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“What is there NOT to love about the Doggo Poop Bag Holder?"

Staff Merchandise Picks this Holiday Season

Still wondering what to get that CMBC beer lover on your list? We rounded up with our Tasting Room staff to get the lowdown on their favorite new pieces of merch for this holiday season.

“Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year at the brewery,” says Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “Not only is Christmas one of the best times to be in Cape May, but I love bringing in a whole new line of merchandise. We’ve got some great ones this year!”

Badge Christmas Ornament — $12.99

“All of our merch is my favorite, but if I had to pick just one, it would be the Badge Christmas Ornament. We’ve always wanted to do an ornament, so I was really excited to find one we really loved.” — Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith

EST. Crew Neck — $52.99

“It’s so comfortable, and I love the color and the embroidered logo. We don’t get a lot of embroidered items, so I’m glad to see we’ve gotten one in.” — Brewtique Supervisor Karen Flood

Camo Crafted Hat — $20

“You’ll never see me in this hat!” (Because it’s camouflage. Get it?!?) — Tasting Room Supervisor Rich Schmidt

“Camo is one of my favorite prints, and this hat is perfect for windy winter walks on the beach or running errands about town.” — Greeter Barbara Bur

Straight Glasses — $7 ea, $35 set

“I LOVE these glasses. I was obsessed when I first saw them. I may already have a plethora of pint glasses and specialty beer glasses in my cabinets, but I had to add these six to the collection. They’re perfect for beer or cocktails, and they make the perfect highball glass for fellow whiskey fans! I’d definitely recommend picking one (or all!) of these up to spruce up your beverages.” — Brewtique Associate Ariel McCarter

Badge BrüMate Trio — $29.99

“What’s not to like!?! It fits our 16-ounce cans, our 12-ounce cans, and turns into a 16-ounce pint glass. You have the best cool drink container that does triple duty!” — Brewtique Associate Marie Dougherty

“This is a truly versatile piece of merchandise. A BrüMate that can cover all of your CMBC drinking needs as well as a receptacle to have coffee in the morning! Not to mention the awesome matte green color.” — Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello

“I love how versatile it is. I can put any CMBC can into it, or pour a beer directly into it.” — Tasting Room Supervisor Miles Kline

“I’m excited about the BrüMate Trio. They’re gonna be stocking stuffers for the fam, and I’m definitely grabbing one for myself!” — Barback Colin Smith

Bouclé Brew Hat — $29.99

“It’s got a great color and really cool pattern and it actually fits my head.” — Beertender Avery Deane

Vintage Mermaid Throw — $27.99

“This blanket has become my personal one for all of my naps! It feels like your favorite hoodie in blanket form. The purple color is great and goes well with pretty much any decor. I’m obsessed.” — Tasting Room Supervisor Danielle Brasch

Badge Beanie — $30

“It’s my go-to beanie! It’s so warm and comfy.” — Beertender Maddison Devlin

Doggo Poop Bag Holder — $5.99

“What is there NOT to love about the Doggo Poop Bag Holder? It’s sturdy, yet slim, sleek, and small enough to fit in my back pocket so I can take it with me everywhere I go! And while it may be small, it has plenty of space to fit all of my poop bags! Its state of the art, poop bag-unrolling technology allows me to quickly access the next available bag. How convenient! If anybody were to see me Being a Good Neighbor and picking up my dog’s poop, they would know I have good taste from seeing the CMBC logo right on the front of this poop bag holder. Blue is also my favorite color! When it comes to number 2, the Doggo Poop Bag Holder is number 1!” — Tasting Room Manager Jake Hauser

Hoppy Sailor SuperKoldie — $12.99

“No better way to shotgun Cape May’s finest beers!” — Brewtique Associate Jon Edwards

Crab Snap Back Hat — $27.99

“This hat can go with any outfit and looks good worn both forward and backward. Most importantly, it fits my big head, which is a plus.” — Barback Steve Cifelli

Doggo Plush Can Toy — $15.99

“Have you seen it?! It’s cute, and I love thinking about all of the dogs out there enjoying their new Cape May IPA cans. That was before I found out it has a squeaker, too! Nobody is allowed to tell my dog about these though, as his favorite thing about plush toys is eating them.” — Brewtique Associate Danielle Tesauro

“It’s a great way to share a ‘beer’ with any best doggo buds. My sister’s dog, as an overarching rule, isn’t allowed to have plush toys because of a propensity to rip them to shreds, but I think I’ll help facilitate some bad behavior and get him one to tear into, literally. It’s a decent size toy and he’s a little guy, which I expect will make it all the cuter.” — Brewtique Associate Jenna Tesauro

“Anyone who knows me knows I love my dog more than anything, so I was super excited when I found out we were getting a dog toy, and I bought one the first day they came out! I’m a sucker for a cute toy, so there was no doubt I had to buy this one. My dog’s a pretty tough chewer, and so far this one has been holding up pretty well.” — Brewtique Associate Kaley Palasch

“My dog absolutely LOVES this toy! The best part is, it feels like we’re enjoying my favorite Cape May beer together!” — Brewtique Associate Kara Kowalski

Whatever your CMBC fan wants for the holidays, we’ve got you covered! Check out our online store for more awesome merch!