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With this week’s release of City to Shore, it’s definitely time to start ramping up our fundraising for the annual BikeMS: City to Shore ride!

Usually held mid-September, this year’s ride had been moved to the first weekend in October before COVID hit. Now, they’re still planning to hold the event, but it may look a little different.

COVID or no COVID, we’re still committed to raising as much money as possible for Multiple Sclerosis research.

So… here are five reasons you should help!

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"I'm really excited to take in the magnitude of this race."


Packaging Lead Steve DiMartino finally gave in to peer pressure — primarily the pressure from Innovation Director Brian Hink (and the marketing team) — to join our BikeMS: City to Shore team, and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

Regardless of the pressure to join, Steve is always looking for new ways to challenge himself athletically, and the fact that he can do so while raising funds and awareness for a good cause makes it all worthwhile.

Check out his video below! And don’t forget to donate!

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This is what can make MS terrifying for those afflicted....

Why MS?

We’re getting down to the wire for BikeMS: City to Shore! 

The big day is next Saturday, September 21st, and our intrepid team is vigorously training and fundraising their collective butts off.

And it’s not too late for you to help! Click here to donate today!

If you’re wondering why you should support the cause, if you need a little nudge, we’ve got ten reasons below.

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"I've never seen so many people come together and volunteer their time."

BikeMS: City to Shore — Brian Hink

Not only is he our Innovation Director, but this is Brian Hink’s seventh year riding for BikeMS!

When he was younger, he used to watch the riders going by his house in Ocean City. Eventually, he couldn’t stand being left out of the action, so he and his brother signed up for the ride. He’s missed a few years, but he’s a stalwart on our team.

Brian hasn’t yet hit his fundraising goal, but you can help! Click here to donate to Brian.

Find out why he loves to ride in the video below!

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"I love the camaraderie and the community and the support."

BikeMS: City to Shore — Adrienne & Jason Neff

Husband and wife team — and now on our team — Adrienne and Jason Neff are veterans of the team: this will be Jason’s third year riding and Adrienne’s second.

They both love helping the community, but particularly enjoy the camaraderie on the BikeMS: City to Shore ride.

Find out more about why they ride at the video below! And it’s not too late to join us!

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"It'd be easier if we drive."

BikeMS: City to Shore — Steve and Brandon

Middle school best friends — and now cube-mates — Steve Taylor and Brandon Loreti have ridden BikeMS: City to Shore multiple times for other teams.

They’ve both been big fans of CMBC for a while, so they finally decided to join up with us! This year, they have an admirable goal — to finish the century ride before nightfall!

If you’ve done the ride before as a solo rider or if you’re looking for a change of team, it’s not too late to sign up with us. There are some seriously awesome perks!

There’s still time to sign up. Click here and join us!

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"Everybody's friends during this ride."

BikeMS: City to Shore — Michael

Some of the best fundraisers on our BikeMS: City to Shore team began exactly as you are — a fan of CMBC.

Three-year veteran Michael Malinowski liked the cut of our jib — or, more accurately, the cut of our bike jersey — and decided to sign on as a rider. Since then, he’s raised over $20,000 to help fund Multiple Sclerosis research.

Now, we’re not saying that every single one of our fans need to raise $20,000… but wouldn’t that be awesome?!? The minimum you’d need to raise is $300 — a number that’s totally doable. You probably have that much in your couch cushions. 

Either way, if you’re thinking about signing up for the team, check out the video below to see why Michael does it. Then, head over to our BikeMS: City to Shore page and sign up for the team!

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"We're being greedy with our amount of wheels."

BikeMS: City to Shore — Steve & Kyle

We’re not saying that our BikeMS: City to Shore team is a bunch of goofballs, but… we’re not not saying that, either.

Don’t get us wrong, here: they’re awesome goofballs. They’re dedicated goofballs. But… yeah. They’re goofballs.

We love dedicated goofballs. And our BikeMS: City to Shore team is among the most dedicated goofballs you’re likely to find.

It takes some serious dedication to train for months. It takes some serious dedication to ride your bike for a hundred freakin’ miles. It takes some serious dedication to raise the amounts of money that these folks raise. 

We’re extraordinarily grateful for our dedicated goofballs.

We got together with our Team Captain Steve Briggs and team veteran Kyle Konopka to find out why they love riding for our BikeMS: City to Shore team.

Check out the video below! And, if you’d like to join our team, we’d love to have you! Click here!

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lus, the finish line is one block from the beach in beautiful Ocean City -- you can't beat that.

City to Shore is Here!

We are down to the wire for BikeMS: City to Shore!

It’s one of the biggest weekends of our sponsorship year, when all the work and training and fundraising comes to a head and our bikers all convene in Cherry Hill for one singular purpose: making Multiple Sclerosis a thing of the past.

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I want to do my small part in helping to bring us closer to a world free of MS.

Why I Ride: Jason Neff

IMG_8474As we get closer to the ride, we’ll be checking in with the brave and intrepid riders on our BikeMS: City to Shore team. This week, we’ll be meeting one of our BikeMS: City to Shore team veterans, Jason Neff.

Meet Jason!

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