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“Hits all the right notes that I like. Juicy but not in your face.”

Swinging the Lamp Reviews

The newest favorite in our rotating IPA series, Swinging the Lamp, is back! Currently available in the Tasting Room, it’ll be available throughout New Jersey beginning next week, and Pennsylvania in the beginning of December.

Juicy, soft, exotic — Swinging the Lamp is a Double New England-style IPA brewed with Golden Promise, wheat, and oats; aggressively hopped with Moutere, Rakau, and Motueka; and fermented at 100° thanks to the wildly unique Hornindal Kveik yeast. With a gentle background hint of cedar and strong notes of juicy pineapple and stonefruits, Swinging the Lamp is a bold and unique offering in the sea of IPAs.

Read what people are saying!

“Very tasty, especially considering the 8% abv.” — James K.

“Cape May Brewing never disappoints.” — Alan F. (D’awwwww….)

“Delicious, just bummed it was served in a small Dixie cup. Am I paying full price for this???” — Joe R.

“Complex malt body, sweet hazy citrus hoppiness. Really unique grain and hop bills, enjoyable.” — Keith L.

“A lot of flavors here. Very juicy and a bit bitter. I like it.” — Sean F.

“Cloudiness is (nearly) next to godliness. Solid effort.” — Steve O.

“Lovely fruity aroma leads into juicy tropical fruit flavours with a touch of tartness and dank hoppy notes on the rather bitter finish.” — Katy E.

“Fantastic! Nice fruit notes!” — Lauren A.

“High quality! Tasty. Well-balanced even though the finish is a little more dank than I’d love. Has a tropical pineapple body throughout. Some mouthfeel to it. Light/medium body. I know it has some unique hops in there. A very, very solid beer. 8% is solid AF.” — Greg B.

“Good juicy double.” — Greg W.

“Tasty and refreshing with a fruity back.” — Matthew G.

“Great start-off-your-Friday-night-right beer.” — John K.

“Pretty damn good.” — Scott S.

“Kveik yeast! Super interesting.” — Jack H.

“Very well balanced. Light floral notes.” — Mikki F.

“Nice haze from Cape May.” — Brian H.

“I likie.” — Eric

“Complex brew! Good stuff!” — Cameron T.

“Light and savory. Give me 4 more and I’ll be swinging lamp.” — Steve S. (You keep using that word. We do not think it means what you think it means.)

“Solid!!” — Bonytob

“Back in Jersey drinking Jersey beer.” — Christopher V. (Why would you ever leave?!?)

“Hits all the right notes that I like. Juicy but not in your face.” — Daniel F.