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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“Cryo Pop is a blend of hops for them, and it’s a blend of hop components to showcase survivable hop compounds and get nothing but the pure, raw hop character into the beer."

We’re Psyched for psYCHed up!

Like it says on the can, while each brew we create is in partnership with our awesome hop providers, this new beer is particularly special, because we got to work with a friend who’s now part of the Yakima Chief Hops family!

The YCH crew came around briefly this past spring to visit us, but this is the very first time that we’ve had the chance to collaborate with one of our hop providers directly. We chatted with Production Planning & Specialty Brewing Manager Brian Hink, Brewer Mike McGrath, and Culinary Ops & Cellarperson JP Thomas about how the collaboration went and what they think of this new hop. 

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“This beer is solid all around.”

Why You Should Brave the Deep

Devil’s Reach is one of our flagship brews that comes out every year, and while it may not get as much fanfare as our new releases, it’s a favorite for a reason! It’s multi-seasonal, sharing part of the year with Tan Limes, and starting this week, our 2021 Devil’s Reach batch is ready to help shepherd you into fall! 

You can find Devil’s Reach on tap and in six-packs to-go from our Tasting Room starting today, Friday, September 17th, throughout NJ starting Monday, September 20th, and in eastern PA and across DE starting October 4th!

See why others love this beast!

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"Smelling DDH Follow the Gull post dry-hop was about the equivalent of sticking your face into a hop bag."

For the Hopheads and Lager Fiends

If you’ve been eagerly waiting for our next hopfest release or traditional beer style, you’re in luck this week, because we’ve got two brews that are great for a number of craft beer lover palates!

Our original Follow the Gull may have flown on through our Tasting Room earlier this year, but Double Dry-Hopped Follow the Gull swoops in this week for a swarm of hop flavor in a brilliant can design.

It doesn’t get much better than Longliner, either, which is our newest lager in six-packs that takes the best of some of our more recent lager styles to create a concoction that combines the crispness of Boat Ramp Champ, the hop notes of Cape May Lager, and the nuance of Cin Cin to form a Captain Planet-level awesome lager.

We spoke with Brewery Operations Manager James Fox about what folks can expect with these two!

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We have some of our anniversary items on sale and new fall gear to suit up in

New On Sale and Fall Merch!

If you missed out on grabbing some of our anniversary-themed merch, we have a number of items on sale to grab! Make sure to act fast, as, just like summer, these will be gone before you know it. 

To celebrate the official start of fall in the next few weeks, we’ve also started dropping some new things in store that you’ll want to grab while you can!

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"It's gonna be a killer slushie."

Cotton Candy Day Dreams

It’s with a sigh of relief that our midnight brewing has come to a close. After a crazy summer season, the production team is looking forward to cooler weather in the brewhouse, and collective stocking up on Oktoberfest.

We caught up with Brewer Brad Young this week on his last overnight shift, and we just so happened to show up right as they were testing how Cotton Candy was doing in the tanks.

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“Flannels. Football. Bonfires. Oktoberfest.”

Brew Crew + Fall = True Love

It’s September, the first official month of fall (even though we’re still a few weeks away from the official start), and our Brew Crew is looking forward to the season changing.

We’ve got brand new fall merch in the Brewtique, and fall favorites are already hitting the shelves, including Oktoberfest and Captain May

Read on to see why our crew is looking forward to the coming months!

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However you're enjoying or celebrating this weekend, we've got you covered.

Five Reasons to Beer Up For Labor Day

There’s a lot to love about Labor Day. It’s the first big holiday since July to help us get through to November, and (sometimes) the weather cooperates, making for the perfect send-off to summer. 

For many who visit us down at the shore, it’s one of the last weekends to enjoy the beach and shore homes and all the fun that South Jersey has to offer before heading back up north, or home to another state in the region. 

Here’s five reasons why you should make us a part of your Labor Day Weekend plans!

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Live Music, fall merch, and an extra-special treat!

Labor Day Weekend Fun

While the hot weather will stick around a while longer, summer is slowly and steadily creeping to a close already. 

For many, the last hurrah of summer is Labor Day weekend, and we’re looking forward to kicking off September with everyone next week!

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"It's my favorite beer we make. It's perfect."

Oktoberfest is Back!

We know you’ve been enjoying summer so far, but there’s something that we here at Cape May Brewing Company look forward to all year long. Something that helps herald in fall, and just might be a more momentous release than the PSL.

Unearth your festival fare and break out the pretzels: Oktoberfest is back!

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