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(People Drinking) Blondes Have More Fun

Seagulls are squawking. It’s close to 80 degrees. And Sales Rep Richie came to work looking like a lobster. All of this amounts to one thing: summer is a-coming. Further proof? Our seasonal menu. Out today is — drum roll, please — The Blonde!

We hope we aren’t misleading you here. Despite its name, this beer doesn’t really fit the blonde category. You see, blonde usually refers to a style of “entry-level” craft beers — beverages with a malty aroma whose original purpose was to provide a  gentle transition for Coors-loving Americans.

But ours isn’t just a drink for people on the verge of a mass-market-to-artisanally-produced leap. It’s got enough character for those who jumped a long time ago.

The Blonde is part Kolsh-style, part Czech Pilsner-style, and entirely flavorful. Its brewed with a distinctive German yeast and noble hops that lend a soft, clean, grassy sort of bitterness. You’ll notice them, but you “won’t feel like you’re chewing on them,” says Lead Brewer Brian, adding that’s this is an ideal brew for after a hot summer activity. “At first we wanted to call it Lawnmower Ale because it tastes so great after something like yardwork, but DogFish Head already had the name.”

Come to the tasting room to see if you agree with Briguy. And in the meantime: SPF, guys, SPF.

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