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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“It’s a hoppier, higher ABV version of Cococabana. A tropical, summery, good time.”

This Flavor is Anything But Fake: Introducing Fake Palm Tree!

Fake Palm Tree is new to the family this year, but fans of our fellow tropical IPAs will have something new to obsess over this week.

(Here’s looking at you, Follow the Gull, Make Fast, Captain May, and Swinging the Lamp!)

Fake Palm Tree also follows the route of darling draft favorite this year, Cococabana, by featuring prominent coconut notes.

There’s a lot of tough work that goes into this brew to get it just right, and this week, we sat down with Brewer Emily Siddall to get her perspective!

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Visiting the Brewery

There have been a number of changes at Cape May Brewing Company, from COVID-19 adaptations to opening new spaces and creating new experiences. Here is the latest information based on current New Jersey State guidelines!

We want our visitors to have all of the information they need in one place, so we’ve compiled it below. If you have any unanswered questions, please see our FAQ page.

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Welcome back, bar service. and free rein of our spaces!

WE’RE BACK! And Just in Time for Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend officially starts…now! (Or, if you’re reading this at 7am before you start work for the day, then there’s still a few more hours left until the celebrations begin). We have some awesome things planned for you, so make sure you swing by the Tasting Room this weekend! 

We were already planning a great party and release weekend, but we’re also happy to announce that in accordance with new state guidelines, we’ll be back to operating as usual, with bar service and vaccinated guests welcome to explore our space sans-masks. We trust our guests to make the right decision to mask up (or not) based on their status and personal preference. Now, for the fun stuff!

If you’re looking for live music, Salty Dog will be playing beach rock in the Brewtanical Garden from 3pm – 6pm today, Friday May 28th, and the Brewtanical Garden will be decked out in beach fare for the occasion! The celebration will continue all week long in the Tasting Room with the return of Bog slushies (gasp!) and two new sweet treat brews to enjoy: On the Way to Cape May No #001 Ice Cream Twist and On the Way to Cape May No #002 Watermelon Salt Water Taffy!

…You didn’t think that was all, did you? You might have noticed our Brewtique has looked a bit bare lately, and that’s because we were making way for our first round of summer fare! We caught up with Kaitlyn for the details on these new items. Read on for more information!

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This week is a “launchpad to reinvigorate Philadelphia’s food and drink community, drawing people back to breweries, bars, and events safely to celebrate as a community.” 

Philly Beer Week 2021 – An Essential Return

Philly Beer Week is a ten-day festival and celebration of beer and recognition of Philadelphia as America’s Best Beer-Drinking City. We’re pretty lucky to live nearby, and we’re fortunate to be included among the incredible brews you can find inside and outside of the city limits year-round. 

After the hiatus last year, we’re thrilled to be back, as next week marks the start of Philly Beer Week 2021, from Friday, June 4th through Sunday, June 13th. 

Read on to find out how to plan your post-Memorial Day beer ventures in Philly! 

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“I think what we’ve built here is really special. I’m proud of what this place has become.”

Spotlight on the Deauville Inn!

This week, we visited our friends at the Deauville Inn to check out their updated space and get some insight into what folks have to look forward to this summer.

The Deauville offers multiple in-house venues to enjoy food and drinks, and their space is the place to be this summer. 

We spoke with Adam Modder, Vice President of Operations, Chuck Thompson, Assistant General Manager, and Paul Shust, the media director, who gave us more information on how the Deauville has adapted and what’s to come! 

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“Ice Cream Twist is the one that’s going to draw people in, but Watermelon Salt Water Taffy is the one that’s going to surprise everyone.”

Ice Cream Twist & Watermelon Salt Water Taffy: A Killer Combo

Last week, we introduced our latest brew series, On the Way to Cape May, a loving tribute to the shore, with ten brews for each of the years we’ve been operating! 

This week, we’re proud to announce the first two in the series:

On the Way to Cape May No #001: Ice Cream Twist is a 7.7% ABV IPA with orange and vanilla, or an orange milkshake IPA if you will! This one has lactose to mimic the sweet treat it’s inspired by, and it’s brewed with Citra, Lotus, and Cashmere hops. The special ingredients that help round out this brew include tangerine juice and vanilla. 

On the Way to Cape May No #002: Watermelon Salt Water Taffy is a 6.7% sweet and sour ale with watermelon. It’s the perfect combination of juicy, sweet, and tart, not unlike its namesake candy. This one is light on the hops with a neutral bittering hop and special ingredients and also includes watermelon juice and vanilla. 

This week, we waved at the production facility as we made our way to the Tasting Room to get some feedback from our brew crew who will be offering you this brew all weekend long! 

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“Starting in production during the build up to summer is a wild ride, but Ryan has a can-do attitude and is a total pro at driving our truck between our now multiple warehouses."

Welcome Ryan!

Ryan is one of those people who is easy to talk to. He’s laidback and easy going, and while he’s not one to talk much about himself, we’re really glad that he took some time to sit down with us this week.

“Ryan has hit the ground running,” Warehouse Manager Polly Pollock-Bell shares. “Starting in production during the build up to summer is a wild ride, but Ryan has a can-do attitude and is a total pro at driving our truck between our now multiple warehouses. I look forward to seeing him grow in his role and become a valuable member of the Brew Crew,” she says. 

Without further ado, meet Warehouse Associate Ryan Loder!

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“When we make beers that are inspired by food or some other beverage, we always want to be able to do justice to the original concept while also creating something that is uniquely its own thing."

Prep Your Palate for Peach Ring Sour!

Last week, we took a dive into the world of Cape May sours with Lab Tech Matt Allen. This week, we also spoke with our Backdoor Release committee, where Brian shared that this week’s Sour Fruit Ale, Peach Ring Sour, while not officially part of our lineup for 10 brews celebrating shore town flavors, would fit right in. Check out how this new brew stacks up! Resident Peach Ring Sour fan and Packaging Lead Sean McGuirl chimed in for this blog to give us some details about what went down when this brew was created! 

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BBQ + our mango seltzer is an ideal combo!

Brew Crew Memorial Day

The true start of summer, Memorial Day weekend, is officially NEXT WEEK (we’re shocked, too!) so we touched base with the rest of our brew crew to see what plans everyone had to celebrate.

And, also, you know, to see whose party we should crash.

Check out how we’re bringing in the summer season! 

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“A lot of people aren’t from Cape May originally, or they visit every year, and we wanted to capture what sweet treats and nostalgia would hit the company as a whole and what we’ve all come to learn and love.” 

On the Way to Cape May: Our New Brew Series!

So, this summer is pretty special for us. It’s the first summer after particularly brutal pandemic restrictions, and also the summer of 2021, which is our 10th year anniversary!

We’ve got some awesome things planned for our unofficial summer kick-off Memorial Day weekend, including a very special beer series release, new merch, and of course, a party complete with decorations and live music. We’ll have more to share with you soon, but until then, here’s a sneak peek into what went into our upcoming new series: On the Way to Cape May, celebrating 10 years with 10 new brew releases!

This week, we caught up with Backdoor Release crew Production Planning & Specialty Brewing Manager Brian Hink, Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello, and Social Media & Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg in the Brewtanical Garden to learn more.

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