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And, if you’re thinking you want no parts of the competition, Steinholding is definitely a spectator event.

Pick of the Batch Activities

Our inaugural Pick of the Batch Beer Garden is beginning to come together! We’re very excited about this event — it’s gearing up to be the event to end all CMBC events. (But it won’t. We’ll still have others. No worries, folks.)

Regardless, you’re not going to want to miss this one! We’ve got some awesome autumn activities planned, like pumpkin painting and face painting, as well as a 56-bale hay maze. We’ve got some crazy contests planned, and you are not going to want to miss the Steinholding competition. It’s so much more difficult than it sounds!

We’ll have more information to come about our tasty and delicious fall beers like a merlot saison, Coastal Evacuation with habañero and mango, and our Honey Porter with pumpkin and pie spices, but, until then, we’ve got a day filled with awesome activities, sure to put a smile on the faces of everyone in the family.


It simply wouldn’t be a CMBC party without Cornhole. Throughout the years, we’ve had numerous iterations of our Cornhole game — originally with our OG stickers, then with labels from our old bottles, and now with our redesign labels.

If you’ve never played Cornhole or seen it played — and, if that’s the case, we can only assume that you’ve been held in a Red Chinese prison for the past decade — the rules are simple: try to get your beanbag in the hole. A bag on the board is one point, a bag in the hole is three points. Teams are comprised of two people, and one person from each team is at either board. After 21 points, the game is over and the winners get to have a celebratory Always Ready.

Hay Maze

You can try your hand — or feet, as it may be — in the hay maze. This one is definitely geared toward the kiddies, but, after you’ve sampled several of the beers at Pick of the Batch, you, too, may find it a challenge. Regardless, it’ll be a beautiful, fall-themed area to sit with a beer on a bale of hay, taking in your surroundings and watching the goings-on of the Beer Garden.


This is poor form. This will get you disqualified.

Y’all, steinholding is no joke

Essentially, you’re going to stand up straight, hold about five pounds worth of beer and stein directly in front of you, straight-armed, for as long as humanly possible. No bending, no shaking, no leaning, and, most importantly, no spilling.

It’s basically like a filibuster. A beer-intensive filibuster.

“How bad could this possibly be?” you ask yourself before the competition. (And, in this sentence, you = Distribution Manager Justin Vitti.)

But it doesn’t take you long to find out exactly how bad this can be. Relatively quickly, you’ll realize that your body wants no part of this competition. While your brain may be cheering you on, your shoulder peaced out about a minute in. Then your back will start to tense up. Your arms and hands will shake even though every single ounce of your being is focused on not letting that happen. Eventually, you’ll reach the point where you simply can’t go on, and you’ll have to let Head Driver Chris Martin win.

Sounds fun, right?!? 

But the thing to keep in mind is this: literally everyone else standing there is going through the same exact thing. They’re not doing any better than you are. While some of them may be better at hiding it, every single one of your competitors is hoping that the person next to them takes a dive. Soon.

If you want to do this for more than fun — if you’re serious about this competition — the US Steinholding Association (a real organization that we didn’t make up) has some training techniques you may want to look into. 

Guys can expect to make it about 3-5 minutes; ladies can expect about 1-2 minutes. If you do better than that, you may want to look into competing on a higher level. There are competitions all throughout the country, and you can check the US Steinholding Association’s map for upcoming events near you. 

And, if you’re thinking you want no parts of the competition, Steinholding is definitely a spectator event. Come to cheer on your favorites!

It costs $10 to enter, but you’re getting 20 ounces of delicious Cape May Brewing Company beer! Registration will go until 3:30 with the contest taking place at 4pm. Don’t miss it!

Face and Pumpkin Painting

In addition, we’ll have a professional face painter making the rounds. Have you noticed? Something happened to face painting over the past few years. When we were kids, way back in the lead paint and asbestos days, some hippie would paint a flower on your cheek, tousle your hair, and send you on your way. Now, these things are full works of art, worthy of spending their lives in a museum. Don’t miss it!

And no fall festival would be complete without pumpkin painting. Will you paint a self-portrait? Your favorite character? Our Hoppy Sailor? Whatever you decide to paint, we’re sure it will be a masterpiece! 

This and more is waiting for you at Pick of the Batch! Click here for tickets!