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“When we make beers that are inspired by food or some other beverage, we always want to be able to do justice to the original concept while also creating something that is uniquely its own thing."

Prep Your Palate for Peach Ring Sour!

Last week, we took a dive into the world of Cape May sours with Lab Tech Matt Allen. This week, we also spoke with our Backdoor Release committee, where Brian shared that this week’s Sour Fruit Ale, Peach Ring Sour, while not officially part of our lineup for 10 brews celebrating shore town flavors, would fit right in. Check out how this new brew stacks up! Resident Peach Ring Sour fan and Packaging Lead Sean McGuirl chimed in for this blog to give us some details about what went down when this brew was created! 

As we wait for the first On the Way to Cape May release, Peach Ring Sour is the perfect brew to snag to get a sense of how our production team captures iconic flavors.

When Sean was younger, he tended to avoid anything peach-flavored. “Nowadays, peaches are one of my favorite fruits and one of my favorite flavors. Peach rings are always my go-to road trip snack,” he says.

He was both thrilled and a bit worried when the news dropped that we would be brewing this sweet treat. 

“When we make beers that are inspired by food or some other beverage, we always want to be able to do justice to the original concept while also creating something that is uniquely its own thing. It’s a difficult line to walk, but if you can pull it off, it can be really special,” he says.

We snagged a can fresh off the canning line to try the brew ourselves, complete with a bowl of peach rings to compare. 

We think this one is pretty darn special!

Anyone who has been around a brewery knows some of the familiar smells that seep out on brew days. For this particular brew, Sean shares that the brewery smelled like peaches all day. “A brewery has a lot of aromas floating around all the time, and in the middle of fermentation, not all of them are very pleasant. It’s nice to work on days when you’ve got something good permeating the air. It’s like aromatherapy,” he says.

(Sigh, if only we could get that Cape May Brewing Spa up and running…)

As candy aficionados are well aware, the gummy, tangy taste of peach rings hit your tongue with a blast of sweetness from the sugar-coated outside of the candy. 

Sean notes that while Peach Ring Sour was certainly inspired by the candy, the two are distinctly different. “On pouring, you’re hit with a yummy peach aroma. The vanilla and sugars emulate the sweetness of the candy, and gives the beer a sort of peaches and cream vibe. A sour beer is really the perfect vehicle for a beer inspired by peach ring candies because the sourness emulates the citric acid that the candies are typically coated in and creates a really refreshing sip,” he says.

This brew takes the best parts of these sensations to create a similar experience in liquid form. As with The Purp, this brew has fruit juice added directly in, giving it an abundant peach flavor that’s balanced by the maltodextrin, lactose, and vanilla flavors that contribute to the peaches and cream vibe Sean mentioned. 

If you’ve been a keen blog reader, or a fan interested in the science behind brewing, you’ll remember that part of capturing the tart flavor is adding lactobacillus to the kettle during the brewing, which also helps sour the brew. 

This process takes time, as our lab team and Production Planning & Specialty Brewing Manager Brian Hink work to

 test and retest the brew during this process and ensure that the right balance of flavors make it into the cans and kegs. 

If you loved some of our recent kettle sours Key Lime Corrosion and Rosé du Gosé, or haven’t had a chance to check one out yet, now is the perfect chance! Peach Ring Sour is an ideal complement to the sweet treat it mimics, and the 6.5% ABV makes it a tangy trip that packs a punch!

Peach Ring Sour releases in our Tasting Room today, May 21st, and is available for a limited time.

You can enjoy a pint in our Tasting Room on draft while kegs last, and take your own 4-pack home from our Brewtique. If you’re eager to get your hands on this one or plan to stop by next week, make sure to place an order online for pickup!