As many of our fans now know, we love variety when it comes to our beers. In addition to shandies, other favorites include our sours. For many of us, these beers hold a special place in our hearts, and they remain a popular option for those who also love wine or enjoy the sour/tart options that sours provide.  

This week, we touched base with sour extraordinaire and Lab Technician Matt Allen to get the deets on what goes into some of these brews, and what the difference is between our canned and bottled sours. Our sour release this week is a Berliner-Style Weisse Ale with Cherries Black Cherry Sour!

Matt explains that the Berliner Weisse originated in Germany, and is characterized as a tart and fruity, low-alcohol sour. Traditionally, the base beer is poured into a pint, and a specialty type of syrup known as woodruff syrup is used for flavoring, not unlike those pumps of syrup you might add in your morning coffee! 

We switched things up by adding the fruit essence directly into the brewing process: “In this beer, we added black cherry into the beer while it was fermenting so that the sugars from the fruit would be fermented out. This gives the beer its nice fruity character, but takes out the sweetness of the extra sugar, giving it a lighter body,” Matt says.

(Ed. note: *chef’s kiss*)

Let’s check out more about how we make our sours!