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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
I was like, "I’m gonna crush it!" Then, "Oh, I’m NOT gonna crush it!" But I knew that City to Shore was going to taste that much better at the end. -- Katie MacTurk

BikeMS: City to Shore… Success!

We’re unbelievably proud of our City to Shore team. They pedaled their butts off and raised over $30,000 for Multiple Sclerosis research and awareness, over 150% of their goal.

“These guys killed it,” Ryan says. “We’ve had our biggest team yet and we’ve raised the most money we’ve ever raised. This is the biggest fundraiser we do, and with such dedicated team members, they make it look easy.”

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“I think it's funny to note that this sort of experimenting and hybridizing is not something you'll find in the wine industry,” Jimmy says, “no one there is looking to add beer or barley to their wine to make something new and exciting!”

Harvest Ale is Back!

Traditionally, harvest is a time for celebration. To our ancestors, a successful crop meant that they’d have the means to survive the coming winter and the year beyond.

And, let’s face it, there’s no better reason to celebrate than the prospect of survival.

So… we’ll make a beer for that. Why not?

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I think everyone down here’s a little goofy.

Welcome, Rich!

In May, we announced our redesign to some fanfare. The design essentially gave physical form to what we already knew: that Cape May Brewing Co. is influenced by the beach, the waves, and the sand.

In fact, “beach bum” is not a pejorative around here. It’s a way of life.

And it’s certainly the way of life of our new Production Brewer, Rich Crean.

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“You meet people from all over the world who are there for the thing that we have an extreme passion for: beer.” -- Courtney Rosenberg

CMBC Takes Denver!

When it comes to beer festivals, you really can’t beat the Great American Beer Festival, lovingly referred to as “GABF”. 800 breweries, 3,800 beers, four sessions, three days… It’s like heaven but without the difficulties in getting there. You only need airfare to Denver.

It should go without saying that the CMBC Brew Crew will be in full force at the largest beer festival in America. Ryan, Mop Man, Head Brewer Brian Hink, Brewer Mark Graves, New Jersey Sales Manager Richie Rallo, Chief Celebrations Officer Randi Friel, and Social Media and Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg will be in attendance, serving up CMBC’s finest and loving the heck out of the Mile-High City.

So, what are we pouring?

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“Seeing this beer come together,” Mike says, “it really makes it all worthwhile.”

Three Plows 2017

Last year, we brought you the first modern beer made with all-New Jersey ingredients: Three Plows IPA. It was truly a labor of love for us here at CMBC, and we couldn’t have been more proud with how it turned out.

So, we’ve decided to do it again this year… with a twist. The ingredients are still 100% Jersey, it’s still an IPA, but it’s a completely new beer. Three Plows has a fruity and peppery yeast presence, an earthy-malty sweetness, and a pleasant, hoppy aroma flirting with a firm bitterness, yielding an IPA that is uniquely New Jersey.

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When it comes right down to it, being a good neighbor is exactly what this endeavor is all about.

CMBC Core Values Shine from City to Shore

At Cape May Brewing Co., we’ve recently codified our Core Values: what we stand for, why we’re here, what we hope to achieve in our business, other than brewing great beer.

Over the past few months, we’ve realized that each of our Core Values apply to our involvement with BikeMS: City to Shore or an attribute our riders will need to complete the ride. So, we’ve decided to sit down and explain exactly how each of our Core Values speaks to BikeMS.

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“Who the hell goes to North Dakota? People looking to check off #50, that's who!”

50 States with Brian Hink

Beer tourism is quickly becoming an appreciable sector of the tourism industry. Last year, Nielsen found that the average American visits about two breweries during an average vacation. That’s pretty awesome.

And we’re thankful for it. Travelocity recently began ranking metropolitan areas by their beer-worthiness, and Cape May County (represented as Ocean City) was ranked #15 in the small metro area group.

That’s pretty huge for us. Beer tourism, in general, is pretty huge for us. We love our out-of-towners. (Hey, y’all… You know we’re still here in the off-season, right?!?)

In general, New Jersey’s craft beer scene is still in its infancy. Since the change in New Jersey’s legal structure in 2012 that allowed for tasting rooms, we’ve seen a veritable explosion in breweries throughout the Garden State.

With the easy access to delicious, fresh produce, it’s only a matter of time before New Jersey takes its place among the truly well-respected beer destinations. In the meantime, we’re still in the bottom five states in breweries per capita.

But Cape May County is seeing an upswing. Since we opened, four new breweries have followed in our footsteps, and three more are in planning stages. Add that to the handful of breweries in Cumberland and Atlantic counties, and we’re seeing Deep South New Jersey becoming a beer destination set to rival just about any across the country.

“A crowd draws a crowd,” says Head Brewer Brian Hink, “and as long as the other breweries around us are making standout beers, the more the merrier!”

And Brian knows a thing or two about beer tourism. He’s recently achieved something that very few people this side of retirement achieve: Brian’s visited all fifty states, sampling delicious brews along the way.

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Without our guests and without their loyalty, we couldn’t be Lucky Bones.

Spotlight On… Lucky Bones

The craft beer scene in Cape May County has taken off over the past few years, with a few of our local bars at the forefront, leading the charge. Lucky Bones, just off the actual Devil’s Reach on Cape May Harbor, is one of them.

We sat down last week with Erik Delinski, who’s been the Craft Beverage Program Manager at Lucky Bones in Cape May for about three years.

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“Kinda citrusy,” he said, “it’s got a good taste to it.”

PHL17 love!

PHL17 was down last week to film their final installment of Lee by the Sea, Jason Lee’s segment on the PHL17 Morning News highlighting all of the great things at the Jersey Shore. He caught our guys canning some Coastal, got a lesson in brewing from Ryan, and sampled a flight of The Bog, Mop Water, Cape May IPA, and City to Shore.

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