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“The overlap between sour, fruit, refreshing, crushable, and perfect-summer-sipper lines up perfectly here with Rosé du Gosé dead center of this beautiful 5-way Venn-diagram.”

Rosé du Gosé

Everyone has a close friend that they’ve only seen once in their lives, right? You got together once, hit it off, had all of the right things in common, and said, “Yeah. Once is enough. I don’t need to see this person ever again ever.”


Yeah, we don’t do that either. 

When we collaborate with an awesome brewery, hit it off, find that we have all the right things in common, it only makes sense to hang out again. And again. And again. 

While COVID made this hang out a little different, when DC Brau hit us up because they wanted to re-brew our collaboration with them from 2018, Rosé du Gosévery cool of them to seek our blessing beforehand, by the way –, how could we say no?

How often do you tell your close friend that you don’t want to hang with them? If the schedules are in sync, you hang out.

So we did. From afar.

And, in the process, brewed an amazing rosé wine-inspired brew.

Back in 2018, we got together with DC Brau to brew two beers: the comeback Rosé du Gosé, and an IPA with some experimental hops called L’Attitude.

“Originally we were going to release the two different beers a few months apart,” recalls Innovation Director Brian Hink, “with DC Brau’s coming out in April for the Cherry Blossom Festival and ours coming out in July during our busy summer months.”

But those plans didn’t quite pan out back in 2018. DC Brau had to move back their release and we were able to move ours up.

“Doing two different beers was a touch strange,” Brian continues, “but at the same time, it was cool because, as brewers, we have tons of creative ideas we want to see come out, so splitting them off kinda worked out in our favor.”

Rosé du Gosé was actually DC Brau’s first kettle sour, but we’ve had a lot of experience brewing them. Furthermore, fruit beers are sort of our niche at this point, so we had a lot of input for the design of Rosé du Gosé.

“Knowing how to toe the line, merge and meld the flavors where we would want, getting the balance point right,” Brian explains, “we really had a lot of advice for our friends over at DC Brau. We were very hands-on in designing Rosé du Gosé from the ground up, and when we first tried it, it tasted exactly like something we would’ve made.”

And DC Brau had a lot of experience using the yeast we were using on L’Attitude.

“They also had a ton of input on the experimental hops we chose,” Brian says. “The two beers were truly a collaborative effort.”

But Rosé du Gosé was… outstanding.

“I vaguely remember the original brew of this one,” says Lab Manager Lauren Appleman. “Like many others at Cape May Brewing Company, I was lucky enough to get a single can of it and wished that I could have had more. Needless to say, I was excited to see this on the brew schedule.”

Lauren’s opinion pretty much mirrors everyone in the Brew Crew. We were able to get our hands on about two cases of Rosé du Gosé for a company barbecue back in 2018 and were forced to ration them. There were some serious trades happening at that barbecue, with people offering up their firstborns in return for cans of Rosé du Gosé.

“DC Brau killed it with Rosé du Gosé,” Brian says, “absolutely knocked it out of the park. I never woulda guessed, upon trying it for the first time, that it was their first time doing a kettle sour let alone a fruited kettle sour. They have a beautiful brewhouse and an incredible crew on the production side, and they really just crushed the execution on Rosé du Gosé.” 

So, when the folks at DC Brau reached out earlier this year — “about 37 years ago,” Brian jokes — asking if they’d mind if they re-released Rosé du Gosé as a summer seasonal, they were met with a resounding yes.

“They also threw it out there if we wanted to collaborate again they’d be all about it,” Brian says. “For our Tasting Room-Only program, we’re always so focused on what’s next, what’s new, what hasn’t been done, oh-wouldn’t-this-be-a-fun-and-crazy-idea, that we very rarely look back and say, ‘Oh, this was a success,’ or, ‘Damn, this was a fun beer,’ and go back to the well another time.”

So, we hadn’t really considered Rosé du Gosé as a candidate for our Tasting Room-Only program.

“When the crew at DC Brau threw it out there,” Brian continues, “we jumped at it and said, ‘Hell yeah! Let’s release it in the Tasting Room this summer as a Tasting Room-Only beer!”

And what a beer… Goses are few and far between, but they’re truly the unsung heroes of the beer world. Typified by the addition of sea salt — ours came from our friends at Windy Acre Farms –, they usually have a sour element as well as some fruit flavors. Essentially, they’re perfect for the height of summer.

“Goses are the perfect summer beer, and they probably don’t get the kind of love they deserve,” Lauren says. “Lower ABV, a bit tart, slightly salty, super refreshing. What more could you want for a hot day full of outdoor activities?”

Brian agrees.

“They’re stupidly refreshing,” he says.

Back in 2018, we designed this beer to mimic the flavors found in rosé wines, which had recently seen a resurgence in popularity. When we first designed Rosé du Gosé with DC Brau, we each did our own set of rosé wine tastings, picking up on individual characteristics that we enjoyed and various flavors we picked up.

Watermelon and guava were two other flavors we all picked up in various rosés out there,” Brian says, “but strawberry and peach hit on a solid flavor combo that we all collectively thought would work very well in a gose format.”

Brewed with strawberry and peach juices, the rest of the beer — pilsner and wheat in the malt bill with a barely-perceptible hop presence from Bravo — is designed to get out of the way of the salinity and fruit flavors. This is one of those brews that will appeal to beer drinkers and wine drinkers alike.

I’m not much of a wine drinker, and when I do I tend to stick to the drier stuff so I kind of missed out on the rosé craze from a year or two ago,” Lauren says. “I think this beer will do a pretty good job to bridge the gap for someone who loves rosés, but may not be much of a beer drinker.”

The resulting brew is exactly what you’re looking for in a summer beer.

“The overlap between sour, fruit, refreshing, crushable, and perfect-summer-sipper lines up perfectly here with Rosé du Gosé dead center of this beautiful 5-way Venn-diagram,” says Brian.

We’ll both be releasing Rosé du Gosé on July 17th. Locally, you’ll only be able to get Rosé du Gosé in our Tasting Room, and DC Brau will only be sending it to a few retailers.

You may want to plan your trip to either brewery now. See you soon!

Can photography courtesy DC Brau.