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A beer like that sticks with you and takes you to a place and time that one yearns to go....

Press for The Topsail

It’s nice to get noticed.

You know, you’re walking down the street, and you see heads turn. Your YouTube video breaks a million views. Your boss gives you a hearty congratulations during the Monday meeting. Someone at Wednesday night karaoke says, “Hey. You have a lovely voice.”

Everyone enjoys getting noticed. And — hoo-ah! — the mainstream press has certainly taken notice of The Topsail, and we really couldn’t be more gratified.

Press of Atlantic City

1506AtlanticCityNameplatesOur major local news outlet — the Press of Atlantic City — has certainly taken notice, with a headline proclaiming “Cape May Brewing Voted Best Beer, According to Magazine.”

In addition to interviewing Ryan — who said he was “floored” by the news –, they hunted down the original reviewer of The Topsail from The Beer Connoisseur, Dan Martich.

According to the paper, Dan said, “A beer like that sticks with you and takes you to a place and time that one yearns to go, especially during these frigid temperatures in the Northeast. It exemplifies summer in a bottle — fruity, grassy, refreshing and light on the palate. The fruitiness and light sour notes play very well together, and neither is stronger than the other. The balanced flavors will stand up to summer foods, and it’s a beer that is very pleasant to look at, to boot.

“I feel honored to have tasted this very carefully crafted beer. Kudos to the brewmaster for curating this delicious blended nectar, and I look forward to seeking some out next time it is released.”

Thanks, Dan! And thanks to the Press of Atlantic City for picking up the story.


Food & Wine

The nation’s premier magazine on food and wine… er… Food & Wine… picked up on the story, as well. Proclaiming “New Jersey Beer Named Best in the Country,” they called us the “king of the taps.”

We’ll take it.


Logo_fbNJ.com picked up the story of The Topsail with an article entitled, “The country’s best beer is from N.J., says top beer magazine.”

We’ve always known that New Jersey is making some of the best beer in the country, but we’re gratified to hear that NJ.com’s come around, as well.


Cerveza hecha en Nueva Jersey nombrada como la mejor de EEUU

Hey, look! Even Telemundo is taking notice, and we haven’t heard from them since #YOPO. Brush off your high school Spanish (or click here for a translation) and take a gander.


Wheatonarts-and-snjIn all honesty, SNJToday has always been good to us. Gary Monterosso of “What’s on Tap” enjoys featuring Ryan on the show, and he’s a frequent guest of the brewery. Nonetheless, they, too, have gotten on The Topsail train with an article called, “Cape May Brewing Company Wins ‘Best Beer’ Category.”

Philly Voice

Our friends out in Philly have taken notice, as well. In “Cape May Brewing Co.’s barrel-aged sour ale named best beer in the U.S.,” they ask, “The best beer in the U.S. is brewed near the Jersey Shore, according to The Beer Connoisseur. Who knew?”

Well… you knew….

We knew….

Beer Connoisseur knew….

And Philly’s on the cusp of finding out.

There is more press in the works. Check back!