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We as women not only have to support each other, we have to empower each other.

Pink Boots Brew Day

Last Friday, the women of the brewery banded together to brew their Pink Boots collaboration brew, Maybe She’s Brewed with It, then attended a luncheon with honorary speakers Hillary Barile of Rabbit Hill Farms, Cape May County Chamber of Commerce President Vicki Clark, and Assemblywoman Carol Murphy at Lucky Bones Backwater Grille.

Since Straight to the Pint is usually written by a dude, we handed over the reins to one of the talented women at the brewery, Marketing Assistant Kristen Taylor.

Check out her account of the day!

IMG_4760Think equal, build smart, innovate for change.

While that may be the official theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, the sentiment echoes our core values here at CMBC.

Last week, we honored those values by getting the women of the brewery together for a Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day on International Women’s Day.

“This brew day serves many purposes,” says Pink Boots Society Philadelphia Chapter Leader Erin Wallace in a written statement.  “It is a way for us to come together, a way to network, share ideas and to learn from each other but it also serves another purpose. It is a way for us to raise other women up through education.”

The day began as any day of hard work should — with an ample spread of coffee and pink donuts for all. After fueling up on treats, the group was ready to start brewing a beer they designed from scratch: Maybe She’s Brewed with It, a kettle-soured ale with cherries and mangoes.


The first step of the brew day was milling in the grain. Maybe She’s Brewed with It is made with a clean, simple grain bill of pilsner and wheat supplied by our friends at Rabbit Hill Malt, and the crew was lucky enough to have Head Maltster Hillary Barile join them for the day.  

“I loved how excited everyone was,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink, who helped lead the brew day. “There was a really nice buzz in the air where everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there and be a part of it.”

After milling came the mash in, and everyone had an opportunity to climb up the brewhouse and see the process up close. Brian then led the group through a tour of the cellar and packaging, where the women had a chance to ask questions about the brewing process.

A highlight for our Marketing Director Alicia Grasso was learning about the exclusive Pink Boots hops blend from Yakima Chief Hops (YCH).


“It was exciting to imagine the aromas and flavors that our beer would yield as we got to hold and smell the hops,” she says. “It was a sensory, hands-on experience.”

In addition to learning about the brewing process, the women got to spend the day with team members from different departments at the brewery.

“I think it was a great opportunity to get to hang out with some of the women I don’t usually get to see every day,” says Event Coordinator Randi Friel.

After a day of brewing, the women stopped by Lucky Bones for a luncheon with honorary speakers Hillary Barile, Cape May County Chamber of Commerce President Vicki Clark, and Assemblywoman Carol Murphy.

The guest speakers shared their experiences as women in business, and while each story was unique, they shared an overarching theme: the importance of empowering other women.

IMG_4898For Vicki Clark, this empowerment stems from education, a value that has always been important to her family. Vicki’s grandfather, who started a prosperous coal mining business despite growing up unable to read or write, asked that each of his daughters receive an education so they could be self-sufficient.

“That is something I wanted to share with you on International Women’s Day: that we don’t ever take education for granted,” she says. “Pursue it for yourself. Instill it in others around you. And it’s not about diplomas on the wall. Education is all around us.”

Assemblywoman Carol Murphy shared a similar sentiment about empowerment.

“Get involved with your community,” she says. “That’s what women do. Women support women and support their communities, and I think that’s what International Women’s Day is all about.”

The importance of community was a running theme.

“We as women not only have to support each other, we have to empower each other,” continues Assemblywoman Murphy. “We’ve come a long way. I’m hoping we continue empowering each other, building each other up, supporting each other, removing the competition from each other, and start realizing that we can work together to make one voice.”


Social Media & Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg, who helped spearhead the initiative, says it was a rewarding day with an encouraging message.

“Sisterhood. Pride. Worth. Empowerment. I hope that the women of CMBC and our guests took home all of that and more.”

The initiative aimed to not only celebrate the women of the brewery but also brew a great beer they had a direct hand in creating.

“I’m really excited for this beer,” says Brian. “The women developed something really fun and unique.”  

Maybe She’s Brewed with It will be released in the Tasting Room April 12.