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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“No, we have not climbed inside,” Jimmy says.

Getting Ready for More Beer!

We really like making beer. We like making it almost as much as you like drinking it.

And you guys really like drinking it.

Since you like drinking it and we’re expanding our distribution northward and westward, we need to increase capacity. By, like, a lot.

So… more people! More hours! More tanks!

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“This is a delightful beer to welcome spring. Whenever that may be.” -- Brewer Mark Graves

It’s Peachy!

Our brewers love to say that “we brew beer we want to drink.”

While that’s certainly true of our latest release, Beaches n’ Cream, sometimes we’ll brew a beer simply because the concept is too good to pass up. Sometimes someone will toss a name out there — something like “Beaches n’ Cream,” for example — and the name will carry with it a whole slew of possibilities.

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Don’t miss this!

Beer and Jazz

EZJF (1)Hold onto your hats, cats and kittens! It’s time again for the highlight of Cape May’s Spring kick-off: the Exit Zero Jazz Festival, and Cape May Brewing Co. has once again signed on as the exclusive beer sponsor of the festival, with a whole new brew making its debut.

Taking over Cape May for two weekends each spring and fall, the Exit Zero Jazz Festival has got it goin’ on. You can see some of the biggest names in jazz at Convention Hall, the Schmidtchen Theater at Lower Cape May Regional High School, at the Shackleton Playhouse, and at some of the coolest bars and clubs in town.

And we love being a part of it.

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“Don't sweat the small stuff.”

Meet Bill!

About a year ago, we were lucky enough to have Bill Zaninelli join our team.

Bill is beer. He’s been in the business for years and it fits him well. He started in merchandising for Crown Beer Distributors in college in the mid-80s, spending twelve years working his way up to General Sales Manager. He spent seven years with Beck’s, did a stint with InBev USA, then moved into craft beer. He worked with a few Vermont breweries, opening them to the New Jersey market.

Then, we got our mitts on him. We were lucky. He was lucky. Bill is one-of-a-kind.

Meet Bill!

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We strive every year to create a remarkable experience by bringing together our friends and world-class sour, wild, and funky beer from all over the country.

Gettin’ Funky in Indiana

Makin’ waves.

That’s how we roll at CMBC: we’re making waves in the craft beer world, so we’re pretty lucky that we’re in a shore town.

We’ve been doing rather well in one particular aspect of craft beer: our sour program is unparalleled. We were one of the first breweries in New Jersey to brew sour beers; we recently released our sour IPA, Corrosion; and our barrel-aged sour, The Topsail, was named the Best Beer of 2017 by BeerConnoisseur.

So, it only makes sense to take the show on the road. That’s why we’ll be at Upland Brewing’s Sour Wild Funk Fest this weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Yep. Indiana.

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“It's really just a deliciously smooth beer.”

Sweet As Honey

You see it on tap in the Tasting Room every time you’re here. It’s one of our most dependable offerings: Honey Porter. Yet, if you’re here frequently, you may overlook it in your zeal to try something new.

There’s a better way. Take a moment and take a look at the menu. Really look at it. Because there’s probably one or two brews that you haven’t tried in quite awhile.

In fact, it’s uniformly agreed around the brewery that Honey Porter is our most underrated brew.

It’s time to get reacquainted with an old friend.

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“I think this would be a good time for a beer.” -- FDR

National Beer Day

What were you doing thirteen years ago? It was 2005 — for those of us over 34, we may have been enjoying a lovely craft beer.

Well… imagine if that were the last beer you’d ever been able to drink. Imagine if, later that day, some fools in Washington passed a Constitutional amendment forever outlawing that precious elixir.

You’d be pretty thirsty today, huh?

Now, imagine if, today, the president signed a law allowing for beer to once again flow from the nation’s taps.

You’d grab one immediately, wouldn’t you?

Well… that’s why, each and every April 7th, we celebrate National Beer Day. And we’ve got four ways for you to celebrate.

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“I love a good Cape May brew,” he says. “You can usually find me there a couple times a week.”

Welcome Jeremy!

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Someone, somewhere said that at some point — we tried to find who, but Google was not cooperative — and it’s some good advice.

It’s certainly true for our latest Packaging Operator, Jeremy Collins. Or, at the very least, he’s trying to find out.

Either way, he’d been such a fixture in the Tasting Room and we liked him, it only made sense to bring him aboard.

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AC Beerfest!

Did you get to the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival this past weekend?


Then you missed out on the news that Always Ready won First Place in the Session Ale category! As well as some 175 breweries, about 700 brews, killer food, activities, and HATCHET TOSSING!

Well, if you missed it, we’ve got a few pictures for your edification. Enjoy!

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Be sure to check out one of these great spots for Easter.

Easter in Cape May

With Easter approaching on Sunday, it’s time to start planning your meals — and brunch and dinner should be on the menu.

So, we’ve done your research for you! Not only do these stellar Cape May restaurants have great brunches and dinners scheduled, but you’ll be able to find Cape May brews on tap at each of them.

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