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“It's zesty and fresh, extremely crushable, and pairs well with a bunch of food.”

Scaling Up Tan Limes

Back in December, we published our 2020 Release Calendar, and we were thrilled to see that we had more happy fans than sad fans. We’re pretty proud of this year’s lineup, and we were totally stoked to find that our fans had our backs.

After all, there’s a lot to be gleeful about coming down the pike this summer. (Or, we should say, “…coming up the Parkway…”.) Cape May White is out on draft now and cans will be everywhere within a few weeks. The Bog, Crushin’ It, and The Grove will all be available soon.

But, this week, we can see the very first of those delicious, refreshing, easy-drinking summer beers on the horizon — and, with it, summer itself. Tan Limes releases in 12-ounce cans on March 12th!

“Tan Limes has been a home run,” says Ryan. “When we released it on draft last April, the response was absolutely fantastic. Our loyal fans went wild, immediately asking us to package Tan Limes in cans. When we did, we couldn’t keep them on the shelves. It was obvious to all of us that Tan Limes deserved a bigger place in our lineup, and we couldn’t be happier to bring this refreshing and drinkable brew to taps and shelves throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.” 

And it wasn’t only fans who loved this beer: everyone around the brewery loved it, as well. If you ever happen to visit the Tasting Room around 4pm and want to know what the next big beer will be, pay attention to what the staff is drinking — when Tan Limes first came out, the vast majority of us gravitated toward it for our shifties.

“It’s zesty and fresh, extremely crushable, and pairs well with a bunch of food,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink. “The lime and the sea salt take center stage, the hops are barely perceptible, and the malt bill is completely out of the way. This beer is ridiculously drinkable.”

It didn’t take long for us to realize that Tan Limes needed some room to grow, but exactly what that would look like required a bit of thought. We had to make some tough decisions.

“We noticed a dip in sales of canned Devil’s Reach over the summer,” says our Director of Sales, Bill Zaninelli. “Devil’s Reach is a great beer and has long been a mainstay of our core lineup, but, with an ABV of 8.6%, it’s not exactly a lawnmower beer.”

However, we know that we couldn’t completely push aside Devil’s Reach in favor of Tan Limes — there are a lot of bars out there that have it as a permanent draft line. We weren’t going to abandon them.

“So, we made the decision to keep Devil’s on draft year-round,” Bill says, “but only package it in cans in the fall and winter. This way, our long-time draft accounts are happy, and we have room in the schedule for a light, simple brew for the warmer months.”

Once we figured out how to get Tan Limes into the lineup, we turned our thoughts to how to package it. We loved the 16-ounce wrapped can that we used for the initial canned release, but we wanted to release it in 12-ounce cans that fit in with the rest of our wide-release branding.

And our design team totally knocked this one out of the park. Look at that lime: she’s out there living her best life.

“I absolutely love this can design,” says Director of Marketing Alicia Grasso. “The straightforward image conveys everything you need to know about this beer: it’s simple, it’s refreshing, and it’s definitely what you’d want to drink during a day on the beach, working on your tan lines.”

You’ll have the chance to work on your tan lines with a six-pack of 12-ounce Tan Limes beginning March 12th. Well… you may have to wait a bit to actually work on your tan, but, luckily, Tan Limes will be available all summer long. Don’t miss it!