Many of our beers are meticulously planned, trialed, taste-tested, trialed again, tested again, reviewed, redesigned, rebrewed, and finally released as a full-blown, ready-for-the-world beer.

That’s part of our commitment to quality. We want to make sure that we get everything just right.

And other beers sort of just… happen.

Originally brewed as the base of our Boughs of Barley release last Christmas, our Baltic Porter was never supposed to see the light of day on its own. It was meant to be barrel-aged and changed and turned into something better than itself.

But — just like all of you out there — it’s good enough on its own. Like you, it doesn’t need anyone or anything to help it along. It does just fine. (We don’t know who needs that reminder, but we’re sure someone does during “these trying times”.)

And, luckily, it’s ridiculously easy-drinking, smooth, and unbelievably tasty — all on its own.