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People are Talking about Concrete Ship

Concrete Ship is one of our most well-received beers. We first brewed it in the summer of 2015, but soon realized that this is a brew best sipped while chasing away the winter blues.

Named for the sunken SS Atlantus, a retired WWI concrete ship visible from Cape May’s Sunset Beach, our Concrete Ship is perfect for chasing away this frigidly cold winter weather. At a respectable 10.5% ABV, this Russian Imperial Stout will keep you warm no matter how low the temperatures plunge outside.

A fantastic stout, but don’t take our word for it — read what people have been saying about this stellar stout.

Cheryl C
Cheryl C‘s cat, faithfully standing sentinel over her pint of Concrete Ship

“As smooth as this was, I was surprised that it’s not a nitro.” — Bruce

“This is a great stout. I could drink this all winter long.” — Erin Taylor

“Really enjoyed this one – lot of depth of flavor.” — Ed R.

“Very tasty stout. Lots of flavor and high abv.” — Scott Scheyer

“Mmm…the Russians…and their Imperial Stouts…there’s a bit of tang or tartness about it…” — Carharp TimChris

“Love this stuff.” — Elvis (he lives!)

“Smooth and malty. I could drink this all evening.” — Daylon Hadley

“Last beer of the visit and happy I ended on this one. Very nice Russian Imperial Stout.” — Seth Goshert

“Strong coffee, nice balance with malt. Dark as can be.” — Tom Parr

“That’s what I’m talking about!” — Theo D.

“Wish this came in bottles … aged, it would be an easy 5.0.” — Robert Paul

“Oh not bad.. not bad at all… I’ll have another, please.” — Keith Dalton

“No alcohol aftertaste for a strong beer, good stuff.” — Drew Konrady

“Very smooth imperial. Well balanced flavors.” — David Gwyn

“Smooth. Goes down way too easy for such high ABV. Love it.” — John Polach

“A damn good Russian Imperial Stout. Would sip again.” — Joe Lordi

“Smooth imperial with great coffee flavor!” — Cheryl C

“FULL FLAVOR!!!!” — Blane Womble (We have the feeling that this is Blane’s rallying cry.)