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“It’s kinda like it should be Class-A drug level shit, but it’s beer.” -- Massive Beer Reviews

Snag & Drop Reviews

Snag & Drop is one of our favorite beers around here, and for good reason. What started life as an offering in our Employee Series has withstood the test of time to become one of our most popular offerings, both around the brewery and with our fans.

“It’s just an explosion of hops, basically,” says Brewer Andrew Ewing, who created the recipe. You’d expect as much from a Triple IPA, and Snag & Drop doesn’t disappoint.

Be careful, though: Snag & Drop is dangerous. It’s 10% and drinks as smooth as a 4-percenter. A lupulin-laden beast, Snag & Drop lulls you into a false sense of security, then pulls the carpet out from under you, knocking you into your mother’s curio cabinet and destroying all of her precious Hummel figurines.

Don’t do that. Be better than that.

Anyway, read up on what people are saying about Snag & Drop. It was even reviewed on YouTube by Massive Beer Reviews — you can check out their video at the end.

IMG_0113“Best beer in Atlantic City I’ve had so far!” — Alan Eisman

“Not as sweet and boozy as I expected. Almost felt like I got the wrong beer, but maybe not.” — Justin Bort

“I like this! Best triple I’ve had in a while.” — Jesse Miller

“Hoppy, citrusy…it’s fine. Expected something crazy, got something solid.” — Brandon Meehan

“After a 13 hour day of Disney, this beer is hitting the spot. Can you believe they don’t sell beer in Disney?!?” — Matt (Matt, buddy… head to EPCOT.)

“For a tripel, yessss.” — Jena Freeth

“Nice job by Cape May Brewing! Nice light flavor for such a strong beer.” — Ivan

“Sweet with a boozy finish.” — Steven G.

“Sweet and boozy. Good citrus hoppiness. Thanks. Andrew and The Hammer.” — Vincent N.

“Dank and citrusy with a hoppy piney finish. Thanks, Bob, this one is great.” — Thomas Ward

“Oh, this is nice!” — David Bruner

“Pretty good. I’ll have to try and drink one of these when I’m not eating fajitas. Definitely smooth for a 10 percenter.” — Ryan McKibbin (This sounds like a GREAT pairing!)


“Good with a punch.” — Wardie59

“Delicious and strong.” — Rob Klosinski

“Big, boastful, and hoppy.” — Val Law

“Oh, it’s a triple IPA all right, but easy on the palette.” — tonYboken

“Very good for a triple.” — John Kates

“Not bad at all, nice triple here.” — Dave Dempsey

“Outstanding. Super lupulin laden, very resinous and it embodies its label. The aroma and mouthfeel snag you and then drops you with 10%.” — Eddie

“Smooth, fruity, boozy, but not overwhelming. A really nice TIPA.” — Matt

“Nice aroma. Boozy finish.” — J Hartzel

“It’s got Lupulin in it! Delicious! Every beer that has a good dose of that and good hops! Very well done offering from Cape May!” — Jeff Norway

“A solid triple! Go Nova!!!!” — Pat “BrewpubExplorer”

“Yeah, this is dangerous stuff, man. It had a bit of heat on the nose, but it drinks super easy. It’s 10%, but it’s drinking like water.” — Massive Beer Reviews

“It’s kinda like it should be Class-A drug level shit, but it’s beer.” — Massive Beer Reviews