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“It has a perfect balance point between a cocktail, beer, IPA, fruit beer, breakfast juice -- it's got that ‘It Factor’ that keeps you wanting to go back to it again and again.”

Scaling Up Crushin’ It

With all that’s going on, at Cape May Brewing Company, we’re all about good news these days. Luckily, a good beer is always good news.

And we’ve got some great news on the horizon: Crushin’ It, our IPA with orange juice, will be scaling up for a full distribution release in early April!

“It’s a well-worn joke around Cape May, but Crushin’ It absolutely crushed it the first few times we released it,” Ryan says. “When we released it toward the end of the summer of 2018, it was an instant hit. We brought it back in the summer of 2019 and couldn’t keep it on the shelves. Releasing this amazing Orange IPA for distribution is a no-brainer. I hope our fans are as excited about it as we are.”

We originally conceived Crushin’ It to mimic the experience of drinking an Orange Crush. If you haven’t had the chance to try an Orange Crush — the cocktail, not the soda — you need to remedy that. Unbelievably refreshing and made with orange juice, vodka, orange liqueur, triple sec, and a splash of lemon-lime soda, they’re staples of beach bars all throughout our area.

Crushin’ It is such a unique and delicious offering,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink. “It has a perfect balance point between a cocktail, beer, IPA, fruit beer, breakfast juice — it’s got that ‘It Factor’ that keeps you wanting to go back to it again and again.” 

Brian originally conceived of this beer as part of one of our internal homebrewing competitions, and it was the hands-down winner.

“It’s crazy to think that a five-gallon batch of beer that I brewed in my kitchen as part of one of our company homebrew contests was scaled up to a fifteen-barrel batch here, then a thirty-barrel batch, and now is scaling up for a 500-barrel release,” he says.  

And we’ve got some killer fruit beers coming out this summer. This is something that, through the years, we’ve learned that we do particularly well — we may as well use that to our advantage going into the time of year where people are looking for light, fruity beers.

“We have spectacular summer offerings with our cranberry shandy, The Bog, and our lager with sea salt and lime, Tan Limes,” says Director of Sales Bill Zaninelli. “Crushin’ It adds a refreshing splash of orange to our lineup of fruit-forward summer beers.”

At 8% ABV, Crushin’ It is deceptively easy-drinking. Dry, approachable, and well-balanced, the smooth flavors of orange juice help this brew go down easily.

If you crush some on beach days,” Bill jokes, “please make the lifeguards aware if you decide to go into the ocean!”

We originally canned Crushin’ It in a 16-ounce package in 2018, so we needed to redesign the can for a 12-ounce offering.

“The can design for this beer really says it all,” says Marketing Director Alicia Grasso. “A refreshing rocks glass of Orange Crush is the focal point, and an inviting wedge of orange lets our consumers know that we’re devoted to the freshness of Crushin’ It. Topped off with a drink umbrella, you immediately know that you’re destined for something tropical and refreshing.”

This past autumn, we released a grapefruit version of Crushin’ It as a Tasting Room-only release, and we’ve got other variants planned for release sometime this summer.

As you’re likely to find variations on the fruits used in the Crush-style cocktails at beach bars from Cape Henlopen to Sandy Hook,” Alicia says, “we’re able to reflect that with innovations to the fruits used in this brand. Fittingly, with Cape May Brewing Company’s commitment to variety, Crushin’ It offers us almost limitless possibilities.” 

Crushin’ It releases on April 9th throughout New Jersey and on April 10th in our Tasting Room and Brewtique. Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware distribution will follow.

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