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Get your shopping on!

Shop Till You Drop Weekend

So, you’ve eaten all the things at Thanksgiving and you’re wondering what to do next with your weekend. Once you’ve awakened from your L-tryptophan coma, swing down to the Brewtique all weekend long for some killer deals and your first chance to get some Boughs of Barley 2018!

JF204058Black Friday — November 23rd

Both the Brewtique and the Tasting Room will be opening early — 9am, to be precise — with deals on swag in the Brewtique.

But you’ll be able to peruse the merchandise with a Honey Porter in hand… which is something they generally frown upon elsewhere.

  • 9am — Doors Open — 30% off all swag
  • 10am — 20% off all swag
  • 11am — 10% off all swag
  • Noon — SALE ENDS!

And you’ll get a chance to sample Boughs of Barley 2018! We’ll have staff members circulating with tastes of both the Cognac and Scotch whisky variants, so, not only will you have a chance to sample this year’s variants of Boughs of Barley, but you’ll be able to buy them as single bottles or in our commemorative gift pack with two Christmas 2018 glasses!


Small Business Saturday — November 24th

The Saturday after Black Friday is Small Business Saturday: a day to show your appreciation for your favorite small businesses.

And we’ll show that appreciation right back with a 10% discount on merch! In addition, we’ve got games and door prizes planned all day long! So, while Santa won’t be there — he’s pretty busy up at the North Pole — it’ll be fun for everyone!

Cyber Monday — November 26th

We know that getting down to the Brewtique can be a hike, particularly if you live outside of Cape May County, and you have so much shopping to get done.

We get it. So we’re going to hook you up on Cyber Monday.

JF203944Free domestic shipping all day! That’s from midnight until 11:59pm EST on November 26th, you’ll get free shipping anywhere in the country! They’ll be sure to arrive by the big day!

Giving Tuesday — November 27th

Our Food Drive is going strong, and we’d love to see a huge influx of donations on Giving Tuesday! Don’t forget that we’re trying to raise funds, too! You can add a donation to every purchase in the Brewtique for as long as our Food Drive is running!

Swing down to the Brewtique for great deals, or wait until Cyber Monday for free shipping! Either way, it’s a win-win for you!