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And we’re one step closer to a completed expansion!

The glycol chiller.
The glycol chiller.

You may have seen the oh-so-important glycol chiller which sits just outside of our headquarters. This is the piece of equipment that, despite its name, won’t actually chill anything. Instead, it will extract heat from the liquid chemical propylene glycol before pumping it to our fermenters via piping in the ceiling of the brewery. Once it’s arrived, this glycol will regulate the temperature of said fermenters. Then, after it’s exhausted, the glycol will make its way back to the chiller where it’ll be prepped for action once again… and on and on it will go, in one continuous loop.

Make sense?

This week, the ‘T’ fittings for the glycol system’s piping arrived, and our guys Hank and Hot Carl attached a handy-dandy valve to each one. These valves will allow certain tanks to be taken offline when necessary.

“It wouldn’t normally be tricky,” says Carl, “but in the brewery there are so many fermenters and a whole bunch that haven’t been moved into the new building yet, so we basically have to pipe them before they’ve arrived.”

Hypothetical piping: the CMBC challenge of the week. Also, a pretty good name for a band.

A whole lotta Ts.
Hank, Carl and a whole lotta Ts.