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Szcz the One-Off Wednesday (and raise some money!)

“The night’s been pretty unbelievable. The support from this town has been nothing short of remarkable.”

Matt Szczur — Cubs outfielder, Villanova alumnus, and Cape May native — sums up his feelings on our recent Pint Night, raising money, awareness, and donors for his favorite charity, the Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation.

Between our Pint Night and his Second Annual Szcz the Day Dinner on Friday, he’s hoping to exceed last year’s total of $80,000 raised for the organization and 75 potential donors.

Assemblyman Andrzejczak and Vicky Clark of the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce

We raised $1,068 toward that goal and signed up 25 potential bone marrow donors, including Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak.

“It’s great to see CMBC reaching out to the community and beyond,” he said. “They’ve teamed with an organization that’s benefitting people and saving lives, all through the power of beer.”

And the beer in everyone’s glass that night was Demisemiseptcentennial Ale.

Matt helped us create a one-off for the evening — Szcz the One-Off-Wednesday, Demisemi conditioned with orange, pineapple, and coconut — and the keg was kicked well before the conclusion of the evening.

“Demisemi is selling out like crazy,” reported Brewtique Manager Emily Bowman.

As we investigated the Brewtique close to the end of the evening, Beertender Jake Hauser couldn’t keep the beer-to-go fridge stocked quickly enough: he came out of the back room with four cases on a hand truck, and they were gone before he could even get to the fridge.

Events Coordinator Randi Friel swabs her cheek for the cause

The general reaction to Demisemi was overwhelmingly positive. Just about everyone used some variant of the word “awesome.”

“It’s unbelievable,” Matt said, regarding Demisemi.

Kym and Brian of Conshohocken played hookey from work on Wednesday to come down for the Pint Night. They’d been meaning to make a trip down to the brewery for a while, and when she saw the Pint Night on Facebook, Kym’s friends asked her if she was planning to go.

“Of course, I’m going!” she said, enthusiastically.

Lovers of “all things Villanova,” Kym graduated from the University in 2010. They’ve been to nine Wildcats basketball games this season and were heartbroken at the ‘Cats loss to Marquette the night before.

Nonetheless, they were loving on Demisemi.

“I think it’s awesome,” Kym said. “It’s balanced and crisp. Definitely user-friendly for a pale ale.”

Brian and Kym

Kym had been a fan of the brewery for a while, “but I love you a thousand times more, now,” she said.

2009 graduate and Ocean City native Andrew Clare was equally as enthusiastic about the brew. “It’s a nice tribute to Villanova,” he said. “The floral aroma makes it incredibly drinkable, with just enough hops to be inviting and not off-putting.

“I’m excited to get a growler and enjoy it at home!” he said.

Regardless of the success of Demisemi, the night was all about the Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation.

“Andy Talley’s been a coach for thirty years,” Matt says, “but no one remembers him for winning a National Championship. Everybody remembers him for saving lives.”

It will prove to be a big weekend for Matt and for the Foundation. We raised over a thousand dollars for bone marrow awareness and research, but the dinner on Friday night should see a much greater return.

Ryan and Hank were both thrilled to see our night such a success.

“We’re honoring our alma mater, fulfilling our Core Values, raising a ton of cash for the Andy Talley Foundation, and hopefully matching a donor to a life that can be saved,” Ryan said. “Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night.”

Matt Szczur, Betty Kelly, and Coach Andy Talley

Hopefully, one of the 25 potential donors there that night will be a match for someone, but the odds are admittedly against us. According to the Be the Match website, the odds are about 1 in 430 that a donor will be matched with someone in need.

But, like Betty Kelly — the Be the Match representative working the table Wednesday night — said, “It only takes one.”

We hope it was someone at the Tasting Room Wednesday night.

For more information on the Andy Talley Foundation, see their website. If you’re interested in donating bone marrow to someone in need, see the Be the Match website.

We begin distributing Demisemiseptcentennial Ale to our New Jersey accounts on Monday. Be sure to stop in your favorite restaurant, bar, or bottle shop and pick up some Demisemi.