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“Might be the best triple I’ve ever had. Amazing.”

Reviews for Snag & Drop

After a trying 2020 and an intriguing first five days of 2021, what could possibly be more welcome than a 10% Triple IPA?

Well, we’ve got you covered! Snag & Drop, our much-loved Triple IPA, released last week!

Dank and resinous, Snag & Drop is a lupulin-laden beast. With hints of pine and orange citrus in the background, this alluring Triple IPA is packed to the gills with some of our stickiest and most pungent hops. Snag & Drop is waiting to lure you in and snag you like a trophy fish.

Read what folks are saying below!

“The kid’s in bed, so I’m breaking out this dank triple.” — Tom W.

“The force is strong with this one! You don’t taste the alcohol, but you sure do feel it!” — Michael R.

“Juicy n boozy” — Michael H.

“Still a fucking champ of a big beer. Seeing this on draft again brings a smile to my face.” — Dominic C. 

“Potent but tasty…” — John D. 

“Great triple! Thanks Phil D.!!” — Kevin C.

“Nice Triple, Cape May.” — Craig S.

“Hoppy, but relatively pleasant and smooth. Not overly powerful for a triple.” — Jayo

“Good. You can definitely tell it’s 10%.” — S. C.

“Really smooth for a triple….pleasant surprise.” — Cliff R. 

“An instant boozy hit, super-hoppy tropical and citrus fruit flavours with marked piney bitterness to finish. The bitterness mellows as you get further in.” — Katy E.

“This is really tasty!” — John K.

“Thanks, Uncle Rob. Been waiting to drink this for 4 months.” — Seth H. 

“Still one of my all-time favorites… first beer out in months!” — Steven L.

“Piney. Strong. Great example of a triple IPA.” — Joshua F. 

“Very fruity and hoppy. Great body.” — Brendon L.

“I don’t usually like the high ABV IPAs but this was nice! Thanks, Frankie!” — Kate M.

“Super smooth! Nice hop balance, great flavor!” — Brett L.

“Might be the best triple I’ve ever had. Amazing.” — Dan G.

“Strong flavor— solid taste with a good aftertaste of hop.” — Ryan B.

“From last Sunday. A gift from a friend out of Philly. This was a nice TIPA, with pleasant juiciness and a nice boozy hit. Quite enjoyable.” — Mark D. (Many thanks to the “friend out of Philly” for spreading the love out to Michigan!)

“Incredibly well balanced for a 10% beer. Wow!!!!” — Eric L.

“Lots of hops in this excellent triple IPA.” — Jason M.

“Fantastic dank IPA. Hops are pungent but not overpowering like some. Highly recommended.” — Anthony M.

“One of the best triples I have had the pleasure of tasting. This brewery is solid and this may be my favorite from CM Brewing.” — Mike S.

“One of the best beers I have ever had.” — Craig S.

“The perfect 3x IPA. And still my favorite Cape May beer.” — A. Crawford

Grab some Snag & Drop and let us know what you think! It’s available now in the Tasting Room and Brewtique, or check out our Beer Finder for a retailer near you.