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“Later that day I'll make my way to the Tasting Room to enjoy a pint while we fundraise for the Pink Boots Society.”

She the People

We’ve got some awesome women at Cape May Brewing Company. They’re some of the hardest workers at the brewery, in every department of the company: including in production, in the Tasting Room and Brewtique, in Human Resources, in marketing, and our entire accounting department is 100% women.

So, for the second year in a row, the women of Cape May Brewing Company are joining forces with the Pink Boots Society — a national organization dedicated to providing opportunities and scholarships for women in the brewing industry — to brew a collaboration beer for International Women’s Day this weekend.

The women devised She the People: a fruited pilsner with the Pink Boots Society hops blend and flavored with passionfruit and mango.

In conjunction with the release of She the People, on Friday, March 6th, the Pink Boots Society will receive $1 from each pint and flight sold in the Tasting Room, as well as $1 from each $11.99+tax four-pack of 16-ounce cans of She the People. It’ll be a great time for a great beer and a great cause!

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"The best country restaurant in the whole Northeast.”

Spotlight On… Prospectors Grille & Saloon!

It’s rare that we get to write a Spotlight On a country bar. The truth is that, while country music is definitely popular in South Jersey, country bars are difficult to find — and it’s even more difficult to find one with a decent selection of craft beer.

That’s where Prospectors Grille & Saloon at 3050 Rte. 38 in Mt. Laurel comes in. A longtime player when it comes to supporting the careers of up-and-coming country musicians, their consistent lineup of quality brews includes Cape May’s own Coastal Evacuation and Always Ready.

We got together with General Manager Carl Steward to find out what makes Prospectors “the best country restaurant in the whole Northeast.”

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“It's zesty and fresh, extremely crushable, and pairs well with a bunch of food.”

Scaling Up Tan Limes

Back in December, we published our 2020 Release Calendar, and we were thrilled to see that we had more happy fans than sad fans. We’re pretty proud of this year’s lineup, and we were totally stoked to find that our fans had our backs.

After all, there’s a lot to be gleeful about coming down the pike this summer. (Or, we should say, “…coming up the Parkway…”.) Cape May White is out on draft now and cans will be everywhere within a few weeks. The Bog, Crushin’ It, and The Grove will all be available soon.

But, this week, we can see the very first of those delicious, refreshing, easy-drinking summer beers on the horizon — and, with it, summer itself. Tan Limes releases in 12-ounce cans on March 12th!

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"Cape May has an awesome variety."

Delaware? Delaware!

It’s difficult to find words to express how excited we are that you’ll soon be able to find CMBC brews throughout Delaware! It’s a tiny state but huge when it comes to craft beer — and our fans across the Bay have been chomping at the bit for us to make that jump across the Delaware.

We talked to our Brand Manager at Standard Distributing, Ted Stewart, to get the lowdown on the Delaware craft beer scene. Ted’s been with Standard for fourteen years, beginning as a member of the sales force before his current position as Craft Beer Manager. 

Erin Gale, our Regional Sales Manager for Pennsylvania and Delaware, had some awesome thoughts on the Delaware expansion, as well. Having covered Pennsylvania for us for the past two years, she’s constantly running into Delawareans asking when they’ll be able to get our beer in the First State. Your wait is over, Delaware! 

Check out our conversation below!

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"Moving from a 2,000-square-foot cooler to an 8,500-square-foot warehouse will allow Cape Beverage the flexibility to add more brands that will complement our current lineup.”

Cape Beverage is Moving!

Cape Beverage is a company on the move!

As Cape May Brewing Company grows and we take on more brands at our sister company, Cape Beverage, the space limitations here at the Cape May Airport have become a little tight. So, beginning in April, Cape Beverage is moving on to a bigger space in Egg Harbor Township!

But no worries! While you won’t be able to get any beers in Egg Harbor Township, you’ll still be able to get all of Cape May Brewing Company’s tasty brews at the Cape May Airport!

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“A traditional wit is all about the interplay between the yeast and the spices.”

Cape May White in Cans!

Cape May White cans are officially available!

Our newest core brand has been well-received throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and now you have the chance to bring a little of that delicious elixir home with you in a six-pack of 12-ounce cans.

To celebrate, we wanted to learn a little more about the liquid in those cans. 

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"What better way to welcome back The Purp than with another Floral Friday?”

Floral Friday

This winter’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride when it comes to weather, but it’s finally gotten cold outside. We still haven’t seen any significant snow in Cape May this year, but we haven’t given up hope.

Regardless, it’s cold — really cold this weekend. You’ll want to warm up with some of The Purp at our second Floral Friday!

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“Hops and spice is always nice."

Mardi Gras Pairings

From what we hear, Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a great time. From the parades to the bars, a traditional party city like New Orleans really becomes a celebration of life on Fat Tuesday.

And the food! Oh, the food! New Orleans has great food to begin with, but, during Mardi Gras, you’re definitely going to find some of the best food you’ve ever eaten.

Unfortunately, many of us are stuck going to work next Tuesday at some job far from the French Quarter. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate!

We got together with our very own Culinary Ops and Soda Guru JP Thomas to pair your favorite CMBC brews with the best food you’re likely to find on Fat Tuesday. And the great thing about Creole and Cajun cuisine is that it’s all ridiculously easy to make. 

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“This is dangerous, it tastes kind of like a grape slushy and goes down smooooooooooth.”

The Purp Reviews

The reviews are in, and people are loving The Purp!

The Purp is our grape shandy, and it tastes exactly like your favorite grape soda. Like… exactly. It’s sweet, tart, and full of Concord grapy deliciousness.

However, when you throw in a 5.0% ABV, you know that this grape soda should be kept far, far away from your childhood.

Read what people are saying!

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Ways to Imbibe Cape May White

Our newest Core Brand, Cape May White, is taking the world by storm! (Okay. Maybe not the world. New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. And, eventually, Delaware.)

Regardless, our delectable Belgian-style witbier brewed with orange peels and coriander is fruity and easy-drinking: everything you’d expect from a traditional wit.

You may be sitting there thinking, “Man. That sounds delicious! I really wish I could get my hands on some of that sweet, sweet elixir.”

Well, we’ve got five great events coming up where you’ll be able to find Cape May White!

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