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“With a light ABV of 4.5%, The Grove is significantly more balanced than some of our other fruit beers, yet also has a brilliant orangey, grapefruity, tangeriney finish.”

Scaling Up The Grove

Last year, we brewed up an unbelievably delicious citrus shandy for the Tasting Room and called it The Grove

While it was released at the tail end of the summer season, our fans in Cape May couldn’t get enough of it! Fans who were lucky enough to try this limited release were overwhelmingly positive in their reviews.

It only makes sense that, this summer, we brewed up a ton of it, canned it up, and are releasing it for distribution throughout New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware!

“From the time we released The Grove in the Tasting Room last autumn,” Ryan says, “we knew we had a hit on our hands. Not only did our fans go crazy for it, but our team down in Cape May absolutely loved and rallied behind this beer. As we sketched out our release schedule for 2020, focusing on wide-release fruit beers during the summer, we knew that The Grove would have a prominent place in that lineup. With its blast of bright citrus flavors, The Grove is the perfect crushable brew for the summer.”

Brewed with orange, lime, tangerine, and lemon, The Grove is snappy, bright, and ridiculously fresh. Sweet and tart, The Grove has brilliant citrus aromas reminiscent of walking through a citrus grove at harvest.

“The Grove is super refreshing, tart, lightly sweet, with only a delicate beer flavor,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink. “With a light ABV of 4.5%, The Grove is significantly more balanced than some of our other fruit beers, yet also has a brilliant orangey, grapefruity, tangeriney finish.”

We love our fruit beers down in Cape May over the summer: beach days and a beer like The Bog or Crushin’ It or Tan Limes are a perfect combination. The Grove adds another to the lineup: one that’s not too sweet, not too high in ABV, and boasts light, fruity flavors in a refreshing brew.

“The Grove is a terrific extension to our line of fruit-forward, summer beers,” says Director of Sales Bill Zaninelli. “While our rotating IPA series is great for IPA lovers, The Grove is the perfect brew for everyone else.”

Drinkers who prefer the light, fruity flavors of seltzers will likely enjoy The Grove.

“While The Grove is certainly not a seltzer,” Bill continues, “drinkers who’ve jumped on the seltzer bandwagon will appreciate the near-absence of beer flavor in The Grove. This brew has only a light malt flavor with little hop bitterness while the citrus and sweet shandy flavors are forward in the flavor profile.”

Last year, we released The Grove on draft and in 12oz cans, and we were loving the packaging design — it really told you everything you needed to know about what’s inside.

“Everything about this packaging design communicates the fresh flavors of The Grove,” says Marketing Director Alicia Grasso. “From the overflowing citrus fruits to the colors in the pattern — even the little leaf on the letter O in “Grove” –, the 12oz can lets prospective customers know that they’re in for a barrage of intense citrus fruit flavors.”

The Grove will be available at retailers throughout New Jersey beginning April 29th, throughout the nine easternmost counties of Pennsylvania beginning May 5th, throughout Delaware in mid-May, and in our Tasting Room by the end of May.

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