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Sherman ain’t got nothin’ on this tank!

img_7627“It’s shiny. It’s stainless steel. It’s new. It just looks badass.” — Hank

So what is this shiny, new, stainless steel, badass piece of equipment? It’s a gigantic new Perma-Cyl MicroBulk CO2 tank.

As you probably know, one of the main ingredients in beer is carbon dioxide — commonly referred to by its chemical formula CO2. It’s an atom of carbon sandwiched between two atoms of oxygen, and it’s what gives beer its fizzy, tingly, tickly, itty-bitty bubbles. Without it, beer is boring.

We also use it for purging the bottles and tanks before filling them. After we clean the tank or before we bottle the beer, it’s full of air, which has oxygen. You may remember that oxygen is persona non grata when it comes to beer — it is the Joker to beer’s Batman. So we blow out the containers with CO2, and that pretty much solves the problem.

The point being — we go through a lot of this stuff. Like, a lot a lot.

img_3520We were bringing in 50-pound tanks of CO2 each week — they’re basically the same size as those helium tanks that your mom never let you play with at Dollar Tree — as well as some other tanks of varying sizes. We’d go through 25 to 30 of those 50-pound tanks in a week.

This gigantic bad boy holds 2000 liters of liquid CO2 — that’s almost ninety times the size of one of those piddling 50-pound tanks.

This means fewer deliveries, which means less greenhouse gas emissions from a truck having to deliver us CO2 every time we turn around.

img_7627The really cool thing about this tank — other than its size and shininess and relative badassitude — is the fact that it’s equipped with Cyl-Tel Liquid Level gauge that communicates by telemetry with our supplier, Keen Gas up in Millville. The gauge takes a reading twice a day and sends an email with a graph and the tank level over to the guys at Keen. There are set points to alert everyone when the tank is low.

Keen will know our inventory at all times and know when to send us a refill. They’ll also be able to tell if we have a leak, because our usage will go through the roof. It’s like Big Brother for beer ingredients. It’s pretty Keen! (…groan….)

So that means that Head Brewer Brian Hink can spend less time concerning himself with our CO2 inventory and more time making beer. Which is kind of why he has that job. That’s what he’s good at. So let’s give him more time to do it.

Will it make our beer taste any better? That’s something you’ll just have to decide for yourself. See you soon!