife Kaysi had Radley Theodore back in February.

Justin and his wife Mariel had Piper Anne three weeks ago, and, while Justin’s not exactly a new father, the last time he went through all of this was ten years ago.

And Craig and his wife Amanda should have had a baby last weekend, but, as we write this, we’re still on Baby Watch. (Let’s hope she goes on Father’s Day!)

So, this Father’s Day, we wanted to catch up with the brewery’s father — the Mop Man himself, Bob Krill — to see what advice he had for these new proud papas.

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Because it tastes like an IPA that you can drink all day without getting hammered.

Mop Man on Cape May IPA

Our flagship IPA is our flagship IPA for good reason: it’s a helluva beer.

It was originally Hank’s recipe — “Jump the Jetty” it was called. As he and Ryan were getting into homebrewing, it was essentially all he ever brewed.

“I pretty much just brewed IPA, then I’d change it and brew it again,” Hank said. “I just kept playing with the recipe.”

Once they were ready to open the brewery, with their new space at the Cape May Airport secured, they brought the “finished” product to Mop Man, and he gave his opinion.

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Meet the Mop Man

IMG_0910If for any reason someone asks you to define proud father, just point them toward Bob Krill: proud of Ryan, proud of Hank, and proud of Cape May Brewing Company.

“Are you kidding me?” Mop Man asks, laughing. “Yeah, he’s a great kid. And my ‘adopted’ son, Chris, they’re both great.” We get the feeling talking to Bob that he’s sort of in awe of both boys: their work ethic, determination, and honesty. “You come in 9 o’clock at night sometimes, they’re still here.”

Hank, Ryan, and many of their friends would spend time at the Krill’s house in Avalon over the summers during college. One of their friends, Jimmy, gave Hank a brew kit for his birthday one year, and it started the ball rolling. The guys started homebrewing at the house in Avalon.

After their group of friends scattered around the country after graduation, a few years had passed and Hank wanted a career change. He talked it over with Ryan, they asked Bob if he wanted to help them start a brewery. “It only took me a second. I said, ‘Sure, why not?'”

IMG_0372However, Bob had a bit of buyer’s remorse when he looked at the empty buildings at Cape May Airport. “I thought, ‘How the hell do we get our money back?'” he says, laughing. “There was nobody there!” Nonetheless, Bob is proud of the economic engine the brewery has become, as well as the recognition from Cape May’s elected officials of the brewery as the “anchor” of Cape May Airport.

He seems to have gotten over those initial doubts pretty quickly, realizing that he “never invested in a brewery. I invested in Ryan. And Chris. They believe in what they’re doing, and I believe in what they’re doing.”

Bob seems to have followed his own advice to fathers: “Raise them the best you can, but you gotta let them make their own choices.”

IMG_2086With Father’s Day on Sunday, the last thing Bob wants is another pint glass. “Counting the two cases in my trunk…?” he says, laughing. “I try to get the new ones every now and then, but it’s like working at a pizza place and someone offers you a slice of pizza. I got enough glasses!” Nonetheless, he’s partial to the regular pint glass: “I think the design is beautiful. You throw them in the freezer and have a nice cold glass of beer.” He suggests Mop Water — his namesake — of course.

On Sunday, Mop Man will be at a cookout at Ryan’s while his daughter Lauren is in town. They’ll be kicking back with a few cold IPAs and Ryan will be making a bone-in rib-eye. “I told him I wanted a steak as big as my head.”

“Sounds like a good plan for me.” You deserve it, Bob.

To Mop Man and all of the other fathers out there, CMBC wishes you a very happy Father’s Day.

Big Things For The CMBC Crew…

Our team is always brewing big beers. But recently, we’ve have some big personal events on tap, too. Here’s your proof that a brewery really IS a microcosm of life…


It was 2010 when Bob Krill — aka Mop Man — announced to his colleagues after a 40-year career in big pharmaceuticals that he’d be mop manopening a brewery with his son and his son’s college roommate. Although some people called him nuts, Bob’s never looked back.

