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"I don't have to go very far to find this Cape May diamond."

Production Loves Follow the Gull!

Follow the Gull is back!

We know that this is a definite fan-favorite, but this juicy and ultra-drinkable hop-bomb is a favorite of the production crew, as well. 

Originally brewed to celebrate Cape May County’s 325th anniversary, our folks in production brew Follow the Gull with a ridiculous amount of Citra, El Dorado, Azacca, and Amarillo hops. Cape May County is 328 years old, now, but this brew is just as fresh as ever.

Take a look to see what the folks in production have to say about Follow the Gull!

“In my personal opinion, I think it’s our best beer. It’s just the perfect beer: perfect hop combo, perfect ABV, perfect amount of hops — it’s just an absolute crusher. Despite being stupidly hoppy, it doesn’t blow your palate out, thanks to the brightness and balanced finish. I love drinking beer yet hate getting drunk, and Follow the Gull is at that sweet spot where you can drink it all day and not get wrecked. It’s definitely designed for consuming in large quantities while being satisfying enough to warrant frequent revisits.” — Innovation Director Brian Hink

“We actually brewed our first batch of Follow the Gull on my first day with the company, so I feel like I have a pretty strong connection with this beer. This is a tropical hop bomb that drinks incredibly smooth; it is my go-to, sessionable hoppy IPA. When shifties come back, I am certainly looking forward to having quite a few of these out in the beer garden!” — Lab Manager Lauren Appleman

“I just had one of these while disc golfing on Saturday. I like this beer because it has the right mix of being refreshing enough to drink on a hot day, but it also packs a ton of complex hop character to keep you interested with every sip!” — Brewery Operations Manager James Fox

“Follow the Gull packs a ton of flavor in a 5.5% ABV package. With all the hops we add, it comes off supremely drinkable and well rounded. I think that’s one reason why it is a favorite of the crew because its smooth body and a succinct finish are an easy thirst quencher after a long day. This beer is a powerhouse with food; I almost wish we had it around more. Follow the Gull has become a rite of spring, like cherry blossoms and opening shore homes. Some people wait the entire year to search for Cape May Diamonds at Sunset Beach. I don’t have to go very far to find this Cape May diamond. Cheers!” — Packaging Manager Mark Graves

“Follow the Gull made me fall in love with IPAs: it is super juicy and oh, so delicious. 10 points to Gryffindor for this tasty tropical beer potion.” — Warehouse Manager Polly Pollock-Bell

“Follow the Gull checks all the boxes for what I want in a hoppy beer. Honestly, I personally don’t usually go for the hazy stuff that much these days; I’m usually down with the beers you can see through — #lagerislife. But Follow the Gull is one I will go out of my way for. When I’m in the mood for a hop saturated golden smoothie, I like something smooth and tropical with a balanced bitterness to give it a little backbone, refreshing, and low alcohol, and Follow the Gull delivers. This beer really stood out to me on the brewhouse this year, I’ve had a blast brewing this one, and I did a lot of it this time around.” — Brewer Brad Young

“I personally think it’s kind of like the Goldilocks equivalent of IPAs: it’s not too hoppy, not too citrusy, not too viscous… everything about it is just right and perfectly balanced!” — Packaging Operator Mitch Freeman 

Follow the Gull is already in distribution throughout New Jersey, and will release in eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware on Monday, May 11. You can get some now in the Brewtique! Order online for curbside pickup or delivery. Cheers!