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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“I hope it will be magical,” Justin says. “It should be."

Justin Presents at ekos_con

Ryan’s not the only one at CMBC with a full speaking schedule. Jimmy’s spoken at Villanova, and Mop Man did a presentation at Stockton University a few months ago.

This week, our resident magician, possessor of enviable biceps, and Distribution Manager Justin Vitti presented at ekos_con at the Le Méridien in Charlotte, North Carolina.

And Charlotte may never be the same.

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“I need to sell something I care about and a brand I believe in,” he tells us. “I can’t just work for a brewery to say that I’m working for a brewery. I love Cape May’s beers, and I really love the lifestyle and culture that CMBC promotes. It’s super important to me.”

Welcome, Evan!

We’ve got a new Sales Manager starting at the brewery, and it’s safe to say that he knows his stuff. Evan Kostka’s been in beverage sales for just about as long as he’s been able to work a full-time job, and we’re excited to see what he’ll bring to the organization.

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“This beer has a depth of flavors so remarkable you could cry,” Brian says. “Maybe, if you're the sappy type.”

Lady in Room #10

The Hotel Macomber is one of the most evocative structures in Cape May. Overlooking Beach Avenue, this grand shingle-style mansion was built at the turn of the century, and, in a land of Victorian excess, its conservative brown shingles assure that it stands out in a sea of pinks and blues and yellows.

But it’s not just its architecture that makes it noticeable.

It’s also one of the most haunted places in Cape May, the perfect home for the latest in our Barrel Aged Series, Lady in Room #10: a sour brown ale aged in red wine barrels for eighteen months on black currants and plums.

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“It was an honor being asked to speak four years ago,” Ryan says. “We’d barely been open two years, and to get recognized as an authority to speak at such an auspicious event, it was a thrill.”

CMBC Sponsors TedxCapeMay for the Fourth Year

If someone needs for us to step up and Be a Good Neighbor, then we’re gonna do what we can to step up and Be a Good Neighbor. We can’t do it all the time — there are so many worthy organizations in the area that we’d love to help, but resources are limited.

Nonetheless, TEDxCapeMay is one that’s near and dear to our hearts.

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GABF ’17

It’s not called the Great American Beer Festival for nothin’. It’s a festival. There’s beer there. It’s American beer.

And it certainly is great.

The Brew Crew had a blast in Denver last weekend, sharing our brews with the attendants at the festival.

Corrosion was the big hit — everyone wanted to try our “beer geek’s dream beer”. The combination of sour and IPA was a stand-out among our guests. Turtle Gut and Oktoberfest were both extremely well-received, too.

The result: several thousand satisfied beer drinkers and one tired-but-happy Brew Crew.

Check out the pictures below!

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“...a very unique beer with something for fans of all beer styles….”


All press is good press, right? Well… anyone who’s ever worked in any company anywhere will tell you that’s not true.

Luckily, we’ve been getting some strong press over at CMBC, and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve compiled five of the most recent for your reading pleasure. Grab a cold one, snuggle up in a blanket, get a fire going, and enjoy these lovely reads.

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“I’m jazzed our team was recognized by the Chamber,” Ryan says. “It’s the proof that we’re working hard to make an impact on our families and community. “

Yay Awards!

Recognition for being excellent is pretty awesome. Our beers have received many awards, and, as a business, we get a handful, as well. Last year, we were named NJBIZ’s Emerging Business of the Year and the NJMEP Startup Manufacturer of the Year.

Two awesome awards for an awesome company.

But this year… we’ve been awarded the Lower Township Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business Award!

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“I listen to other people describe different beers and it’s a little overwhelming,” she admits. “Intimidating, but I’m game.”

Welcome Karen!

The Brewtique is the place to be, particularly if you have a love for what we do at CMBC.

And our newest Brewtique Team Member is no stranger to breweries.

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Hops Selection

Each year, our guys take a trip out to the Yakima Valley in Washington to select hops for the upcoming year. Invitations are extended to a select few breweries, so, last week, Ryan flew out with Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm and Head Brewer Brian Hink.

While they were there, they toured the hops fields of Hopsteiner, BSG, and Roy Farms, inspecting the crop and getting their hands dirty — and we mean dirty — finding the perfect hops for all of your favorite Cape May brews.

Check out the pictures below!

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