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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
It’s only available at the Brewtique for a limited time. When it’s gone, it’s gone for 2020!

Top Ten Reasons You’ll Want That Cranberry Good Good this Thanksgiving

To much acclaim, our imperial cranberry shandy, That Cranberry Good Good, is currently available in the Brewtique!

Essentially the big brother of The Bog, That Cranberry Good Good is a tart cranberry wheat ale, sweetened to perfection, and over twice the ABV of its little brother.

And we’ve got the top ten reasons you’ll want it for this Thanksgiving.

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“Hits all the right notes that I like. Juicy but not in your face.”

Swinging the Lamp Reviews

The newest favorite in our rotating IPA series, Swinging the Lamp, is back! Currently available in the Tasting Room, it’ll be available throughout New Jersey beginning next week, and Pennsylvania in the beginning of December.

Juicy, soft, exotic — Swinging the Lamp is a Double New England-style IPA brewed with Golden Promise, wheat, and oats; aggressively hopped with Moutere, Rakau, and Motueka; and fermented at 100° thanks to the wildly unique Hornindal Kveik yeast. With a gentle background hint of cedar and strong notes of juicy pineapple and stonefruits, Swinging the Lamp is a bold and unique offering in the sea of IPAs.

Read what people are saying!

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The ABVs average out to just over 8%, so this Thanksgiving, though odd, will certainly be intoxicating.

Thanksgiving Dinner Pairings

We’re all gearing up for that favorite of stuffing-yourself-silly holidays, Thanksgiving!

While we’re all going to miss getting together with our extended family, gathering aunts and uncles and cousins and nieces and nephews and those people who your parents keep telling you that you’re related to but you have no actual memory outside of Thanksgiving dinner, that doesn’t mean that Thanksgiving has to be a bust.

Any meal, any time, is made better with some Cape May Brewing Company brews.

So, this year, we’ve paired your traditional Thanksgiving meal with some of our most traditional — and some of our least traditional — brews. Enjoy!

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“I love everyone I work with. They’re all super nice to me, and everything’s really good."

Welcome Alejandro!

For many of our jobs, we look for more than experience — a positive attitude will certainly set you apart from the pack.

“It was a really easy decision to hire Alejandro,” says Warehouse Manager Polly Pollock-Bell. “His fantastic attitude just shone through during his interview, and after working closely with him over the last month, I have really enjoyed his strong work ethic. Alejandro works tirelessly day in and day out to learn and complete every task given to him. When he gets to work he does a full-body stretch, clocks in, and proceeds to bust it out! This chap is exactly what the warehouse and production team needed.”

Welcome Alejandro Garcia!

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“I like this more every time I drink this.”

Ties the Room Together Reviews

Our fan-favorite white cream stout, Ties the Room Together, returns this weekend!

Our homage to all things Big Lebowski, if Gary the bartender had accidentally mixed The Dude’s Caucasian with his oat sodas, this would be the result: a White Russian-inspired cream ale with coffee beans, cocoa nibs, lactose, and vanilla. Like The Dude, Ties the Room Together abides, but that’s just, like, our opinion, man.

Take a look at what other folks had to say!

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“This year, Coquito is a touch dryer, not as sweet, and definitely boozier -- hello 14% ABV! -- but overall I feel they're very similar.”

Coquito is back!

As the holidays roll around, there are a lot of things to look forward to. 

The copious number of catalogs you receive each day. The Hallmark Channel and its endless stream of feel-good films. And, of course, the return of Coquito.

….ohhhhh, coquito….

If you’re lucky enough to have Puerto Rican friends and family — or if you’re lucky enough to be Puerto Rican yourself — you know how wonderful this traditional holiday beverage can be.

Last year, we made it into a beer, and it was good. This year should be no exception.

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"We’re tapping into the heart and soul of CMBC -- and our fans -- to ensure that families throughout our region have a meal on the table.”

Annual Food and Supply Drive

2020 has been a rough year. We’ve seen a global pandemic that won’t end and an economic downturn that’s hurt many of our nearest and dearest.

It’s been rough. 

Because of that, more than ever, at Cape May Brewing Company, we need to live our Core Value to Be a Good Neighbor.

That’s why this year, we’re determined to make our annual food drive to be the biggest and the best yet.

Beginning November 20th and running through December 20th, we’re relying on CMBC’s Heart & Soul.

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“The way we were able to shift gears and weather the pandemic was incredible. From home delivery to reorganizing the Brewtique, it’s been really awesome to see. And I know a lot of our visitors have been really grateful to have that experience when so many other places can’t offer it. It’s been really fun.”

Welcome Ariel!

It’s somewhat validating when someone who has lived, literally, all over the world decides to throw their lot in with us for the long haul, at precisely the time we need it.

“Ariel really helped us out this summer when we needed help the most,” says Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “She brought with her a wealth of knowledge about craft beer as well as a genuine passion for it. She is a great team player who jumps right in to help in whatever way she can. I love her genuine drive to ensure that each guest leaves not only with a great experience but with the perfect product for them. She takes the time to answer questions and is a great resource for her fellow co-workers. We are really lucky to have her!”

Welcome Ariel McCarter!

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“This doesn't happen by accident!”

Work Safe, Work Smart

We like to celebrate our wins here at Cape May Brewing Company and Cape Beverage, and, in 2020, those wins have been few and far between. 

However, even in a normal year, this is a win we’d want to celebrate: over 365 days without an injury! And, this week, we celebrated at the brewery with a free lunch from Mermaid Mutineer and at Cape Beverage with a free breakfast from JJ’s Diner.

No injuries and a free meal? Win-win.

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“Each year, we eagerly anticipate this annual initiative, affording us the chance to raise an astounding amount of money to help alleviate food insecurity in the greater Philadelphia region.”

Friends Giving 2020

This year, more than ever, it’s important for us to live our Core Value of Be a Good Neighbor. The global COVID pandemic has hit everyone hard, and we’ll do whatever it takes to lend a hand.

So, for the third year in a row, we’ve partnered up with a number of breweries in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area on Friends Giving: our annual potluck-style IPA.

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