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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
Be a good kid and bring her down to the brewery this weekend.

Celebrate Mom!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, which means it’s time to honor all that the mothers in our lives have done for us over the years.

She ran you from tuba practice to soccer practice to tutoring and somehow managed to figure out a way to not let you starve in the meantime. She cleaned your room when the only people allowed in there should have been wearing hazmat suits. Through all of your faults and missteps, she kept a winning smile on her face, clinging to the unerring belief in your inherent goodness.

Now, the mom in your life keeps your kids fed between running them to dance class and baseball practice and Scouts. Your friends publicly comment on what a beautiful home she keeps and privately comment that you’re a lucky man. She magically juggles a family and a rewarding career, and you thank your lucky stars that she came into your life.

And don’t forget all of those “honorary moms”: your grandma who’s been to every tuba recital. The sainted aunt who stepped in while mom was sick and out of commission for a week. Your high school friend’s mom who still answers to “mom” when you run into her at the mall.

For all that she does, mom — in all her forms — deserves a beer.

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I’m very lucky. Life is good.

Welcome Paul!

We used to say that no one enjoys retirement more than Mop Man.

That is… until we met Paul Greer.

We’ve recently brought him on as a Greeter and Brand Ambassador, and Paul’s been loving every minute of his time here. With his innate love for beer and deep history with the brewery, his tours are some of the most informative and entertaining in Cape May, and he loves being able to meet every person as they come through the door.

So, here’s Paul!

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There’s nothing more fun than whacking a papier-mâché donkey with a stick....

Cinco de Mayo y Cerveza

You know the date — it’s practically synonymous with the word party. May 5th. Cinco de Mayo. It’s a date that we all get to have a good time, drink some brews, and celebrate Mexican culture.

Let’s say that, this year, you’ve decided to throw a party. Hell, why not? It’s on a Saturday, so you might as well. It’s guaranteed to be a good time.

We’ve got all your party info right here. We kept things easy and cheap.

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“It was really cool to see the differences between my five-gallon batch and a batch here,” he says.

Catch the Drift

Regulars to the Tasting Room probably know Assistant Tasting Room Manager Dan Petela. He’s our longest-serving Beertender, a fixture behind the bar and, for many, nearly synonymous with CMBC.

He’s also the biggest beer geek we have in the Tasting Room. By leaps and bounds. His knowledge of beer is almost supernatural. His first words probably were, “This isn’t bad, but they should have upped the Simcoe in the dry hop a bit.”

Now, we pride ourselves on hiring some of the brightest beer minds in the area to work behind the bar and help you select the next beer you’re going to love. Everyone behind the bar is top-notch.

But Dan definitely wins in the geekery department.

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“I wouldn’t still be here if I didn’t love it,” he says.

Welcome Chris!

As we told you a few weeks ago, we’re expanding our operations to keep up with demand. We’ve brought in a bunch of new tanks, and we’re expanding production to 24 hours a day, five days a week.

With that added production level comes a need for a slew of new faces on the brewery floor. Jimmy’s hired eight new people heading into the summer, and we’re in the process of bringing them to you one by one.

Chris Volpe is one of them. One of our newest additions to the packaging crew, Chris is a homebrewer and musician — a perfect addition to the crew.

So, let’s meet Chris!

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“Our craft beer selection, focusing on New Jersey brews, is sort of untouchable around here,” Callum says.

Spotlight On… The Local!

“Let’s pop down the local.”

Now… that’s not a thing you hear. At least, it’s not a thing you hear around here. But to Swindon, England native Callum Satchell, that’s a thing he heard people say all the time.

“In any town in England, if someone says, ‘Oh, where are you going tonight?’ ‘Just poppin’ down the local,’” he explains. “That’s the local pub in the town. We wanted to instill that in Mount Holly. What we really wanted to do was create something sourcing local products and goods, but we wanted to give it the warmth of what a local pub in England would be.”

And, with partner Derek Little, they’ve truly captured that. The Local in up-and-coming Mount Holly is warm and cozy, with the honey-colored bar taking up half of the width of the downstairs — with multiple local whiskeys, vodkas, and gins lining up the back wall and a “New Jersey Tap Takeover” happening every night of the week.

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“The folks at DC Brau are great. They’ve got similar values to us and make some great beer, so there are a lot of similarities between us.”

Cape May Brewing Co. and DC Brau Collaborate on Rosé du Gose

Remember what life was like when you were seven? (No? Was it that long ago? We’ll help….)

All of your friends were seven, too. Eight-year-olds seemed like they were old enough to run for governor and six-year-olds were entirely too juvenile to hang out with. You rolled your eyes at five-year-olds and nine-year-olds…? No. Zero commonalities.

But other seven-year-olds were right up your alley. They were mature enough to understand your seven-year-old hopes and dreams, such as they were, but not so mature as to make you feel like a baby.

That’s kind of how it is in the brewing world. Cape May Brewing Co. is about to hit our seventh year in July, and along the way, we’ve been lucky enough to forge some serious friendships with other breweries from the Class of 2011.

DC Brau — the District’s first modern packaging brewery — is one of those serious friendships.

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“It’s a great town. It’s the whole reason I came back"

Meet Andrew!

If you’ve been to the Tasting Room over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a few new faces. As we get closer to the summer season, we’ve got a slew of new people starting — on the retail side, in production, and in distribution.

Andrew Fischer is one of those new faces. A tall and lanky guy, Cape May is born and bred into him. He’s got an effortless, laid-back style that fits in perfectly with our nautical lifestyle at the brewery. Nevertheless, it’s his love for beer that makes him a perfect fit for us.

So, without further ado, meet Andrew!

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“I think it’s the variety and the small-batch appeal. You know, if someone likes Coastal Evacuation, they might want to try this beer that they’ve had every day in some new variant. And they’re flavors that you don’t necessarily see in beer.” -- Social Media and Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg

One-Off Wednesday

As a fan of CMBC, you’re undoubtedly aware of One-Off Wednesdays.

Each week, we come out with a different and unique brew — something based on one of our existing beers with some sort of additive involved. They run the gamut from simple and straightforward to off-the-wall and weird with stops along the way at inventive, innovative, and ingenious.

After three years of the program, it’s become the most anticipated and loved program on our calendar, with a diehard core of fans, all of whom congregate in the Tasting Room on Wednesdays, imbibing and discussing the merits of our latest creation.

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“This year’s going to be extra fun because it falls on a First Firkin Friday, so instead of having our usual one-off sixtels, we’ll have two casks.” -- Chief Celebrations Officer Randi Friel

May the Fourth Be With You!

The choices one makes on the fourth day of May truly separate the men from the boys — or, at the very least, it separates Star Wars fans from mere mortals.

This year will be no different.

May the Fourth be with you!

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