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“Gets better with every sip. Nice pleasant build of flavor.”

What People Are Saying About Boughs of Barley

This year’s Holiday release of Boughs of Barley has been flying off the shelves — er, out of Hans, our growler filler!

A Belgian-style Dark Ale with dark candi syrup and orange peel, we laid this down for several months in second-use Bourbon and Cognac barrels, each imparting the flavors of the spirit the barrels previously carried.

If you haven’t had the chance to make it to the Brewtique to pick up your commemorative Holiday growler, get here soon. A growler filled with Hans should last about three weeks, so that’ll put you to the week after Christmas.

(Yes. That means that it’s two weeks till Christmas.)

Nonetheless, this is the perfect time to get that growler filled!

Last year, you asked to fill your growlers with Boughs of Barley, and we get it — you get more delectable brew in a 32-ounce growler than you got in a 750ml bottle. So, this year, we’ve got a beautiful commemorative Holiday growler for your Holiday brew. You can’t get Boughs of Barley without the growler, but you can get the growler without Boughs of Barley — fill this good-looking beast with any of the 20-some beers we have on tap and be the envy of your office Holiday party.

In the meantime, read some of the wonderful things people have had to say about this year’s Holiday offering.

Boughs of Barley: Bourbon

“Sorely needed. Discreetly whiskied. Vanilla, chocolate, dark bread, & tart berry are the main attractions. Good, but one is plenty.” — Dan W.

“Amazing!” — Elyse W.

“Subtle sweetness of the bourbon comes through without tasting boozy.” — Christopher A.

“Unbelievably good!” — Peter M.

“The bourbon comes through – great winter / holiday release.” — Karen B.

“Super tasty.” — Tara McCray

Boughs of Barley: Cognac

“Gets better with every sip. Nice pleasant build of flavor.” — Elyse W.

“I tried it and no regrets, but goof with one.” — Scott Kenna (We’re sure Scott meant “good with one,” but we love this typo. Looks like the 10.5% ABV caught up with Scott and he goofed!)

“Don’t have time to dissect this one but it’s damn good. Love the complexity.” — Peter D.

“Interesting twist of the standard whiskey barrel finish. Sharply boozy with a long finish.” — Mark Decaroli

“The Cognac adds a rich, velvet texture to the beer that makes it perfect for pouring and enjoying.” — Christopher A.

“Well balanced.” — Tom Parker