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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“I’m so excited to have company today!”

On the Road with Erin

This week, we had the chance to ride along with our Philly-area Sales Manager, Erin Gale, as she pounded the pavement in the King of Prussia/Conshohocken area.

A surprisingly springlike day — the high that day hit 78°– Erin toted samples around the western Philly burbs while the ice quickly melted in her trunk.

As our out-of-state representative, Erin works alongside our wholesale partners, coordinating as a team to provide beer to our quickly-growing Philadelphia fan base.

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...with Eddie’s recipe, we can resurrect the Misty Dawn...

Misty Dawn Sails Again!

A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.

Back in the 80s, Mop Man and his brother Jimmy found that out the hard way when their beloved 46-foot Chesapeake Bay Bottom fishing boat sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic.

For the past few weeks, we’ve had much the same thing going on with Misty Dawn, our spring Saison named for that ill-fated ship.

Like the Misty Dawn, Misty Dawn Saison was off the radar. We weren’t going to brew it this year.

Nonetheless, in life, sometimes there is a beacon to guide us home. And this time around, we found that beacon in Rabbit Hill malt.

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“This gets me closer to my goal.”

Congrats, Tony!

“Get your foot in the door.”

It’s great advice, particularly if you’re just getting started on your career. And when your career happens to coincide with your passion, you don’t drag your feet once that door opens a little more.

Such is the case with our latest Packaging Operator, Tony Zappaunbulso.

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“Usually February is the slow season, and if this is the slow season, then it’s any indication that this summer’s going to be crazy.”

Jimmy Valm on What’s On Tap

Our very own Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm sat down with Gary Monterosso and Tara Nurin at SNJToday’s What’s on Tap, discussing all of the great goings-on at Cape May Brewing Co.

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But, that’s what makes this process so beautiful. This is old meets new. Tradition meets innovation. It is the very essence of collaboration.

On the Coolship CMBC

Humans have been brewing beer for millennia. (Thankfully.) Yet, if you’re lucky enough to take one of our HQ tours, you’ll notice a significant amount of stainless steel, electronics, and enough modern technology to make the average, warm-blooded American go Oooh.

That’s to say, there are a lot of shiny, clanging, intriguing pieces of equipment lying around to keep things interesting.

Yet, it’s apparent that the brewers of old could not possibly have employed a centrifuge or a canner or a stainless steel fermenter or really even yeast, as it wasn’t until sometime in the mid-nineteenth century that good ol’ Louis Pasteur said, “Hey, this is what makes our French bread so awesome.”

So, how did they do… anything at all? How did they make an alcoholic beer if they didn’t know that yeasties excrete alcohol?

Well, dear beer drinker, it’s something called spontaneous fermentation, and we’re gonna be getting into it lock, stock, and… er… barrel.

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“I’m going to Disney World!”

King of Homebrewers!

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we have a good time at CMBC. Not only at our events and in the Tasting Room, but more or less everything that happens behind the scenes is a bunch of fun as well.

Case in point: our recent homebrew competitions.

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“We’re constantly rotating,” he says, “and we always have Cape May on.”

Spotlight On… Kid Rip’s!

“Once you met him, he left an everlasting impression. He was definitely a character. Throughout high school, I’d come home and my friends would already be at the house because they’d come over to get advice from him. He was one of those people who would tell you the truth and give you the best advice he could give.”

That’s how Mike Ripa — co-owner of Kid Rip’s in Runnemede — describes the bar’s namesake, his father, Dino Ripa.

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Although we are bummed that the Patriots lost, it was a well-played game and we have to give credit where credit is due.

Collecting Our Winnings


If you just can’t get enough of Eagles fever — the kind of fever you want this time of year — we’ve got one more event up our sleeves to celebrate the Birds’ big win last weekend.

As you might know, we entered into a friendly wager with Massachusetts-based Night Shift Brewing. Well… on Saturday, February 17th, the time has come to collect.

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Fondue is like romance in an earthen pot.

Chocolate Beer Fondue

Valentine’s Day is for you and your significant other. Everyone else can fall by the wayside.

Well… everyone except CMBC, that is.

That’s why we tasked Culinary Ops & Soda Guru JP Thomas with devising the perfect “you-and-me-and-CMBC-makes-three” recipe for Valentine’s Day.

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