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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company

Cape May Brew Co On The Move

For this week’s installment of CMBC Swag in Cool Places, we’ve got Lauren Frech of Pottstown, PA who ran the Blue Cross Broad Street 10-miler in Philadelphia last May.

“I love wearing my CMBC tank,” she says. “It was even better knowing when I finished the race there was a growler filled with my favorite, Devil’s Reach. Keep the good beers coming!”

Thanks, Lauren — and for all you runners out there: if you’re up for the Ocean Drive 10-miler and marathon happening in our backyard on March 29, we’re ready with post-run pints…




Three Releases This Week!

Good things come in threes, right?

First up is this week’s Wednesday One-Off. Conceived by JP Thomas, our new manager of culinary special ops, and out January 20, it’s the Turtle Gut Shaken Not Stirred, aka our Turtle Gut American sour infused with olive juice and even served with an olive. (Need a refresher on where the name Turtle Gut came from? See here.) Operations Manager Ashley Sundstrom calls it a “Dirty Turtle.” Our beertenders call it “going fast.” Think malty sweetness, sharp acidity, and a little something extra.

“The salty and sour go so well together,” JP says. “And that plays a trick on the tongue that makes it taste sweet.”

Then, for the first time since August, Poverty Beach is coming back. On January 21, this bold but easy-drinking Belgian IPA with spicy undertones will be available again — in all its citrusy, Centennial hop glory. Expect a pillowy head, an effervescent mouthfeel, and… sorry, what we’re we saying? Now we’re thirsty.

It’s no secret that IPA is a style craft brewers love to tinker with. See: American, English and Imperial iterations. So what’s the deal with the Belgian prefix? This subgroup is the result of fermenting IPA with Belgian yeast, allowing for fruitier esters.

Our final product “tastes like a delicious blend of Coastal Evacuation and Devil’s Reach,” Chris says. Plus, it’s named for Cape May’s beautiful surfing beach on the east end of town, so you know it’s got to be good. ABV is 5.5%.

Our next release, out January 23, is the bomb — Apple Bomb, that is. This wheat beer is one of our flagships, and it’s gone through a bit of tweaking. Inspired by the tasty apple butter homemade every year by Chris’ mom, we first made the brew by cooking down fresh apples and fermenting them with apple juice.

And then our tank exploded.

We *may* have underestimated how quickly 55 gallons of apple juice ferment. But there’s no use in crying over spilled milk (or overflowing beer foam, as the case may be). After all, the incident inspired the beer’s name.

Over the years, we’ve refined the recipe. The final product? An 8% ABV brew that is most definitely NOT a cider. No alcoholic apple juice here.

In the words of Chris: “This still tastes like a beer.”

Stop by, try them all, and let us know which style you like best.

PS – Next week’s one-off? Smoked IPA, coming at you January 27.

Poverty Beach: not just for surfing anymore.
Poverty Beach: not just for surfing anymore.

Animal of the Week: Layla

We’ve kicked off our charity drive for the Cape May County Animal Shelter, so every week, we’ll be introducing you to one of the wet-nosed cuties you’ll be helping when you donate in our tasting room. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even be compelled to adopt… hint, hint.

Here’s a dog that will ease your worried mind…

Layla, a two-year-old pitt bull terrier mix, is super docile, great on a leash, and has no problem taking commands. And she’s just a little chubby, which means there’s more to snuggle.

“She’s super sweet,” says animal attendant Jackie Dicola. “When you pet her, she has this adorable habit of leaning in to you.”

Layla is up to date on all shots, and she’s great with kids, cats and other dogs. The only thing she needs?  YOU. So finish your beer and call the shelter at 609-465-8923.





Great Scott(ish Beer)!

You’ve tried it in our tasting room, or at one of our accounts. You may even have tried it from a growler in the comfort of your own home. But never, we’re willing to bet, have you tried our South Jersey Secession Session Scottish Ale where it tastes best: a rollicking, kilt-raising Scottish party. January 29, at the 12th Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper, you’ll finally get your chance.

The event, happening simultaneously at the Ugly Mug and Delaney’s on Cape May’s Washington Street Mall, features members of the Irish Pipe Brigade… who somehow manage to carry full pint glasses while they play. And it features the Bastard Sons of Captain Mey performing folksy rock music to a spirited, tartan-clad crowd. Throughout the night, there will be poetry from Scotland’s 18th-century poet laureate and national hero, Robert Burns, or the guy behind Auld Lang Syne.

But the main event is a traditional Scottish feast of haggis. And no, that’s not code for “leftover bits of sheep meat cooked in the animal’s stomach lining.” At least not most of the time. The version you’ll be served is tasty meatloaf made with spices and oatmeal. But the unwilling are welcome to have fish and chips.

“Even if some of the wussy Americans are afraid to try the haggis,” says event host and consummate Scotsman Jack Wright, “you can’t pass up the opportunity to try Scottish ale. Gordon Ramsay has already said it’s fantastic, and I agree.”

The beer has a 4.7% ABV and lots of malty goodness, since hops are not readily available in the Highlands. It’s best enjoyed in a kilt while speaking gaelic next to a bonnie lad or lass.

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at exitzero.us. Event kicks off at 7pm on January 29, and all proceeds benefit the Exit Zero International Jazz Festival, of which CMBC is a proud sponsor.

We’ll see you there.


The pipers and their beers...
The pipers and their beers… Credit: Aleksey Moryakov, Exit Zero magazine

Cape May Brew Co On The Move

Sisters Jenna and Danielle Tesauro read our most recent newsletter using free WIFI at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. As they say in Oz, lucky sheilas.

