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"It’s the perfect beer for sitting outside and watching the sunset.” 

Sea Chest, Round Two

Back in January, we released a Tasting Room-only, New England IPA called Sea Chest.

“It became a quick fan-favorite as well as a staff favorite,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “We really wanted to take the opportunity to bring this back in the summer, especially considering the great reception it got from our Floral Fridays over the winter.”

And it was the perfect beer for those Floral Friday events — they were all about reminiscing about warmer days and summer fun –, and this beer fit right in. With a robust hop blend of Cashmere, Motueka, and Sultana — THFKAD (The Hop Formerly-Known as Denali) –, Sea Chest is definitely a summer IPA.

Fruity, juicy, and highly aromatic, the tropical notes in Sea Chest are perfect for the summer months.

“When I drink this I envision myself hanging out on the beach with friends,” said Lab Manager Lauren Appleman at the time. “This would have been the perfect beer to have outside in the Beer Garden last weekend when temperatures reached the mid-60s.”

It’ll be slightly warmer this weekend — temps in the low-80s with clear skies — a perfect weekend for joining us in our Beer Garden. Sea Chest re-releases on Friday, only in the Tasting Room!

“It’s a really easy-drinking IPA,” Chris says. “It’s in line with a lot of our other fan favorites such as White Caps, Follow the Gull, Bounding Main. It’s another high-ABV beer, but really easy to drink and enjoy. It’s the perfect beer for sitting outside and watching the sunset.” 

And, luckily, we had some time in the schedule to bring it back. It usually takes about three months to bring a new canned beer from concept to release: allowing time to find a name, develop the recipe, the description, the artwork, get it approved by the guv’mint, get the labels printed, and finally get it brewed, canned, and released. 

“When COVID hit,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink, “we pumped the breaks on Tasting Room-only releases, and with that halted any future in-development beers. When we turned the faucet back on, we had a handful of brews lined up to come out, but we knew we’d need to get a couple of re-brews in there to bridge the gap until new brews would be available. So slotting in a Sea Chest re-brew made a lot of sense because of how much we all enjoyed the first go-round.”

We’re glad we did. Sea Chest was a huge hit among our fans and staff alike.

“It was fucking tasty!” Brian said. “I felt like it hit all the right notes: super-fruity, soft mouthfeel that really leaned into the juiciness, a brilliant aroma, and a sweet-spot ABV where it’s not a double IPA but higher than your average single IPA… all in all a delectable beverage that I’m glad to have available again in cans.”

But don’t just take our word for it. Our fans were loving this one, as well. 

“Never heard of Sultana hops, but I do enjoy this brew. Thanks Art D. It’s got a nice Lychee Pineapple thing going on. Moderately bitter finish.” — Rich D.

“Good, not a huge fan of New England style but I like this one.” — Rick B.

“Another good one from Cape May.” — Beer Dogs (Your parents pretty much set your course in life with that name, didn’t they? — ed.)

“My favorite Cape May Beer.” — Dave

“Such a different mouth! No doubt the hop bill has something to do with this. But it’s all Good! I enjoy it!” — Art D.

“Excellent.” — John R.

“Very refreshing and crisp.” — Keith D.

“One of the better New England IPAs I’ve had.” — Bill D.

“Juicy, bitter citrus rind.” — EJ

“Citrus, tropical, smooth, great pale ale.” — B Cole

“Hints of citrus. Very tasty” — Randall T.

“Super soft and smooth. Orange tropical aroma but mostly hop flavor and zingy finish. I like.” — Daniel A.

“Drove two hours counting on this being good. Thank God it is. Great weather for drinking. Beer tastes better after driving 2 hours.” — Nuclear Chris

Sea Chest releases Friday, only in the Beer Garden and Brewtique, $18.99 + tax per four-pack. Don’t miss it!