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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
Buy padded shorts. -- Everyone

Advice to Riders

So, you’ve decided to join our BikeMS: City to Shore team.

That makes you awesome.

Yet, you’re — understandably — not sure what to expect. You’re not entirely sure what equipment you need to buy or how to prepare — mentally and physically — for riding a hundred miles.

So, we tracked down some of our veterans of the ride  — guys who’ve been doing it for nearly a decade as well as those for whom last year was their first. They had some great insider tips — things you may not have ever considered — and things those quote-unquote “professional” sites might not tell you.

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I thought, ‘Let me see what’s up with a job.’ I applied, and they hired me in May.

Welcome Mike!

As we expand, we’ve needed a bunch of new faces across the board. From packaging, to brewing, to beertending and barbacking, we’ve needed good workers in nearly every department.

The distribution department is no exception. We’ve needed a few good men (or women — just trying to turn a phrase, here) to get our beer to your favorite bar or liquor store, and we found a good one in Mike Gift.

“Mike has his Class A CDL and brings a whole lot of professionalism to the team,” says Distribution Manager Justin Vitti. “Since day 1, I have been able to count on him to take the big truck and the heavy loads without any issues. His background makes him a perfect candidate to grow with CMBC.”

Welcome Mike!

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Watermelon Wheat

If you’ve ever been to a production brewery, you know that it’s one of the most wonderful-smelling places on the planet. Seriously. Walk into our production facility one day — escorted, of course — and simply stand there and inhale.

It’s heaven.

There’s once each year that it smells better. One time each year where the aromas from the production floor are even more intoxicating than the beer.

That’s the day we juice up our Watermelon Wheat.

Everyone gets involved, chopping up some 2,700 watermelons and adding them to the gigantic watermelon frappe we’ve got going on.

Watermelon Wheat releases August 3rd — National Watermelon Day! It’s suggested that, in order to celebrate National Watermelon Day, you have watermelon with every meal.

We suggest having Watermelon Wheat with every meal. Even brunch. Why not?

Check out the pictures below! They’re not scratch-and-sniff, so you won’t be able to smell anything, but… take our word for it.

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Partnering with CMBC was high on our list, as running and beer go hand in hand.

Beer and Running — Perfect Together!

“I just felt like running.”

While most of us don’t have the running inclination that Forrest Gump had — he really felt like running — but for the rest of us, those of us who only want to run, say, 13.1 miles, the Cape May Running Company is there for you.

Cape May Running Company is the premier source for all things running-related in Cape May County. They’ve been serving the area’s runners at their storefront in downtown Cape May since last May, offering gear, support, and coaching.

And this summer, we’ve joined forces to sponsor the races held by Cape May Running Company, including the Murph Mile and the Hallowed Half.

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Homebrew, in shades of orange

We’ve got quite a few intrepid homebrewers on staff, as you might imagine. Breweries tend to attract brewers.

So, once in a while, we like to have a little competition. we’ll come up with a theme, we’ll send the message out to the Brew Crew, the interested people will brew up something delicious, we’ll all gather over at HQ and vote on which one we like best.

This time around, the assignment was to make something as Orange Crush-y as possible. Our homebrewers didn’t disappoint.

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It’s professional, but it’s like a small family. We’re growing, but it’s still small enough to be enjoyable.

Welcome Brandon!

The unsung heroes of Cape May Brewing Company are our drivers. They’re the ones out in the field in 90-plus-degree weather, slinging kegs and cases, ensuring that our beer makes its way to the farthest reaches of our market.

And we’ve currently got a great group of guys doing it.

One of the most recent is Brandon Jones. He’s left behind his former life at Walmart, answering the call of the open road for Cape May Brewing Company.

“He takes his time with what he does, so he doesn’t make mistakes,” says Distribution Manager Justin Vitti. “If I had to explain Brandon in one word, it would be mosey, because he’s somewhere between a slow walk and a happy stride. I’d rather have someone who takes their time and does it right.”

Welcome Brandon!

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Good stories help. Good food helps even more. Good beer helps the most.

Seafood Cioppino with Devil’s Reach

We’re pretty lucky, working at a brewery. We’re constantly surrounded by good people, good beer, and good times.

We’re even luckier when we get to combine all three — even more so when it involves food.

That’s why, when we asked our Culinary Ops & Soda Guru JP Thomas to devise a recipe involving beer and seafood, the marketing team at Cape May Brewing Co. seized the opportunity to get together and cook it up.

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This the only Topgolf with an ocean view.

Do AC with CMBC

The big news in South Jersey over the past few months has been the simultaneous opening of two new casinos in Atlantic City. The Hard Rock and the Ocean Resort opened July 3rd, bringing some 6,000 new jobs with them.

Thankfully, several of those jobs involve saying “yes” to our intrepid South Jersey Sales Manager, Richie Rallo, when he says, “Hey. You wanna carry some Cape May brews?”

(And then he works his butt off to make it happen.)

While many of the restaurants in both casinos are still in their opening stages, Richie was kind enough to host the staff at Straight to the Pint for a visit, checking out the venues where you’ll be able to find our brews.

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CO2 + sealed aluminum tube = BOOM

Tiny Drink Umbrella

Summer is all about fruit beers. They’re light. They’re refreshing. They make a mean beer cocktail.

Tiny Drink Umbrella is no different. You get a berry explosion in your face with flavors of blueberry and raspberry, and you’re totally going to want a tiny drink umbrella for this one.

However, like The Bog, we’ve got a few caveats on this one, too.

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You might get a chance to run into one of our owners.


There are a million things to do on a trip “down the shore,” — Morey’s Pier, our stellar beaches, walks on some of the best boardwalks in the country, just to name a few.

Those things are all well and good — we love them, too! — but if you want to get a taste of the real Cape May, you’ve got to pack up your things at the beach and head inland.

Preferably to Cape May Brewing Company.

Not only do we have a wide variety of great beers, we’ve also got some of the best brewery tours in the business. So, come rain or come shine, every day is the perfect day to take a tour of Cape May Brewing Company, and we’ve got five reasons why you should.

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