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“Fruity, fruity, fruity!”

Sea Chest

It’s only mid-January, but we’re all wishing that it was quite a bit warmer. Thankfully, like most things, we’ve got a beer for that!

Enter Sea Chest: a New England IPA set apart in the sea of NEIPAs.

(Sea what we did there?)

With one sip of Sea Chest, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to sunny days and beach weather, with your feet in the sand and the sun glinting off the Atlantic.

Man, that sounds really nice about now….

It’s been a while since we’ve released a new hop-bomb — Snag & Drop came out last week, but it’s not exactly a new hop-bomb –, so everyone around here is pretty excited to see one return.

“I’m going to enjoy drinking a few IPAs again now that I feel like my palate has been reset,” says Lab Manager Lauren Appleman.

And she’ll need it for Sea Chest. We used a robust hop blend of Cashmere, Motueka, and Sultana in this brew.

“Fruity, fruity, fruity!” says Innovation Director Brian Hink. “Cashmere has this nice candied-orange vibe going on with a delicate herbaceous quality to it, which pairs very nicely off of Motueka’s distinctive lemon-limey nature. Sultana’s pronounced pineapple aroma really brings the blend together, giving a very nice tropical fruitiness to the brew.”

Sultana’s a new-but-not-really-at-all-new variety of hops, but this is the first time we’ve used it under that name. Somewhat like Prince in the 90s, it’s The Hop Formerly Known as Denali. Perhaps, instead of a name, Hopsteiner should have remarketed it as an unpronounceable symbol.

It’s no stranger to us, used in such beers as Always Ready and Bounding Main, simply under its old name.

“Hopsteiner got a cease-and-desist about a year and a half ago,” Brian explains, “rolled with the hop as an experimental number for last year, and launched the name Sultana this past fall.”

The specialty grain in the malt bill is comprised almost entirely of flaked malts.

“Flaked grains are unmalted cereal grains that add body, head, and a subtle grainy quality to the beer,” Brian explains. “They’re great for improving head retention and mouthfeel!”

Fermented with our house London Ale III yeast, with its full array of fruity esters, we’ve got a New England IPA for the ages. 

“Fruity, juicy, and highly aromatic,” Brian says. “Sea Chest NEIPA has a great body with a fuller mouthfeel, with a subtle balanced bitterness.”

In this cold, dead of winter, Lauren is looking forward to having a few while dreaming of a warmer time.

“The tropical notes of this beer are a perfect nod to those warmer months,” she says. “When I drink this I envision myself hanging out on the beach with friends. This would have been the perfect beer to have outside in the Beer Garden last weekend when temperatures reached the mid-60s.”

And at a respectable 7.4%, Sea Chest isn’t likely to hurt you too badly.

“With White Caps, my favorite of our hazy IPAs, done for the year, and with Snag being a little too high octane to enjoy more than one or two, I’m really looking forward to Sea Chest filling the White Caps-sized hole in my belly,” Brian says.

We’ll be releasing Sea Chest at our Floral Friday event this weekend.

“I won’t be able to make it to the Floral Friday event (and my body is thanking me for not participating in the limbo contest!),” Lauren says, “but when I do drink this beer I may throw on some beachy music and have a nice BBQ.”

That’s really all we want out of life right now.

See you there!