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"I look forward to many years of working with Ryan to better beer in the U.S.”

Ryan on the Board

There have been a lot of great things happening around the brewery over these past few weeks. Babies, anniversaries, expansions, partnerships, and, of course, literally tons of great new brews.

Now there’s even more great news: Ryan Krill was named as an Ex Officio member of the board of the Beer Institute!

CapeMayBrewery-0264You’ve heard of Ryan’s work with the Brewers Association — he sits on the Government Affairs committee along with Gene Muller at Flying Fish, Eric Wallace at Left Hand, Rob Burns at Night Shift, Jim Koch at Boston Beer, and a number of other heavy hitters in the craft beer world.

The Beer Institute is similar to the Brewers Association; however, its scope isn’t limited to craft brewers — they represent the entire industry.

“There are issues that affect the independent, craft brewer,” Ryan says, “and there are issues that affect the industry as a whole. I’m still championing the little guys, but, with small brewers such as Cape May on the board for the Beer Institute, we’re able to ensure that our needs are met in the scope of the overall beer industry.”

Based in Washington, DC, the Beer Institute represents all of us — all 7,000 brewers and 2.1 million jobs in this industry. They represent brewers both large and small, as well as importers and industry suppliers.

“As an active Beer Institute member since 2015, I appreciate what Ryan has done in building Cape May and want his perspective on the business as a member of the BI Board,” says Beer Institute President and CEO, Jim McGreevy. “Having the voice of small brewers on the Beer Institute Board gives our team of advocates the full perspective of the brewing sector on policy issues.”

Ryan was named to the board along with four other names in the craft beer world. Dan Kopman, CEO of Heavy Seas was named as the Craft Brewer Member of the Board of Directors, and Jeff Hamilton of Sprecher, Brad Hittle of Two Roads, and Dharma Tamm of Rogue Ales were all named as Ex Officio members, as well.

IMG-6375“It’s an advisory role with members from the entire beer industry of all sizes,” he explains. “We will have an annual board meeting and then a quarterly call to discuss industry-related issues. I’m honored and flattered to be in a room with our industry leaders and expect to provide value to the Beer Institute and the industry.”

Jim is looking forward to working with Ryan, as well.

“Ryan and I talk about federal policy issues facing beer and are working towards the best outcomes for brewers,” he says. “I’ve enjoyed the chance to work with him and see it as a great thing for the BI to have his experience and point of view represented on the Board. I look forward to many years of working with Ryan to better beer in the U.S.”

Ultimately, Ryan is looking forward to getting to work.

“It’s extremely gratifying,” Ryan says. “I love the work I’ve done with the Brewers Association and I’m looking forward to continuing the work at the Beer Institute.”

Stay tuned for future updates!