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“Very light and refreshing. Perfect on a hot day.”

Summer Catch is here!

If you’re anything like us, summer officially began this past weekend.

And the temperatures (and humidity) have been around to make sure no one forgets.

When summer rolls around and the temperatures start hitting that 90° mark, there’s only one beer that will do: Summer Catch. Full of flavor with notes of orange peel, tropical fruits, and a hint of classic Belgian essence, Summer Catch is citrusy, refreshing, and maybe a little too crushable. Lightly dry-hopped with Citra and Amarillo, it’s unpretentious yet complex: kinda like life at the Jersey Shore.

“It’s clean and crisp and doesn’t have the typical Belgian esters of other witbiers,” says Head Distribution Specialist Chris Martin. “I love to kick back with one after mowing the lawn on a hot day.”

Check out what people are saying!

IMG_5929“Very light and refreshing. Perfect on a hot day.” — Marc E.

“Let the summer of beer begin again!” — Chris B.

“Fruity, with spice notes and a hoppy finish.” — Jack C.

“All it’s missing is a Bavarian pretzel.” — Greg W.

“Drink it all day. All day. All. Day.” — Fraubeerknurd

“Great summer beer. Light, refreshing. Perfect beach beer.” — William L.

“Enjoyable wheat beer with interesting citrus notes.” — Thirsty Quaker

“Solid Witbier!” — Brendan P.

“Summer Catch is delicious!” — Michele T.

“Expected a witbier, got a witbier. Nothing fancy, but it’s pretty good.” — Ken S.

“A hint of orange peel on the nose. Golden and clear. Quite hoppy for a witbier. Good for a hot day.” — Sean H.

“This is a great refreshing summer beer! Happy to be enjoying it outside!!” — Amy P.

Swing by the Tasting Room to pick up a six-pack — and grab one in the Beer Garden with Chris! Or head to the Beer Finder to find a retailer near you!