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Summer Catch

We know you’ve got a summer beer that you turn to every year. It’s light, it’s refreshing, it’s able to be consumed in mass quantities while sitting by the pool. Whichever brew has been your favorite thus far, we hate to break it to you, but… it’s the wrong one. You’re going to have to stop being a creature of habit and check out Summer Catch.

The skies opened up and bestowed unto us all... Summer Catch
The skies opened up and bestowed unto us all… Summer Catch

Dropping May 12, this crushable Belgian-style wheat ale is sure to be your go-to drink this summer, with citrus on the nose and an easy-drinking yet firm body. Aimed at the adventurous beer drinker, Summer Catch is approachable enough for the as-yet-uninitiated craft beer lover.

Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm is more proud of this beer than anything he’s brewed thus far. “Summer Catch is insanely good!”

“It should definitely appease all parties,” Lead Brewer Brian Hink agrees. “It’s refreshing and light-bodied, with hardly a trace of hop bitterness, but a boatload of aroma – think ripened oranges and freshly-squeezed grapefruit. We used our favorite Belgian yeast to give it a touch of extra fruity notes. There’s a hefty portion of wheat in the grain bill to lend a soft, pillowy head to the glass, and to keep a touch of body in the beer.”

What makes it so appealing isn’t so much the ingredients we used, but how we used them, according to Jimmy.  “This beer is all about balance. Between the ripe orange and grapefruit hop aromas, the smooth bready notes of the wheat, and the fruity ester and spicy phenolic character of our favorite Belgian yeast, we’ve used them in an almost Golden Ratio fashion to keep the overall effect in equilibrium.”

Each of these ingredients can easily become overpowering when not handled properly; however, our beautiful bearded beer nerds know exactly what they’re doing.

“We worked very hard to ensure that the bitterness is apparent but not tongue-stripping,” Jimmy explains. “We selected varieties of hops that are complementary, aiming for a relatively smooth bitterness. By adding them at just the right time in the boil, we’ve limited astringency and tartness. And through careful control of the fermentation process, we’ve kept it at a moderate temperature that doesn’t let the little yeasties run wild.”

The result is a yeast character that is distinct but not dominant, hop aromas that are enticing but not off-putting, and a brew that will seduce beer nerds but won’t offend the everyman.

“This beer is pure synergy, the whole being so much greater than the sum of its parts.”

Your new summer beer is here.