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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“I always said that it would be a perfect fit and a dream opportunity, I’m lucky.”

Welcome Scott!

Opening a new territory is always an exciting time for us here at Cape May Brewing Company, but it also presents a few challenges, not the least of which is trying to find the right person to represent us there.

With Scott McIntyre, we not only found the right person for Delaware, but also Chester and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania, as well.

“Scott is awesome,” says Regional Sales Manager Erin Gale. “Scott joins us with a wealth of industry knowledge, great relationships with our partners in Delaware, and a love for all things Cape May. He was a perfect fit for the team.”

Welcome Scott!

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“It’s baaaaack!”

Crushin’ It Reviews

These days, many of us are learning that some days are better than others. However, just about any day can be made better with one thing: Crushin’ It.

Refreshing and great for the beach, Crushin’ It is soon to be your summer staple. With Citra, Mosaic, and Azacca hops blending together to accentuate the fresh flavors of orange juice, Crushin’ It is dry, approachable, and perfectly balanced. 

When we first dropped this beer as a one-time Tasting Room-only release back in the summer of 2018, the response was overwhelming: we knew we had to bring it back the following year. When we did, we couldn’t keep it on the shelves of the Brewtique. So, scaling this one up was a no-brainer.

Crushin’ It is currently available in the Brewtique for growler fills, and will be released in 12-ounce cans and will be available throughout New Jersey beginning April 8th, with Delaware to follow on on the 13th and Pennsylvania on the 14th.

Check out what our fans have to say about this extraordinary orange IPA!

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We’ll be here, proudly making our beers in the face of adversity, for as long as they’ll let us, and until we make it through to the other side.

Brewers Rally during Coronavirus

Throughout the world, the effects of COVID-19 are being felt. In the few weeks that we’ve been dealing with this outbreak, we’ve watched our world rapidly change before our eyes.

While the world struggles to define a new normal, through all of this insecurity and fear, breweries consider themselves lucky to have been, for the most part, considered “essential”. In the wake of massive confusion, we feel that it’s an honor that we’ve been able to avoid having our doors completely shuttered by the powers-that-be, although economic factors are beginning to get the better of some of us.

We’ve been fortunate in this industry: before this epidemic began, we counted ourselves among an alliance of like-minded brethren, bound together through a higher call, not only to redefine what beer means to the average American, but to bring us all together in times of joy, in times of sadness, and in times of fear.

And we’re not giving up now.

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“It has a perfect balance point between a cocktail, beer, IPA, fruit beer, breakfast juice -- it's got that ‘It Factor’ that keeps you wanting to go back to it again and again.”

Scaling Up Crushin’ It

With all that’s going on, at Cape May Brewing Company, we’re all about good news these days. Luckily, a good beer is always good news.

And we’ve got some great news on the horizon: Crushin’ It, our IPA with orange juice, will be scaling up for a full distribution release in early April!

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“This beer pairs perfectly with more hops! The OG White Caps is damn near perfect on its own, but it's fun to throw these twists and modifications to it to see what happens.”

Double Dry-Hopped White Caps

With all that’s going on right now, it’s important to find ways to keep your mental health positive. 

At Cape May Brewing Company, we hope that there’s a chance that we can provide that for our fans. And, as we’re all stuck at home, navigating this new normal, there are probably only a few things in this world that can get you more excited than a new beer.

But, there probably aren’t that many words that could get you more excited than “double dry-hopped”.

Mash them up with “White Caps”, and it might be the high point of your week.

Double Dry-Hopped White Caps is our beloved White Caps, double dry-hopped with Sabro and Cashmere, which bring strong notes of coconut, cedar, and orange creamsicle, complementing the stone fruits and citrus waves provided by the Citra and Mosaic in White Caps.

And it’s available now in our Brewtique!

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"I'll be able to stash a few cans of this in my fridge to have whenever I need that Honey Porter itch scratched."

Honey Porter in cans!

If you’ve ever had the good fortune to visit our Tasting Room, you may have had the chance to sample one of our favorite brews. It’s been available for distribution for about as long as we’ve had distribution; however, it’s often an overlooked member of our lineup.

And if you haven’t had the chance to try our Honey Porter, you need to remedy that fact, posthaste.

Smooth and light-bodied, our beloved brown porter brewed with Jersey Fresh-certified honey won a bronze medal at last year’s Great American Beer Festival. This balanced and approachable porter has a firm malt presence, a hint of sweetness thanks to the honey, and a distinctive quaffability that will draw you in again and again. 

And now, for the first time, it’s available in 16-ounce cans!

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This awesome blanket is sure to keep you snuggly and warm at home

Spring Sale!

As you’re sitting at home during this crisis, you may be mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or trying to find some way to divert yourself until this passes.

Why don’t you swing over to our online store? We’ve recently reduced the threshold for free shipping from $75 to $50, and we have a ton of items that are on sale

Check out a few below!

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Hopefully, we made a few people a little happier than they might have been otherwise.

The Return of The Bog

The Bog is back!

Our intensely refreshing cranberry shandy is much loved by many of our fans, and we love brewing it up for you folks each year. 

This year, we’re getting it to you a little early!

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Cape May IPA is slightly bitter with a zesty finish -- kinda like Ben Platt in The Politician.

Livin’ That WFH Lyfe

If you’re anything like us at CMBC, right now, your whole office is holed up at home, socially distancing themselves and anxiously awaiting this all to be over.

It’s stressful. Everyone thinks that working from home sounds like a wonderful time until they actually have to do it. Then, suddenly, it’s 6pm and you realize that, not only haven’t you showered yet today, but you haven’t eaten anything, either.

Luckily for you, at Cape May Brewing Company, production is continuing unabated. We’re still making all of those beers you’ve come to know and love, and you probably want them in quantities you never realized possible, at this point. We’re here for you.

So, as you socially distance yourself from everyone else in the world, we’ve got the perfect pairing for those activities you never knew that you’d suddenly spend your weekdays doing.

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Home Delivery to Cape May and Atlantic Counties!

Every so often, there are bright moments in a crisis. Like Mr. Rogers told us, “Look for the helpers.” In times of uncertainty, they’re always there.

Now, we’re certainly not comparing ourselves to the men and women on the front lines of the COVID-19 mess: the doctors, the nurses, the EMTs — they’re going to have an extraordinarily rough few weeks.

However, this time, we can count the ABC — the New Jersey Division of Alcohol Beverage Control — as one of the helpers. In these extraordinary times, they’ve decided to allow breweries to begin home deliveries!

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