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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
Seeing ‘where the magic happens’ sparks a lot of interest.

Welcome Kara!

We hire great people around here, but, every so often, someone’s personality and knowledge and skill set converge in such a way to make them absolutely perfect for the job that we’re hiring.

And the role of Brand Ambassador isn’t an easy one to fill. In addition to greeting our visitors as they come through the door, they also run all of our tours. So, they’ve got to be personable, know a lot about beer, and be able to speak extensively on a wealth of historic and scientific knowledge… and they don’t get a whole lot of time to cram all of that knowledge into their heads.

We were definitely lucky when Kara Galena came through our door. She’s smart and knowledgeable, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s an absolute sweetheart and sweet as a shandy. She’s quickly become one of our most knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors, comfortable in front of a crowd and able to think on her feet.

When you’ve been given a tour by Kara, you know you’ve gotten a good one.

Welcome Kara!

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So these two are going to really add to the complexity of this beer and take it up to a whole new crazy level.

Double Dry-Hopped White Caps

We make a lot of beer around here — like a lot — and everyone around the brewery has their favorites. The BogMop WaterCoastal Evac… the list goes on and on.

But there’s one that we wait with bated breath. One that we beg the brewers to bring back. One that we look forward to time and again.

Two words: White Caps.

Seriously, we all go a little crazy(ier) over this beer.

When the guys told us that, for our next limited can release, they’d be throwing even more hops at this already-hoppy brew, we knew we were in for something special.

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I was hoping I was going to get out of the heat of the kitchen this year....

Welcome Tom!

With production growing so rapidly, we’ve had a lot of new hires. The latest member of our packaging line has been here since April, and we’ve finally gotten around to highlighting him.

And we’re glad we did. Photographer, music fan, and quidditch player — he’s got it all.

Welcome Tom Powers!

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I think you’ll definitely find something you won’t find anywhere else.

Spotlight On… Mayer’s Tavern!

Nestled far from the busy summer crowd in Cape May, away from the hustle and the bustle of Washington Street, sequestered from the throngs of humanity on Beach Avenue lay a favorite of the locals, denoted only by an easily-missed sign on Lafayette Street.

Mayer’s Tavern. Long a fixture as a “dive bar” in the area, it had been closed for several years before the lauded Laudeman family snatched it up. Longtime owners of The Lobster House, the newest Laudeman restaurant sits across the street and back one block at 894 3rd Ave.

We got together with owner and head chef Alex Laudeman to get the lowdown on this diamond in the rough.

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I drink beer and surf already. -- Freddie Prinze, Jr

Social Media Love

We’ve been getting some notice on social media lately, for everything from Summer Catch to Bounding Main. Even our banner plane ads have been getting noticed!

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You absolutely must keep this beer cold.

The Bog. In cans.

You’ve heard the phrase “labor of love”. It’s one of those things that you do for the love of it. Because it’s part of your soul. It’s arduous, fraught with danger, and pitfalls abound, but you do it anyway.

Yeah. That’s what getting The Bog into cans has been for Cape May Brewing Company.

We love this beer. We love that you love this beer.

We love that we’re finally able to bring you this beer.

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“They come and they stay,” Jake says. “They stay because of us. They stay because of our owner.”

Spotlight On… P.J. Whelihan’s

If you’ve lived in the South Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania area over the past twenty years or so, there’s a name you’ve come to recognize, synonymous with good food, friendly service, and a killer beer selection.

P.J. Whelihan’s — with twenty-two locations, including The Pour House, The ChopHouse, and Treno Pizza Bar — has made a name for itself through a very simple and time-tested method: remaining true to its ideals.

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We are delighted to partner with Cape May Brewing Co. again this year to provide a gathering place outdoors for people once again at Pop-Up Beer Gardens at Cape May historic sites.

Beer Gardens are Popping Up Again!

Last year, we paired up with the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities and the non-profit arm of the Exit Zero Jazz Festival, Music Connects, to participate in their summertime Pop-Up Beer Gardens.

Those three were so much fun that they’ve asked us to help out with them again this year. MAC has three planned — the first on July 12th –, and Exit Zero Jazz Festival has one planned in August.

And they’re all supporting great causes!

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“I drove down the next day -- on Monday -- with my resume and cover letter in hand. The rest is history.”

Welcome Steve!

Sometimes we hire people because of their constant ubiquity in the Tasting Room (*ahem*Teddy*ahem*), and others we hire because their innate fandom of Cape May Brewing Co. simply cannot be denied.

Such is the case with the newest member of our packaging team, Steve DiMartino.

Welcome Steve!

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“I can’t even tell you how many times where he’s looked at me and said, ‘This is my happiest place ever, being in this airplane.’”

Up, Up and Away… with Ryan

For many of us, our first exposure to airplanes involved our mothers attempting to get us to eat our vegetables. “Here comes the airplane,” she’d exclaim while buzzing toward our face with a spoonful of green slop.

This may be where some people’s fear of flying began.

For others, they were still willing to board a plane. Not only that, but they made it their life’s mission to not only experience aviation in one way or another as often as possible, but to actually become a pilot and fly as frequently as is practicable.

One of those people is our fearless leader, Ryan Krill.

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