“We saw the travel photo, Danielle happened to be wearing her Cape May Brewing Company shirt (and Phillies hat), and we decided to take a picture on the Coastal Walk at Bondi Beach during sunrise over the Pacific on January 12,” Jenna says, adding that down under “they just don’t make beer as flavorful/interesting as Coastal Evacuation, Devil’s Reach, or King’s Porter.”

Good onya, mates. We’ll have a tasting ready on your return!

Danielle in Oz..
Danielle in Oz..

Have a pic of yourself sporting CMBC swag in a cool location? Send it to [email protected]!

CMBC Goes North

Exciting news from the sales front: we’re expanding distribution in the great Garden State! Until last week, the farthest north you could find a CMBC brew on tap was LBI. But due to popular demand, we’re now on tap in Point Pleasant (The Ark Pub, Amendment 21), and Toms River (Spot Pizza Grill, Social 37). And we’ll be on tap in Asbury Park and Seaside Heights shortly.

“We’re trying to bite off as much as we can,” says sales rep Richie Rallo, who we caught up with between his 12 Asbury Park meetings on Wednesday. “We’re not putting a cap on the amount of accounts. We like to meet demand in one area as much as possible before moving on to the next.”

So far, the work of selling has been fairly breezy.

“We have a pretty sterling reputation up here in terms of our beer and getting the word out,” Richie says. “I’ve really enjoyed walking into new places and seeing people at the bar wearing CMBC tee-shirts, which happened just last week.”

But the acquiring of new accounts is not all down to the CMBC’s great reputation, according to sales rep Justin Vitti.

“I have a special set of skills,” he says. “A very specific special set of skills.”

Our sales team, ladies and gentlemen. They bring you tasty beer AND do a fine Neeson impersonation.

Until next time, our guys say, if you happen to be bar hopping in Ocean County and you DON’T see a CMBC tap handle, “feel free to complain to your bartender.”

Justin and Richie!
Justin and Richie!

Dog Of The Week: Scooter

We’ve kicked off our charity drive for the Cape May County Animal Shelter, so every week, we’ll be introducing you to one of the wet-nosed cuties you’ll be helping when you donate in our tasting room. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even be compelled to adopt… hint, hint.

This handsome gentleman is Scooter, a wire haired terrier mix weighing in at 35 pounds. He’s one, he’s fun, and he won’t poop on the rug. He’s a little afraid of loud noises and he’s not into cats, but he’s a-okay with other dogs.

“Scooter is especially fond of squeaky toys,” says animal attendant Jackie Dicola. “When he sees one, he tilts his head in a very cute way.”

Interested in becoming Scooter’s guardian? (How could you not be? Look at those eyes!) Call 609-465-8923.

Odds And Ends In One… Two… Three…

ONE: As in this week’s one-off, on tap now. Picture this — Cape May Stout infused with a little bit of chocolate, a dusting of cinnamon, a hint of rum flavoring and the strong taste of coffee. We condition the beer for 24 hours on grounds from Avalon Coffee, rather than brewing with actual java, which would dilute the final product. The end result: Faux Tiramisu. The verdict: worth cheating on the New Year’s resolution for.

One-Off Wednesday is going strong.
One-Off Wednesday is going strong.

TWO: As in two back-to-back bottling runs, a first for CMBC, happening this week. First up is Mop Water, our five-spiced ale. It’s the last run of the season for this warm-you-up brew, so be sure to grab a six-pack when you see it on liquor store shelves. “It tastes so much better than it sounds,” says resident Mop Man Bob Krill.

Andrew, hard at work.

THREE: As in everybody smile on the count of three… We’ve got ourselves a photo booth. Take a picture of you and your friends enjoying your time in our tasting room, and share it directly to your social media pages. Because Instagramming dinner is so last year.

screen shot

CMBC Has Gone To The Dogs

Right now, if you donate $1 to play the hook and ring toss game in our tasting room, we’ll donate that dollar to the Cape May County Animal Shelter. We’ll also be collecting supplies for the dogs and cats in need of homes. Bring in any of the following, and we’ll raise our next pint to you.

And stay tuned… we’ll be introducing you to some of the shelter’s most adorable, adoptable canines in coming weeks.

wish list


Tasting Room Operations Manager For Hire

Cape May Brew Co is one big, happy, beer-inspired family comprising many different teams, including an eager squad of badass beertenders. Now, we’re looking for the manager who will oversee this crew and their daily operations. The tasting room will be your domain; motivation and efficiency will be your game.

To be considered, you must be invigorated by exceptional customer service. You must feel about mediocre customer service the way you feel about skunked beer. You must get your kicks off of developing and executing staff training programs that make the experience of being at CMBC second to none. You must have a passion for serving the public that bubbles out of you like over-primed shandy. And that passion must be contagious for staff and visitors. Think Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society, with more IPA.

Our TR operations manager will develop standard operating procedures for tours, service, and maintenance within the tasting room. He or she will be neurotic about the cleanliness of the space, and the efficiency of the protocols therein. And he or she will leverage these protocols to meet business goals.

Under your direction, the tasting room will become an incubator of service superstars. Acting as a liaison between your department and the rest of the CMBC family, the manager will develop ideas on community give-back, performance assessment, and general craft beer buzz flame-fanning.

Besides the vision of a leader, you’ll need to have at least an associates degree in business or hospitality; five years of leadership experience within the food and beverage, hospitality or specialty retail industries; an understanding of programs like Shop Score and Sales Equations designed to measure business performance; and the ability to work under pressure. And on holidays. Craft beer doesn’t care about your hot date.

Think you have what it takes to join the family? Send cover letter and resume to [email protected], with TASTING ROOM OPERATIONS MANAGER in the subject line. Good luck.

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