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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
...the beer is good, the customers are great, and the employees are fantastic. It's like we're one, big, happy family.

Meet Jake!

Who is that red-headed guy behind the bar? Why that’s Jake Hauser!

Jake’s been with us almost two years, now. A Stockton grad with a degree in Marketing, when he’s not behind the bar, he’s probably making some mean barbecue.

“Jake is a naturally sweet and genuine guy,” says Retail General Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “When he asks you how you are, he really means it. He’s the first to volunteer for a shift — he’s a hard worker and just a genuinely nice guy.”

So, meet Jake!

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“So, I made an executive decision to buy more cans, stress the shit out of Jimmy, and make it all year long.”

Always Ready, Reporting for Duty

When we brew a beer, we never really know what people are going to think of it. We know we like it — we brew beer that we want to drink. But how will the rest of the world receive it? That’s always the question, and we’ll never really get an answer on that until we’ve committed to brewing a batch and sending it out into the world.

Thankfully, we’ve been pretty lucky in that regard. We’ll brew a batch of beer and people like it.

However, every so often, we’ll have a hit on our hands — but they’re rare. Like a blue diamond. Or a white peacock.

And when we have a hit on our hands, we know it’s time to ride the wave. Extend the run. Press more albums. Make sure as many people as possible have the chance to experience our beer.

And Always Ready has been an unqualified hit.

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“We were being fun,” she says. “The point of the staff series was to bring fun and variety into our lineup. Really, the world was our oyster in creating those beers.”

Foreshore? For Sure!

In the early days of Cape May Brewing Co. — when we had a handful of employees all wearing seventeen different hats — it was easy for us to have our Employee Series. At the end of 2013, we were able to come out with seven beers suggested by our employees, with another seven following a year later.

Now, we’re closing in on 70 employees. If each of us had our own beer, it would take us a year and a half to get through them all and we’d have no time to brew your favorites like Cape May IPA or Coastal Evacuation.

Nonetheless, that Employee Series was the starting point of many of the beers you’ve come to love today: (Jim’s) Tripel Wreck, (Andrew’s) Snag and Drop, (Steve’s) Biscuits and Honey, and (Courtney Gingrich’s) Concrete Ship.

And this week’s release: (Courtney Rosenberg’s) Foreshore Shandy.

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“It’s something a little different,” says Brewer Mark Graves.

Ebb and Flow

The moon does some strange things to our planet.

As we learned last August, it can sometimes get between us and our love affair with the sun, causing an eclipse. Believe it or not, the moon has a bit to do with our seasons — its gravitational pull keeps the planet at that perfect 23.5° axial tilt: without its gravity counteracting the sun, we’d be wobbling all over the place. It even keeps our day at around 24 hours — without the moon, we’d be spinning so quickly that our day would only last about 7 hours. And it provides a nice little night light, illuminating our nighttime hours so that we can find our way home after an evening at the bar.

But, most importantly, without the moon we wouldn’t have a name for our release this week. As you likely know, the moon is what’s responsible for our tides. The amount of gravity it provides makes the oceans’ water bulge ever so slightly, creating a low tide. Then, as the moon moves and we rotate, the bulge moves with it, creating a high tide.

Then the process starts over again. And, between them, we have what’s known as an “ebb tide” — the water is receding, the planet is spinning beneath the water, and the moon is moving to its next position.

And that’s kind of where we are right now in Cape May: our tides of visitors will be returning soon.

And, of course, we’ve got a beer for that.

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Not only does it make the entire cleaning process that much more enjoyable....

Spring Has Sprung (…no, really… it has….)

Happy Spring!

Yeah… it’s a little difficult to tell that the Vernal Equinox was at 12:15pm on Tuesday, marking the beginning of Spring. We’re on the warming side of the fourth nor’easter of March, and we’re only two-thirds of the way through the month.

This year, March has been in like a lion… then that lion sticks around awhile, eats this generation of lambs, trundles out for a day, then comes barreling back in because there’s one little lamb cowering in a corner, and he hasn’t quite satiated its hunger for lamb flesh. This lion doesn’t even bother with mint jelly.

Nonetheless, winter’s on the wing and some fine spring morns are in store. Trust us. They have to be. That’s the only thought that will get us through this lousy Smarch weather.

And when spring finally arrives, we’ve got five springtime uses for beer.

Other than drinking it, of course.

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Meet Sue!

If you’ve been to the brewery, odds are that you’ve had the good fortune of being greeted by Sue Gibson. Sue’s been a fan of ours since the early days and knows the ins and outs of the brewery better than anyone.

“She’s very informative,” says Retail General Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “She’s got a wealth of information about the brewery and our processes. She loves to meet new people, loves beer, and loves CMBC.”

She works full time at the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts, a frequent host of pop-up beer gardens over the summer and a beneficiary of one of our summer Pint Nights.

So, without further ado, meet Sue!

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“Getting to see other reps, breweries, and their beers is a great opportunity to keep informed about what’s going on in the industry.”

It’s ACBF Time!

What happens when you get nearly 200 of the best breweries in the country in the same room with some killer food and world-renown bands?

Whatever it is… it sounds like a place you need to be. And, conveniently, you’ll be able to find out the answer next weekend at the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival!

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“It's an extremely complicated equation, but an oversimplification of it would be Sour + IPA = dreamy.”

Oh, That Corrosion….




That’s Corrosion, “the beer geek’s dream beer.”

Like many things in life, Corrosion’s story begins with a happy accident.

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Are you sure we're not related? Cause you sure are Good-Lookin.

Meet Jeff!

If you’ve been to the brewery on a big day, odds are you’ve met Jeff Zagiel.

Jeff started in of 2015, after meeting Ryan and bonding over a mutual love of flying. Ryan was looking for a plane to rent and Jeff has a Cessna 172 — and Jeff loves beer and Ryan has a brewery — so it was a match made in aviation/brewing heaven.

His wife, Kim — herself a pint-sized bucketful of energy — was our first custodian, keeping our offices in tip-top condition.

Now, he’s the guy we call when we’re anticipating a particularly busy day.

“He’s reliable and such an easy-going Beertender,” says Retail General Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “You’ll see him a lot at the outside bar in the Beer Garden, and, if you’re very lucky, you might catch him doing the occasional weekend tour to Headquarters.”

So, without further ado, meet Jeff!

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