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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
"It’s what I like to drink when I’m looking for a sour beer.”

Irrationally Exuberant

We’re really over-the-moon about this beer.

In fact, you might say that we’re… Irrationally Exuberant about it.

And for good reason. Irrationally Exuberant is the latest in a long line of excellent releases in our Barrel Aged Series.

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"It's well-balanced and inviting, and I enjoy that.”

Possibly Maybe

After eight years, we’ve brewed a significant number of beers — nearly 400 on Untappd right now. In that time, we’ve certainly decided upon a few favorites, but, sadly, we can’t brew them all.

Our sour IPA, Corrosion, is one of them — a favorite around the brewery, but it didn’t make it onto the schedule this year.

Regardless, when we first brewed the latest in our Barrel Aged Series two years ago, Corrosion was still on the schedule and inspiring our Innovation Director Brian Hink.

While Possibly Maybe is definitely a different breed of cat — it’s a barrel-aged, dry-hopped golden sour — the similarities between the two are evident.

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“This beer has a depth of flavors so remarkable you could cry,” Brian says. “Maybe, if you're the sappy type.”

Lady in Room #10

The Hotel Macomber is one of the most evocative structures in Cape May. Overlooking Beach Avenue, this grand shingle-style mansion was built at the turn of the century, and, in a land of Victorian excess, its conservative brown shingles assure that it stands out in a sea of pinks and blues and yellows.

But it’s not just its architecture that makes it noticeable.

It’s also one of the most haunted places in Cape May, the perfect home for the latest in our Barrel Aged Series, Lady in Room #10: a sour brown ale aged in red wine barrels for eighteen months on black currants and plums.

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...you walk down the street and you see houses that are… mint green! Marigold and.. Prince purple!

The Haunted Houses of Cape May

Our Barrel Aged Series has been turning heads for what’s in the bottle, but the bottles themselves have been getting some notice, as well. Last year’s series was gorgeous, and this year’s is the perfect follow-up.

We got together with our Social Media & Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg, who was intimately involved in determining the theme for this series, as well as the creation of the art on their containers.

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There’s certainly a lot more activity in Cape May than in some of the other shore towns I see.

The Ghosts of Cape May

It’s no secret that Cape May is haunted. Like, really haunted. There are probably more ghosts than people in Cape May, at least in the off-season.

Don’t quote us on that.

Nonetheless, they seem to be rather friendly ghosts. They’ve yet to revolt. Yet.

The subject of a recent interview has had quite a few run-ins with some of the famous ghosts that haunt Cape May, as well as the namesakes of our Barrel Aged Series.

Craig McManus is a medium and the author of five books on the ghosts of Cape May. A current resident of Bergen County, NJ, he considers Cape May his second home, having been coming to the area since the early 1970s when he and his family would travel to Cape May to visit his aunt and uncle.

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“It will make your taste buds dance.”

Phantom Crew

Our Barrel Aged Series has been taking off lately, garnering great reviews from BeerConnoisseur and our fans alike.

We’ve been so proud of this series that we don’t want you guys to have to wait for the next release, so we’re doubling up our releases from the Brewtique next Saturday.

Last week, we told you all about Higbee — our Golden Sour Ale named for the ghost of Thomas Higbee. This week, we’ll bring you up-to-speed on our Flanders-style Red Ale, Phantom Crew.

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“If you take a wrong turn, you never know where you’ll end up.”

The Story of the Ghost

Higbee Beach: its name conjures images of sunset walks in solitude, near-infinite opportunities for birdwatching, and, for those of us old enough to remember, a much-welcomed ordinance banning nude sunbathing.

However, for years, the woods near the beach have housed something a little more sinister: the ruins of the empty grave of Thomas Higbee.

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“This beer is f-ing awesome!”

#Winning… again!

You know what’s awesome?

Cape May in the summertime: awesome.

Brian Hink’s beard: tremendously awesome.


But don’t take our word for it, take the fact that it’s our highest-rated beer at BeerConnoisseur.com. Take the fact that it’s been flying off the shelves  — we’ve already sold 2/3rds of our inventory.

Take the fact that it just won a Gold Medal in the US Open Beer Championships!

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The room was completely closed, she was alone, and the bathroom door slammed shut of its own volition.

The Queen Victoria’s® Brothel Madam

“Do you see her there?” she asks her oblivious husband.

He slowly shakes his head no.

“She’s right there,” she says, pointing to a chair by the window, indicating the elegant woman in her long, green dress, hair twisted into a lavish Victorian knot.

“Honey, there’s no one there,” he responds.

“She was here last night, too,” she says. “She never says a word, just sits there, calmly by the window. Looking.”

It’s bright and cheery, but not without the Victorian excess that befits its name. The Queen Victoria® — the crown jewel of Cape May’s bed and breakfasts — is home to its very own Brothel Madam, as well as Doug and Anne Marie McMain.

We sat down with Doug and Anne Marie, relaxing in the sitting room of the House of Royals — a former brothel and gaming parlor — while strains of Mozart and Wagner play in the background.

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