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Party Like It’s 2011: CMBC Hosts Four-Year Anniversary Bash

A lot went down in 2011: Osama Bin Laden was killed, Google introduced their first social media platform, Beyonce got pregnant.

But while everyone hailed Queen B and scratched their heads over Google+ (seriously, does anyone understand it?), another far-less-publicized milestone happened on the Cape. At least, it was a milestone for three guys with a dream.

Over fourth of July weekend, Ryan Krill, Bob Krill and Chris Henke of the newly launched Cape May Brewing Company sold a keg of IPA to their first client: Cabanas Beach Bar and Grill.

The sale happened at a time when Ryan was still slaving away in a Manhattan cubicle, navigating the cutthroat intersection that is finance and real estate development. And Chris, who’d left a position designing commercial satellites, was delivering horse semen to veterinarians as a part-time courier ¬†in order to make ends meet. They brewed 12 gallons per shot in a homemade system, choosing to cross their fingers and ignore those who said Jersey shore drinkers only want bottled Miller Lite.

CMBC has come a long way since then. Over 300 clients and more than 100 brews later, we’re still living the dream. And this coming Independence Day, we’ll host a party at the bar that started it all to celebrate the anniversary… and the fact that all those singing the bottled-Miller-Lite song appear to have been wrong.

“It’s fucking awesome,” Ryan says. “I was in Brooklyn last weekend. I stayed near my old apartment, and walked past my old office building, and it was like… I do not miss this shit at all. It felt like the Matrix or something, like you’re just part of this machine, fulfilling someone else’s dream, working in the cube and working for this tyrant who probably hated his life as much as I did. But I’m out of the system now. I’m out of the matrix.”

It’s purely coincidence that this escape from the matrix ¬†happened for our guys on a Fourth of July weekend, a time to celebrate freedom and all of the things — like entrepreneurial spirit — that make America great. But it’s a happy coincidence, for sure.

So come be happy with us. The party starts at Cabanas on July 4 at 6pm and will feature live music and 12 CMBC brews, including special one-offs and lost kegs of seasonal beer, like the ForeShore Shandy and Richie’s Rad Pale Ale. Fireworks will shoot off over the water across the street around 9pm.

If nothing else, you can high-five Chris for getting out of the horse semen business.

Celebrate the holiday with a bang. Photo courtesy of clamshellfoundation.org.
Celebrate the holiday with a bang. Photo courtesy of clamshellfoundation.org.