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Summer (Catch) Lovin’

Last summer, one of the first things Ryan, Hank, and Mop Man asked from newly-hired Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm was a recipe for a light, summer, “lawnmower beer.”

Jimmy knocked it out of the park. He frequently points to it as being his favorite beer he’s ever brewed, and it’s not just bravado: this beer is one of our favorites, as well.

And it seems like you guys agree. Judging from some of the reviews we found on Untappd, Summer Catch is everyone’s favorite summer beer.

“What a delicious beer! I think I just found my new summer beer.” — George M.

“Solid.” — Chris D.

“Very good, more like a Belgian pale, but it is a delightful drink.” — Greg R.

“Light and juicy, nice grapefruit notes. Great summer beer.” — Brian D.

“As the sun sets on another amazing summer, it’s good to look back on the things that made it so amazing…mainly the beer!” — Jimmy V. (We might know that guy, with the handle of “Surfnbrew”….)

“Excellent.” — James I.

“Not a typical wit. Very good for hot summer day.” — BJ T.

“Pretty good for a light summer beer. Would go well at beach or lake.” — Kelli G.

“I was like all woohooo and shit.” — Dave N. (…uh… awesome…)

“A little light, a little fruity, a little good.” — Jason

“I’ve really stopped having a taste for wits, but this one is incredible. Well done, Cape May!!” — Mike B.

“Time to load up.” — drew d. (We’re pretty sure Drew meant “load up his car” with Summer Catch. Yeah, that’s it.)

“Great beer. Flavor was awesome and refreshing.” — Robert S.

“Citrus orange. Great for a summer day.” — Doug W.

“Very good, ixould drink a few of these.” — Teresa R. (Judging from your check-in, Teresa, it looks like you already might have….)

Summer Catch — the citrusy, refreshing, crushable Belgian-style Wheat Ale — is on tap at the Tasting Room, starting Thursday, April 28th. Catch it before it’s gone!