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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“It was a lot of fun,” Brian says, “They're a great group of guys up there - really laid back and down to earth. It was a very refreshing brew day, for sure.”

Collab with Carton!

One of the things we truly love about this business is the fact that beer brings people together. New friends and old can gather together over a pint and find some common ground.

This is true, not only of friends, but of the breweries themselves. We’re lucky in New Jersey that we have a ton of great beer coming out of this state — and, considering the fact that the law that really opened the floodgates for breweries only hit the books in 2012, we’re all relatively young and eager.

That’s why, when the subject of a collaboration with Carton Brewing up in Atlantic Highlands came up, we both jumped on board. Our Brew Crew was up there this week to brew up a very special brew.

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“Well, I come here a lot,” she says. “Like, A LOT. So it felt like I should just start working here. I could come here and spend money, or I could come here and make money.”

Welcome Lauren!

There’s a theme running through the stories of a lot of our new hires. Is it that they’re all awesome people? Is it that they’re all highly-qualified? Is it that they all rock our socks in so many ways?

Well… yeah. Obviously. We wouldn’t be hiring them if they weren’t awesome.

But the one thing that’s been tying them all together is their philosophy: “Well… I’m here often enough that I figured that I might as well get paid for it.”

Can you blame them? There’s really nothing better than working at a place you already love.

Our latest Brewtique Team Member, Lauren Todd, is one of them.

Welcome Lauren!

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Sounds like a great day on the town… or a great night on the town.

Tour de Cape May

If you’re planning a trip to Cape May for Memorial Day Weekend — or at any point over the summer — you’ll probably want to know where to find our beer.

You could check our Beer Finder, zoom in on the downtown, and go from there. That’s a perfectly acceptable way to do things.

However, we decided to put together this handy-dandy tour of downtown Cape May. Because there’s no better way to plan your visit to America’s Oldest Seaside Resort.

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We knew we’d found the best place possible to kick off the collaboration release.


Next weekend is a big weekend in DC!

Not only will we be releasing Rosé du Gose and L’Attitude, but it’s the weekend of SAVOR — one of the swankiest beer festivals in the country, and Ryan will be taking part in the Brewers Association’s annual Hill Climb.

So, while Ryan is busy working on behalf of New Jersey’s breweries, talking with our legislators and imploring them to support legislation to help us out — like… killing that tariff on steel so our keg prices don’t go through the roof — the rest of the Brew Crew will be livin’ it up federal government-style in DC!

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Everything we’ve done has been to be more efficient and serve our fans in the best way possible.

Our New Look!

As we head into summer, our needs in the Tasting Room change drastically.

Compare the attendance on a rainy Saturday afternoon in March to the attendance on a rainy Saturday afternoon in July — to say the least, there are many, many more bodies ambling about the Tasting Room in July, vying to taste our wares.

That’s simply one of the many benefits of running a tourist destination in a shore town. We love our seasonal visitors, and we want to accommodate as many as we possibly can.

So, over the past few weeks, General Retail Manager Kaitlyn Smith and her motley crew of merry men (and women!) have been working to bring the Tasting Room up to par as the days are getting longer and the temperature is climbing higher.

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This summer is gearing up to be awesome.

It’s Eventful!

As we get closer to summer, our events calendar really starts to fill up. American Craft Beer Week — happening now — kicks off a summer season filled with festivals, tap takeovers, pop-up beer gardens, and every kind of event to tickle your fancy and get our beers into some unusual places.

In fact, this coming weekend is one of our busiest, with six events on Saturday alone, spread all throughout the area.

We caught up with our Chief Celebrations Officer Randi Friel to get the lowdown on what to expect this summer.

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Yeah, this guy got his hop cone and he’s keeping it.

Follow That Gull!

In 2017, we were honored to be asked to brew a handful of commemorative brews. Villanova University asked us to brew Demisemiseptcentennial Pale Ale for their 175th anniversary (and we thought we were through with having to type “Demisemiseptcentennial”), and the County of Cape May asked us to help them ring in their 325th year with a commemorative brew, Follow the Gull.

Both turned out excellently; however, one of them turned out so well that it’s truly become a favorite for everyone at the brewery.

Because of that, this week, we’re pleased to offer Follow the Gull in 16-ounce tall boys!

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I'm very happy, now.

Welcome Caitlyn!

One of the well-tested axioms of life at the brewery is that our fans make the best employees. Time and again, as we look to hire a phalanx of new folks on the floor, in the Brewtique, and in the office, we’ve learned that the ability to do the job is equally as important as an existing love for CMBC.

We can teach anyone to clean a keg. We can’t teach you to love Coastal Evacuation.

When Caitlyn Pohlig interviewed for a position on the Brewtique Crew, we’d seen her around here often enough that her cheerful disposition and downright sweet-as-Foreshore attitude was just icing on the cake.

Welcome Caitlyn!

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We’ve been truly lucky this year.

Three Great Awards!

Over the past week, we’ve been extraordinarily gratified to receive three very special awards.

The United States Coast Guard Community Foundation bestowed on us the Hometown Hero award, the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities gave us a Community Partners Award, and the Garden State Culinary Arts Awards gave us the Beer Professional Award.

It was certainly a week to remember.

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We’re all there to enjoy craft beer. Let’s do it together.

American Craft Beer Week 2018

ACBW18_redThere are plenty of week-long observances out there.

Some are good ones: we just observed Teacher Appreciation Week. Did you thank a teacher? They deserve it.

Some are practical: Healthy and Safe Swimming Week is the week before Memorial Day. These are good things to think about as we head into season.

Some are a little ridiculous: we’re currently in the midst of National Raisin Week. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But there’s one that we can all get behind, and it’s coming up the week of May 14th: American Craft Beer Week!

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