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“Tasty. Like apple juice but not overtly apple.”

What People are Saying About Apple Bomb….

We’re excited that Apple Bomb is back on tap, and we know that our faithful fans are, as well. It’s one of our most-requested brews, and we know you’ve been waiting.

Filled with apple-y goodness, the bready and biscuity malts in this wheat beer are balanced by the tartness of the apples. It’s juicy, it’s tangy, and it’s oh, so delicious.

We’ve been brewing this delectable nectar since February of 2013, and the first batch definitely earned its name. We’ve learned a lot since then.

Read what people have been saying!

IMG_9606“I love this beer.” — Eric Small

“Good apple spice and flavor.” — Josh G.

“I swear I’m drinking a cider.” — Lucas Hemmer

“Not too sweet.” — Rebecca Pou

“Very dry.” — Andrew K.

“Light. Good flavor.” — Greg Moore

“Refreshing…. not too much apple which I like.” — Scott Caldwell

“Back in PA. Only thing that feels good about the trip is getting into the Apple Bomb.” — Shank G.

“I ❤️ ??” — Shank G.

“Stealth alcohol. Not a ‘fruity sweet’ brew. Refreshing.” — David Wernsing

“Tart with slight sweetness.” — Mahuckin Gabler

“Exceeded my expectations.” — Steve Cantwell

“Tasty. Like apple juice but not overtly apple.” — Cheryl Rossillo

“Really light and sweet. Hard to believe it’s 8%.” — Geoffrey C

“Crisp and refreshing.” — Tim W.

“Apple juice with a twist.” — Danielle Little

“Hits the crisp spot.” — Lauren

“Doesn’t taste too fruity & 8%!” — D

“Boozy n’apple-y ?” — Kara L.

“Nice apple flavor….hint of Cinnamon.” — Robert B.


  1. By far my favorite brew and I do believe everyone at CMBCo knows it! There is something about that tart wheat, the wash, the finish that just hits a 10 out of 10 every single taste. Dang I love me some Apple Bomb.

    Psyched to get my growlers filled Saturday and give my mug club stone wear another workout. My Christmas wish is that Apple Bomb never, ever, leaves the big board.

    As my pal Dominic would say “App-le Baaaahhhhmmmbs – Apple Bombs comin’!!!!”.


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