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Sweet Brews

Biscuits & Honey. Yum!

Everyone here at CMBC is sweet on you. You know… you’re smart, you’re funny… you have above-average taste in beer… It’s a match made in heaven! We’ve been trying to catch your eye for-EV-er, so, this week, we’ve gone so far as to bring together three sweet brews to try to win your heart.

On tap this week is an old favorite: Biscuits & Honey. This English Special Bitter has more than four pounds of local honey per barrel to kick the sweetness into overdrive, with biscuit malts giving the brew a beautiful copper color and a toasty nuttiness that will remind you of grandma’s homecooked breakfasts.

We learned a lot from grandma. Maybe you should stay for breakfast.

Also, this beer won the Silver medal at the World Beer Championships, and nothing’s sweeter than bringing back an old favorite!

Back in CMBC’s early days in 2013, Chris and Ryan thought it would be a fun idea to let each employee design a beer. It was a fun idea, but we only had seven employees at the time. Now that we have five times as many, things got a little unwieldy.

Thankfully, beertender Steve got his idea in for Biscuits & Honey long before now. Says Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm, “ESBs are the perfect spring beer. With their sweet malt character and a smooth and refreshing hop note, it’s like a cool spring morning. Biscuits & Honey is a fantastic ESB, with a complex base of toffee and biscuits from the malt and a big shot of Jersey honey to round out the sweetness, all balanced out with a variety of English hops, such as Target and East Kent Golding.”

Not sweet enough for you? Okay, we’ll be cliché and send you some chocolates.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bock. Double yum!
Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bock. Double yum!

Our Wednesday One-Off this week combines Bringing Sexy Bock with chocolate and Utz’s Dark Roasted Pretzels. It’s a Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bock that’s even sexier than you are.

However, we know better than to send you chocolates with only one kind in the box. What would Forrest Gump have to say about that? “That’s not life!” he’d say. Sally Field did not die so that we could have boxes of chocolate with only Chocolate Covered Pretzels, regardless of how Sexy Bock they are. So we dreamed up a Chocolate Malta to entice you, as well.

A malta is basically unfermented beer. It’s made from an extract of the same malt we might use for one of our brews, but with a sweet, almost molasses-like character with the deep brown color of a stout. We’ve added chocolate to this sweetness, creating a tremendous chocolate soda that almost begs to be paired with some vanilla ice cream in a float.

Bet you didn’t know that we make soda, too. And it doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

So, you get it now, right? We can stop throwing ourselves at you? We hope so, because it’s exhausting and we have beer to make.

That’s the only reason you love us, anyway. And we’re totally cool with that.