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Something To Savor…

Good news from our HQ…

This June, the Brewers Association will host their ninth-annual SAVOR: An American Craft Beer and Food Experience. For the record 350 craft breweries across the country who wanted in, a lottery was held, and CMBC was one of 60 selected to attend the major event.

We’re stoked for five reasons:

One – Over the course of two nights, in the National Building Museum in Washington DC, we’ll taste from a menu designed to pair with the finest offerings of at least 70 independent breweries, including our own. Not only is this a mouth-watering good time, it underscores the beauty (and science!) behind beer at the dinner table. Move over, Pinot Noir.

Two— The event also reinforces the largely untapped affinity between brewers and cooks, which we’ve been drawing on over the course of the last year with sponsorship of beer pairing dinners (see here and here), and the hiring of our own CIA-trained chef.

Three – All products at SAVOR are sourced locally, and sustainability turns us on.

Four – It’s a great chance to mingle with luminaries in our industry.

Five – And finally, we’re excited for SAVOR because everything we glean about the food/beer continuum will benefit you, the CMBC fan.

Watch this space for updates.