“It’s a journey and we’re only at the beginning,” he says. “We’re not in it to become Budweiser, only to put a notch in Jersey’s beer belt, and I’m not just a daytripper… this is a long-term deal. It’s hard work, but we’re having fun, too. And if we can help people out along the way by creating some jobs, that’s very cool. It’s funny… when you tell people you’re involved with clinical trials, they tune you right out. Tell them you brew beer, and man, they’re all ears.”

November 1 marked Bob’s 70th birthday. He requested a steak “the size of a human head” (we call that a “Bobism”), so that’s exactly what he got. Family and friends — including Bob’s dog Brewster — celebrated with a tasty dinner. And, of course, beer. Lots of beer.


Sales rep Justin Vitti takes quite a bit of gentle ribbing in our weekly newsletter, but only because he’s such a good sport. We couldn’t bejustin vitti happier for him and girlfriend Mariel Kauffman on their recent engagement.

Justin had the rock for six months, but he waited until the perfect, organic moment to pop the question: when Mariel was upset over a favorite piece of jewelry that needed repair. “Maybe we could just replace it,” Justin told her, ever so suavely whipping out a diamond.

Now, it’s on to seating arrangements and cake tastings. So far, only one thing about the ceremony has been set in stone: there will be beer. Lots of beer.


nuptialMop Man and his son, CMBC Prez Ryan Krill, will be at Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia this weekend for the wedding of their daughter/sister, Lauren Krill. She’s getting hitched to Alex Ruiz, whom she met while working for The Vanguard Group in Arizona.

At the reception, our Coastal Evacuation beer will be on tap, and our Devil’s Reach will be served in bottles with wax caps hand-dipped by Mop Map and CMBC’s Courtney Rosenberg. We’ve cleverly disguised the latter brew via custom labels (created in-house) as “Nuptiale.”

The CMBC team wishes the lovebirds an epic marriage full of laughter, adventure, and beer. Lots of beer.


Brian Hink — Taurus, Kerouak fan, affable lover of pizza — has been promoted from CMBC Brewer to CMBC’s Head Brewer. What does this For Dientail? Managing the entire production team; developing standard operating procedures for the brewhouse, cellar and packaging processes; and liasing with our human resources department. Hey, with an ever-increasing employee count, we’ve got a lot of humans to resource!

Also on the promotion front… Zach Pashley, a six-year veteran of the Coast Guard and a tasting room/events associate for CMBC, has been named Assistant Tasting Room Manager.

“I’m really looking forward to the increased responsibility,” he says. “And for the opportunity to be one of the faces of a company I truly believe in.”

Nice work, boys. Now have yourselves a beer. Or lots of beer.

Advice From Dad

Fathers Day is around the corner (you forgot a gift, didn’t you? How about one of these?) which means it’s time to spend some quality time with dear old dad.

The (mop)man, the myth, the legend: Bob Krill.
The (mop)man, the myth, the legend: Bob Krill.

That’s not a problem for CMBC co-owner Ryan Krill, whose father Bob (aka, Mopman) is also one of CMBC’s three owners.

In fact, Bob – who has spent 40 years as a pharmaceutical executive — is kind of like a dad to the entire brewery staff. He doles out the best one-liners (“Don’t overthink it; just drink it”), he makes dad jokes (“I hang around because someone has to keep an eye on Hank”), and he’s never afraid to boast paternal-style about all of his ‘kids’ (“I’m so proud of my association with this company and its team; I’m learning everyday.”)

But we’re pretty sure the CMBC team learns even more from him.

“A former colleague told me I should be saving my money for retirement,” Bob says. “So I can sit home or play golf? I don’t want an idle mind. I’d be dead within a year. I’d rather have this challenge… even if it means I’m out here sweating like a farm animal.”

So thanks for all that you do, Bob! And thanks, also, to all of you fathers out there, for working so hard.

In honor of the holiday, some of our staff have chimed in with some memorable bits of advice they’ve received from their own fathers. Just something to mull over while enjoying a pint with your favorite patriarch at the tasting room this weekend:

Jim Zolna, Brewtender: “Nothing wrong with screwing up, as long as you learn from it.”

