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“I won’t miss the disappointed faces when I tell people they can only get cans at the brewery!”

Summer Catch and The Bog are Back!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

No, not Christmas. There are still 249 shopping days until Christmas.

It’s not back-to-school time. You’ve got 138 days until the kiddies go back, and they’re not even off for Summer Break, yet. Slow your roll.

It’s time for the return of Summer Catch and The Bog!

IMG_5886We released both brews to wide release on Monday, and the response has been nothing short of insane.

And for good reason. The Bog is deliciousness in a can, its lemon and cranberry flavors perfectly complementing each other over the backdrop of a well-balanced wheat beer, then sweetened to flawless impeccability.

It’s not spring without a cold glass of The Bog.

Last year, we released our beloved Cranberry Shandy in cans, though only from the Tasting Room. As we’ve covered in multiple blogs, The Bog needs to be pasteurized to make it shelf-stable. Without pasteurization, cans may explode if they get too warm for too long.

However, this year, we’re able to release it in cans throughout our entire distribution area, and better liquor stores have wasted no time in picking it up.

Thanks to this colossal double release on Monday, it was our biggest sales day of all time, shattering all previous records. Usually, our big sales days are the Friday before the Fourth of July, or Labor Day, or Memorial Day — certainly not some random Monday in April.

Then we broke it again on Wednesday.

Our accounts have been loving this. They’ve been begging us for The Bog in cans for years, and they’re thrilled they can finally carry it in their stores!

Philly’s loving The Bog in cans, too. Sales Manager Erin Gale is particularly enjoying the fact that cans are making their rounds in Philly.

“I won’t miss the disappointed faces when I tell people they can only get cans at the brewery!” she says.

IMG_5934And we’re glad that there won’t be any disappointed fans out there, too!

We can’t tell you exactly who has The Bog and who doesn’t, but check our Beer Finder for the retailer closest to you, then call them before making a trip out.

And don’t forget about Summer Catch! It’s not too early to think about summer beers, and Summer Catch is an excellent brew. Citrusy and refreshing with notes of orange peel and tropical fruits, you’ll crush this one all summer long.

This is shaping up to be a great spring and an even better summer, and it’s thanks to you guys. You asked for The Bog in cans, and you’re continuing to make it a great success.