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Welcome back!

Reopening Phases

We’re thoroughly excited about opening our doors to our fans! As far as we’re concerned, Monday can’t come soon enough, and we can’t wait to welcome you back.

Last week, we gave you what we hope was a pretty detailed picture as to what to expect when we open on Monday. However, we don’t intend to keep things that way forever.  

We intend to reopen in three phases, each of which returns some aspect of your visitor experience to some semblance of normal.

Phase One

  • We’ll be reopening the Beer Garden at limited capacity: 120 people at first. 
  • Face masks will be required for entry. If you forgot yours at home, we have our Face Cuddlers available for purchase.
  • There will be a one-way flow throughout the facility: the door closest to Breakwater Road will be the only entrance, and all guests will exit through the back of the Beer Garden.
  • Our greeters will meet you at the entrance, keeping a close count on the number of people onsite.
  • Our Beer Garden will have barrels spaced in eight-foot increments to safely promote social distancing.
  • No reservations will be required. All seating will be first-come, first-served.
  • Six-foot spacing will be clearly marked throughout the Tasting Room.
  • All staff will be wearing PPE masks.
  • Scheduled cleaning will take place every hour and as needed, with all hard-contact surfaces being disinfected.
  • We will continue to only fill new growlers.
  • No pets will be allowed in the Beer Garden.
  • No cash will be accepted.
  • We will only be serving pints — no flights — in plastic cups; however, new pint glasses will remain available for purchase in the Brewtique.
  • We will be open noon to 7pm, with the last seating at 6:45pm, space permitting.

Phase Two

  • All of the above will continue; however, we will resume serving flights.

Phase Three

  • All of the above will continue, except:
    • Glassware will be used
    • Flights will be served in glassware
    • Outside growler fills will be permitted
    • Cash and credit cards will be accepted

Since much of what’s going on is in flux, we may institute certain items in each phase before fully launching the entire phase. If we do, we’ll be sure to communicate that information with our fans.

As always — throughout this crisis and beyond — we’ll be adhering to the following CDC-recommended procedures throughout Cape May Brewing Company and Cape Beverage:

  • Any staff member who feels ill or shows any signs of illness will be expected to notify their supervisor and remain home. 
  • In our offices and throughout our production facility, we’ll be maintaining the suggested six-foot social distancing.
  • All staff will be wearing face masks in communal and public areas.
  • We’ll continue to disinfect hard surfaces. 
  • We’ll be limiting access to our break rooms and communal eating areas.
  • Frequent handwashing will be encouraged.
  • We’ll be experimenting with staggered office hours.
  • Distribution specialists will continue with staggered arrival and departure times.
  • All non-employees will be expected to announce their intention to visit the offices or production facilities in advance of their arrival.
  • The production facility will mist with ClO2 twice daily.
  • All staff will refrain from handshakes or physical touching.
  • The sales team and office staff will disinfect phones, computers, and other frequently-touched surfaces twice daily.
  • Distribution specialists will be using the same vehicles each day.
  • Sales and distribution will disinfect their steering wheels and gearshifts after each retail stop.

At the moment, we’re not sure when guided tours or private events will return. We’ll be closely monitoring announcements from the Governor’s office pertaining to indoor gatherings above twenty-five people, and, when we’re allowed to have them again, we’ll be happy to welcome them back.

For as much planning as we’ve been able to do, we know that, beyond Monday, there are still a lot of things up in the air, particularly when it comes to the timing of these phases. We hope that our fans recognize that fact and bear with us as we dip our toes into these new waters.

Know that we’re continually looking for ways to serve as many fans as possible with not only the best beers possible, but also the best possible customer service, all while keeping everyone safe. It’s a balancing act, but one that, with your cooperation, we’re sure to be able to achieve.

Over the next few weeks, we hope to have more announcements as to how we intend to do exactly that.

In the meantime, please keep your family and loved ones safe.

But, for now, we are very pleased to say, “Welcome back.”


  1. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, but not sure I’m ready quite yet. Until then, keep pumping out the Tan Limes, at least until Apple Bomb gets canned up! 😉

    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      Looking forward to having you back, Shank Guru!

  2. I think you should open a beer garden in Central and North Jersey.

    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      Not a bad idea! It’s not currently in our plans, but we’ll kick the idea around!

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