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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
Well, a great perk of being on the Cape May Brewing Co team is THE BEER! A close second are all the volunteers that come out to help!

Why I Ride: Kyle Konopka

As we get closer to the ride, we’ll be checking in with the brave and intrepid riders on our BikeMS: City to Shore team. This week, we’ll be meeting one of our BikeMS: City to Shore team veterans, Kyle Konopka.

Meet Kyle!

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It is a very constructive and enjoyable environment where everyone looks forward to working with each other.

Thanks, Holden!

Summer internships are a right-of-passage for many college students around the country, and we love having them at CMBC. They bring the latest in best practices to us, and we get to have an outsider’s perspective of how things work at CMBC.

“Holden was a pleasure,” says Distribution Manager Justin Vitti. “He learned quickly and excelled at the tasks he was given to help maximize efficiency in distribution, logistics, and supply chain management.”

This summer’s been no different. We’ve been lucky enough to have Holden Young with us, a rising senior Economics major at Penn State. Originally from Princeton, NJ, Holden’s currently living in Vero Beach, FL.

“Holden exceeded my expectations,” Ryan said. “He was smart, eager to learn and be involved in as many projects as he could to learn our industry. I’m sorry to have to see him go back to Penn State but also happy to know he’s entering a very exciting time of his life.”

We got together with him for a quick Q&A.

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“He’s a pain in the ass,” Aaron says. “It’s a fiesty game fish.”

That’s a Mighty Big Fish!


One of the largest fishing competitions in the world comes to Cape May each summer and seems to swim under most people’s radar — even if the tuna and marlin don’t.

It’s the MidAtlantic — and with some $3M in prize money available, it’s kind of a big deal. A very big deal.

And those fishermen toiling away on the waters next week tend to get a little thirsty. Luckily, they’ll have some CMBC brews to keep them afloat.

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Because it tastes like an IPA that you can drink all day without getting hammered.

Mop Man on Cape May IPA

Our flagship IPA is our flagship IPA for good reason: it’s a helluva beer.

It was originally Hank’s recipe — “Jump the Jetty” it was called. As he and Ryan were getting into homebrewing, it was essentially all he ever brewed.

“I pretty much just brewed IPA, then I’d change it and brew it again,” Hank said. “I just kept playing with the recipe.”

Once they were ready to open the brewery, with their new space at the Cape May Airport secured, they brought the “finished” product to Mop Man, and he gave his opinion.

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I also enjoy the connections made via the fundraiser and ride.

Why I Ride: Steve Briggs

As we get closer to the ride, we’ll be checking in with the brave and intrepid riders on our BikeMS: City to Shore team. This week, we’ll be meeting our BikeMS: City to Shore team captain — Steve Briggs.

Steve is a six-year veteran of the team, leading us in the ride for the past four years. He works his butt off every year, working with both the brewery and BikeMS to make the event as successful as possible.

Meet Steve!

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“I’ve been coming down here for a while, watching the company grow,” he says.

Welcome Craig!

Some men are simply destined for Cape May Brewing Company.

Our new Warehouse Manager, Craig Tropp, is one of them. He’d been a fan of the brewery for years, and, when the job opened up, it didn’t take long to figure out that he’d be a perfect fit.

“Craig brings a set of critical thinking skills that are a necessity in navigating the heavy traffic of the warehouse,” says Distribution Manager Justin Vitti. “From our orders shipping out to our inventory coming in, mixed with the constant flow of raw material goods, being organized and being able to think on his feet is a must.”

Welcome Craig!

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It’s Brett as you’ve never known Brett before.

That’s a Crusty Barnacle!

Ah, yesteryear.

For our parents, that was sometime in the 60s. For the rest of us, it was sometime in 2013.

In the yesteryear of CMBC, when we had about five employees, Ryan said, “Hey! Let’s let our brilliant and knowledgeable employees design a beer!”

And it was so.

That series inspired some of your favorite beers today: Snag and Drop, Biscuits and Honey, and Foreshore Shandy, to name a few.

Then, in 2015, Ryan said, “Hey! We’ve got waaaaaay too many employees to do an Employee Series, so let’s break into teams and design a new beer!”

And it was so.

The Tasting Room, with its multitude of homebrewers, was the first team tapped, and they knocked it out of the park with an American Pale Ale entirely fermented with Brett yeast. It was so good, we’ve come back to it time and again, and it will make you re-think everything you’ve ever known about Brett: Crusty Barnacle.

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“I don’t know why we’re successful,” he says. “Look, I can’t take credit for the view.”

Spotlight On… On the Deck

If you’re looking for good food, there are about a million places you could go. Any restaurant that’s managed to stay open for more than a year is going to have decent food. If you’re looking for good service, that narrows things down slightly.

However, if you want great food, personalized service, and one of the most beautiful views in New Jersey, you’ll have to head to On the Deck at 10 Simon Lake Drive, right on the harbor in Atlantic Highlands.

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“I love the decor,” Kathy says.

Party Time? Excellent!

One thing we pride ourselves around here — other than our beer — is the great time to be had in the Tasting Room. We’ve got knowledgeable Beertenders to usher you through your experience, stellar Brand Ambassadors to teach you everything you need to know about CMBC, and a beautiful space that inspires our guests to have a good time.

Sounds like the perfect place for a party.

Over the past few months, we’ve renovated part of the Sour Brewery to become our new Barrel Room, perfect for your next event. We got together with our new Private Events Coordinator (and Beertender extraordinaire) Kathy Forler to find out what our guests can expect.

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