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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
We like balanced beers with more complexity

Bounding Main

At our Anniversary Party this weekend, you’ll have the chance to sample our Anniversary Ale 7.0 — it’s a time-bound tradition that we release an iteration of this bangin’ Double IPA each year.

But this year, our fans will get an extra special sneak peek to our upcoming Double IPA release — Bounding Main! This brew doesn’t release to wholesale until mid-July, so visitors to our Seventh Anniversary Celebration will have the chance to sample both brews!

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Sam Adams never brewed a beer in his life.

Founding Fathers and their Beers

Independence Day.

It’s not only a movie with the greatest speech Bill Pullman’s ever delivered on celluloid, it’s a day to reflect on all that our nation means to us and to gather with friends and family to consume massive amounts of cooked meats and quality brews.

It should come as no surprise that our Founding Fathers enjoyed imbibing quality brews, as well. For the most part, they were young men, separated from their wives, huddled in the heat in Philadelphia, dressed in wool and powdered wigs.

If anyone needed a beer, it was those guys.

So, in our endless quest for historical accuracy, we’ve compiled some little-known facts about beer and our nation’s roots. If you’re looking to drop some knowledge as you crack open a Bounding Main at your Independence Day barbecue, we’ve got you covered.

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We’ll be releasing our newest Double IPA a full two weeks before it hits stores and bars!

Seven Reasons for Seven Beers

It’s our seventh anniversary this weekend, and we’ve got a great night planned!

In fact, in honor of the seventh anniversary, we’ve got seven great reasons for you to come to the party this weekend.

Check ‘em out!

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I think I hang out here so much that they accidentally put me on the payroll.

Welcome Teddy!

If you’ve been to the Tasting Room at any point over the past seven years, the odds are pretty good that you’ve run into Teddy Nagel sitting at the bar.

Seriously. He’d been here so much, it only made sense to start paying him. We essentially asked him to move twenty feet and sit at the greeter stand — it took no more time out of his day, and now he can share his immense knowledge of our beer with you!

So, welcome Teddy!

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It's super delicious.

Anniversary Ale 7.0

One of the fun things about this business is that brewers can express a number of different things through their recipes. For example, we were originally asked to brew Follow the Gull for Cape May County’s 325th anniversary — so we threw 325 pounds of hops at it and 3,250 pounds of malt.

So, for our seventh anniversary, we’ve brewed up a special double IPA — Anniversary Ale 7.0 — and you’d better believe that our guys on the brewery floor went to town with lucky number seven.

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City to Shore is an incredible day....

Coming Soon to a Bike Race Near You… BikeMS: City to Shore!

2016_BIKE_logoIf you’ve got a bike, are capable of riding at least 25 miles, and love Cape May Brewing Company, maybe you should sign up for our BikeMS: City to Shore team.

That is… unless you have something against having fun, making a ton of new friends, and raising money for a great cause.

But, if you’re all about having fun and saving lives, then stop by our Seventh Anniversary Party next Friday and sign up and meet the team!

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It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at this for seven years....

Cheers to Seven Years of Great Beers!

If you’ve been doing something nonstop for seven years, you should celebrate that fact. You’re even more deserving of a celebration if you’ve been doing that thing well.

Luckily, at Cape May Brewing Co., we’ve been doing our thing for seven years. And, if you guys are to be believed, we’re doing it well.

Regardless, it’s time to celebrate seven years of beer — and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.


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I have no regrets.

Welcome Andrew!

For many of us in this business, we’re on our second (or third… or fourth…) career. Ryan was in real estate. Hank was designing satellites. Jimmy was painting houses and Brian was a barista.

It’s no different for our latest Packaging Operator, Andrew Casey. He’d worked in law firms for awhile, eventually going back to school to get his paralegal certificate.

Now, he’s making beer. Definitely a step up.

Welcome Andrew!

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If dad doesn’t drink, check out our handcrafted sodas!

Get Dad on Board with Craft Beer

This weekend, we get our chance to celebrate our dads.

Odds are, you’ve been after him for years to give craft beer a try, but he holds fast to his lite beers or his favorite red wine or his vodka gimlet. That’s why we’ve gotten together with Brewer Mark Graves for his suggestions as to which beers to use to introduce dad to craft.

We’ve got the craft brew for every dad’s tastes.

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Men mean nothing in the bee world. NOTHING!

Welcome Gina!

As the summer months are upon us, we’ve been expanding in nearly every department, and that includes the Brewtique. We need a full staff of qualified people over the summer to keep things running smoothly.

Thank goodness we found Gina Sheets.

Gina’s got a great personality — she’s friendly, outgoing, and, much like our beer, bubbly. She’s perfect for the Brewtique, willing to help and keep our guests happy.

Welcome Gina!

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