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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
After climbing out of the cold water, nothing sounds better than a big pint of Cape May Stout!

Taking the Plunge!

We’re sponsoring the Cape May St. Paddy’s Day Plunge for the second year in a row, and it’s shaping up to be a great time!

Kegs and Eggs? Check!
5K? Check!
Polar Bear Plunge? Check!
Going to a good cause? Check!
Plunging with Brew Crew members? Check!

We caught up with our six plungers to find out exactly why they’re taking the plunge.

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“This gets me closer to my goal.”

Congrats, Tony!

“Get your foot in the door.”

It’s great advice, particularly if you’re just getting started on your career. And when your career happens to coincide with your passion, you don’t drag your feet once that door opens a little more.

Such is the case with our latest Packaging Operator, Tony Zappaunbulso.

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“It’s a great atmosphere,” he says. “The people are great. And I love going to work every day. That’s something I haven’t had in a long time.”

Welcome Anthony!

We’ve got a new barback in the Tasting Room, and, if his plans come to fruition, it sounds like he won’t be there for long. Anthony Zappaunbulso —

“Let me spell that for you.”

“Yes, please.” —

started as a barback a few weeks ago, and he’s really loving it so far.

Anthony was born in Washington Township, but moved to Bel Air, Maryland, when he was 12. He graduated from high school in Maryland and moved back, now spending his time between Mantua and Wildwood.

And it sounds like brewing is in his blood.

“My dad owns a brewery in Mantua,” he tells us, “so I was always in the business.”

His life plans had always been to go into the Air Force, but he was recently disqualified for health reasons. Now, his goal is to be a brewer, so coming to CMBC seemed to make sense for him.

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