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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
For hearty stews or desserts, stouts work great with them.

Stewin’ with Stout

Stouts are perfect for winter. When the temperature turns to the single-digits — as they have been as of late — all you want to do is curl up by a fire wrapped in a blanket with one of these high-ABV brews and forget about the world around you.

We know. We do it, too.

The next best thing to drinking a hearty stout is cooking with it, and some of the sharpest minds at the brewery all tend to agree that it’s excellent in a beef stew. And there’s no better stout to use than Concrete Ship.

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“My wife is my best friend,” he says. “We do pretty much everything together. There’s not much that I don’t do without her.”

Welcome, Sean!

At Cape May Brewing Co., just about everyone is on their second career. Ryan was in real estate. Hank designed satellites. Mop Man was in pharmaceuticals. Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm was painting houses and Head Brewer Brian Hink worked at Starbucks until they told him that his beard was too long.

“If you ask around at craft breweries ‘How did you become a brewer?’, be ready for a weird story about their previous life and how they decided to toss all that aside and go with something they loved,” Jimmy says. “It’s universal in this industry. It’s chock-full of people who are passionate about beer and wanted to be a part of it. It’s one of the reasons this industry is so much fun.”

Such is the case with the latest member of the production team, Sean Gallagher.

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“I’m in love with the shape of youuuuuuu….” Tipsy intoned, tunelessly.

The Further Adventures of Brett and Tipsy

Another year has passed. The sun has risen and set some 365 times, and much has changed. Some things have gotten better, some a little worse, but, for the most part, the world is much the same as it ever was.

That is, except at the North Pole.

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"Well, are you going to frisk me or not?"

Meet Jim!


If you’ve been to the brewery, you may have been warmly greeted by Jim Bradley.

A Wildwood Crest native, Jim’s a former cop who not only knows his beer, but can keep control in the Tasting Room. Even though he went to St. Joe’s, we don’t hold it against him.

So, without further ado, meet Jim Bradley!

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“Not only did they collect food, but they collected funds,” Renate said. “So it’s an amazing show of community partnership and I am so grateful for them.”

Food Drive Fund Drive SUCCESS!

There’s nothing better than helping out your fellow man, particularly around the Holidays.

Food drives are a great way to do it, but this year we wanted something a little different, ‘cause that’s how we roll. We can be a drop-off point for food — that’s awesome! — but we really wanted to get our fans a little more involved this time around.

Since the Community FoodBank of New Jersey needs more than food, we wanted to raise some funds for them, as well.

In a word, Chief Celebrations Officer Randi Friel characterizes our Food Drive Fund Drive as “awesome.”

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“This dish is deceptively simple but complex, just like Devil’s Reach,” JP says.

Christmas Dinner

The Holidays are a time for gift-giving, and, for those of us so inclined, cooking meals large enough to feed an army of elves.

For those of us whose greatest culinary achievements are Dagwood Bumstead-inspired sandwiches, eating those meals are as much of the Holiday season as anything else.

Either way, if you’re eating or cooking, the Holidays aren’t complete without the entire family gathered around the table and someone stuck at the kids’ table who assumed he’d finally graduate to the ranks of the real table.

This year, we’ve tasked our Head Chef JP Thomas with devising recipes and pairings for a perfect Christmas dinner. Enjoy!

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“I love the beach,” he says. “I’m always on the beach relaxing with friends.”

Welcome Miles!

If you’ve been to the Tasting Room over the past few months, you may have noticed a long-haired blond guy behind the bar with piercing blue eyes and a bizarre sense of humor.

That’s Miles Kline.

Miles is… an interesting individual. Now, don’t get us wrong: he’s a hard worker, totally on his game and we like him a lot. He’s got a positive outlook on just about everything and his good nature and indomitable spirit are infectious. Yet… we’re going to stick with the word “interesting.”

But… maybe that’s what happens when your life is uprooted because one of the largest natural disasters in modern history.

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“Tasty. Like apple juice but not overtly apple.”

What People are Saying About Apple Bomb….

We’re excited that Apple Bomb is back on tap, and we know that our faithful fans are, as well. It’s one of our most-requested brews, and we know you’ve been waiting.

Filled with apple-y goodness, the bready and biscuity malts in this wheat beer are balanced by the tartness of the apples. It’s juicy, it’s tangy, and it’s oh, so delicious.

We’ve been brewing this delectable nectar since February of 2013, and the first batch definitely earned its name. We’ve learned a lot since then.

Read what people have been saying!

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“We couldn’t decide on a theme this year,” says Chief Celebrations Officer Randi Friel, “so we went with both!”

Ugly Sweater/Griswold Christmas Party

SweaterPartyGriswold (1)What is it that you love about Christmas?

The silent majesty of a winter’s morn… the clean, cool chill of the holiday air… preferably you won’t have an “asshole in his bathrobe emptying a chemical toilet into your sewer.”

Either way, you’ll probably have a better Christmas than the Griswolds — particularly if you come to CMBC’s Ugly Sweater/Griswold Christmas Party!

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“It’s a blend in every sense of the word.”

Spotlight on… Blend!

Out in Hamilton Township, just east of Trenton, is a bar that’s truly forging the path of craft beer in the central part of the state. Blend, at 911 Highway 33 in Hamilton has been opening the area to new breweries for over five years. We got together with Rick Stripp, Jr., Manager and “resident beer nerd” of Blend Bar, to get the lowdown on this Central Jersey institution.

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