Brian Hink, Lead Brewer: “Growing up a Philadelphia sports fan is a lifetime of disappointment” (which made being at the deciding game of the ’08 world series with my dad that much more special.)

Ashley Sundstrom, Operations Manager: My dad is a huge historian when it come to the Civil War. He owns a cannon, multiple uniforms, reproduction guns, etc. Growing up he instilled in me the importance of knowing history. His love for it inspired me to earn my BA in History from California State University Channel Islands which was the best decision I have have ever made when it came to my education. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my dad. Happy Father’s Day to Bud Sundstrom.

Justin Vitti, Sales Rep: So, I have thought long and hard on specific fatherly advice that I’ve received over the years… And what pops out most is recent conversations with my six-year-old daughter… “Sophia, make sure you know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek and who the important people are in them!” She is a fan of Leia and r2d2. I think that is sage advice, if anything…

Sam Douglass, Tasting Room Associate: “It is what it is, it ain’t what it ain’t, and it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be.”


Jake Smith, Brewer: “Walk it off.”


Richie Rallo, Sales Rep: “Get a fucking job.”


CSR, aka Courtney Rosenberg, Graphic Designer: “The bands that have little to no props are the best to see live.”


Dan Petela: “Stop picking at it.”


Interested in taking dad on a father’s day tour of CMBC? Here’s the weekend schedule for both of our buildings:

OG: 1,3,5 & 7
OG: 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 7
HQ: 1,3 & 5
OG: 1,3,5 & 7
HQ: 1,3 & 5
**Sign ups for HQ are with the assigned greeter on Saturday and Sunday. Tours are cut off at 25 people, first come-first serve. Please show up 15 minutes beforehand.

Mopman And The Military

CMBC co-owner Bob Krill – better known as Mopman — has made over 500 of our wooden tap handles. The originals were shaped like the state of New Jersey, and then came the square peg versions. But Bob’s done custom ones, too — for a watermelon wheat beer, for instance,


he once painted a Jersey-shaped handle to look like an actual watermelon, complete with seeds.

“Between my pharmaceutical consulting work, I do the odd jobs at the brewery,” says Bob. “I fill in the gaps, and I enjoy the more artsy stuff. Of course, these tap handles are a pain in the ass. We’re ordering professionally made ones, because otherwise doing this would be a full-time job!”

But Mopman is outdoing himself — PITA work or not. We’re talking about the special USCG handles he’s crafting for use at the US Coast Guard Harbor View All Hands Club. For the lay reader, that’s a really long name for the on-base bar at Training Center Cape May, where 4,000 military hopefuls come for boot camp each year. Here is where 83 percent of the Coast Guard’s entire workforce have endured eight workouts a day, every day, for eight weeks.

Almost finished!
Almost finished!

It’s fitting, then, that the process for making the Coast Guard tap handles would be no walk in the park. The tedious process includes cutting out wooden New Jerseys before sanding them, priming them and painting them the colors of the Coast Guard cutter racing stripe, red and white. Then Bob will put the hardware on, making sure it’s flush with the wood. In this case, that hardware is a blue Coast Guard medallion.

The finished product will be coming at a celebratory time for the base. The weekend of May 8 through 10 will be a festival commemorating Cape May’s official designation as a “Coast Guard community.” Reads a press release about the honor: “This reflects the deep and enduring nature of the relationships that the region’s residents share with Coast Guard personnel, families, and visitors.” Highlights will include a military parade and flyover, concerts, ship tours, and interactive marine exhibits.

At an on-base barbeque on Saturday, CMBC will be pouring, so we hope to see you there. In the meantime, check out Bob’s tap handles for sale in our tasting room… sir, yes, sir!

Mopman's workshop... including the scarecrow he made for a scarecrow contest at Cape May's Emlen Physick Estate last year. Back then, he had a pumpkin for a head.
Mopman’s workshop… including the scarecrow he made for a scarecrow contest at Cape May’s Emlen Physick Estate last year. Back then, he had a pumpkin for a head. (The scarecrow, not Bob.)

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