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“I hope they buy both! The orange and the grapefruit complement each other well, so there’s no reason not to.”

Scaling Up Crushin’ It

Last year, we released a number of extensions to our Crushin’ It line. Grapefruit, Mango, and Blueberry Lemon were all Tasting Room-only releases last year, and, to put it mildly, they were incredibly successful.

The releases were so successful that you crashed this website trying to order them. Remember that?!? Yeah… that was just a little stressful for us in the marketing department, but, in a weird way, it was also kind of amazing.

So… obviously… there was a demand for these beers. Our Tasting Room-only releases are kind of a test balloon: if they do well in the Tasting Room, there’s a good chance we’ll scale them up for a wide release.

That’s why we’re releasing Grapefruit Crushin’ It today!

“The original, wide-release, orange version of Crushin’ It has done astonishingly well for us,” Ryan says, “but we always believed that it had potential as a full line of beers. After all, if you go to any of the beach bars at the shore, it’s rare that they only offer an Orange Crush. You’ll see all sorts of crazy flavor combinations, and, for the most part, they’re all delicious. So, we wanted to do the same thing with our beer.”

And for good reason — orange Crushin’ It has been a fantastic beer. It’s been one of our best-selling summer beers. So, we followed it up with the grapefruit version in late 2019 to general acclaim.

“It’s really nicely balanced,” Brian says. “Tart, hoppy, zesty, fruity, hint of sweetness. It’s definitely not as sweet as the orange version, but it has that bitterness from the grapefruit. It’s a great breakfast or brunch beer.”

Director of Sales Bill Zaninelli has high expectations for this line extension.

“Grapefruit Crushin’ It worked really well in the Tasting Room,” he says. “We saw a huge demand there and expect to see the same thing throughout our distribution footprint. We’ll see Blueberry Lemon this summer — it should be out the longest — and Mango will follow up sometime in late fall or early winter.”

It’s Bill’s hope that folks that enjoy the orange version of Crushin’ It will, at least, give the grapefruit version a try.

“I hope they buy both!” he says. “The orange and the grapefruit complement each other well, so there’s no reason not to.”

And you’re already familiar with these cans: apparently, we had enough faith in this line extension to have skipped the usual Tasting Room-only, four-pack, 16 ounce can dress for its original release, jumping the gun a bit and releasing it in our recognizable, wide-release can dress.

“They’re instantly recognizable, not only as one of our beers, but also as an edition of the Crushin’ It line,” says Marketing Director Alicia Grasso. “All of the cans are brightly colored along the lines of the original orange Crushin’ It, and, simply by looking at the colors of the cans, our fans will understand the flavor of the beer inside.” 

In addition, each of the line extensions features the cocktail the beer was based upon in an inviting hurricane glass, paired with a piece of the featured fruit. 

“The orange version retains its rocks glass, however. The original gets special treatment,” Alicia laughs. 

Grapefruit Crushin’ It releases Friday, April 23 in the Tasting Room, followed by distribution throughout New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware on Monday, April 26th.

So plan to swing down to the brewery this weekend or check the Beer Finder for a retailer near you!