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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
"I love Labor Day Weekend because it’s one last chance to see all of our fans who make a trip to the Beer Garden or Brewtanical Garden to enjoy some of their favorite beers! I'll be at the Tasting Room this weekend ready to serve one more Pour at the Shore."

Labor Day with the Brew Crew

It’s a bittersweet holiday, Labor Day. 

While we have a great time at the Tasting Room, we know that it means that summer is ending, and we have to say goodbye to all of the wonderful people who have visited over the summer season.

On the other hand, we also know that the hustle and the bustle of the summer season will soon be behind us. Cooler days and shorter lines await.

For the rest of us, it’s the perfect time for a day off. So, we decided to check in with the Brew Crew to see how they’d be celebrating the three-day weekend and which of our beers they’d be using to unwind.

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I ❤️ Boy Meets World

Fall Merch!

The days are getting shorter — and cooler! — and the nights on the bay are becoming downright chilly.

Sounds like the perfect time for some fall merchandise!

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“Solid offering! Good taste of melon, citrus, and papaya.”

Captain May Returns!

Last year was the first year for our Captain May IPA, and, judging from these reviews, bringing it back this year was a smart move.

Named for Captain Cornelius Jacobsen May (or Mey), he’s the man who lends his name to our fair city, county, and brewery, so it only made sense to brew a beer in his honor. With a soft body, firm yet gentle bitterness, and a beautiful aroma of melons and over-ripened mangoes, Captain May IPA is orange-hued and opaque. It might look like a glass of juice, but it’s a brew that the good Captain himself would be proud to drink.

Read what folks are saying!

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"I really like the fact that they feed us on Thursdays!”

Welcome Marcus!

It’s grueling work, but our Distribution Specialists — the folks out there delivering our beer to our accounts — are truly the unsung heroes of Cape Beverage. After all, without them, we’d be sitting on a lot of beer, and you folks out there would be mighty thirsty.

So, when Marcus came to interview, we were lucky that it was pretty obvious that he’d fit right in.

“Without even realizing it, Marcus embodied many of our Core Values during his initial interview,” says Cape Beverage Operations Manager Justin Vitti. “The atmosphere in the room around him was totally Fun, and it was almost as if he was a longtime friend, simply hanging out in the conference room. He was Direct, Honest, and Respectful in responses to some really difficult interview questions. His positive and cheerful attitude makes him a great fit within the complexities of the Distribution team at Cape Beverage.”

Welcome Marcus Harris!

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“Tiny Drink Umbrella: Piña Colada should definitely be an addition to those beach coolers this weekend. Cape May is close enough to being a tropical oasis, right?”

Tiny Drink Umbrella: Piña Colada

Who doesn’t love a Tiny Drink Umbrella?

When you’re served a drink containing one, you’re instantly brought to some island oasis, far from your cares, soaking up the sun and the surf and the stars.

That was certainly the intent when we devised our Tiny Drink Umbrella line. And, after a brief hiatus, we’re glad to bring it back with Tiny Drink Umbrella: Piña Colada, just in time for Labor Day Weekend!

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The festival lasts two full weeks and they go through about two million gallons of beer.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Oktoberfest

It’s one of the oldest — and most appropriated — beer traditions, and for good reason. Oktoberfest has been celebrated in Munich for over 200 years, and is the standard to which all other beer festivals are measured.

And, while this year’s Oktoberfests may be on hold for the time being, there’s no reason you can’t crack open a cold can of Oktoberfest and enjoy yourself. 

While you do, check out these facts on this beer festival to end all beer festivals.

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“Choose your growlers wisely.”

Growler Exchange Program

The COVID pandemic has thrown just about everything we’ve known about the world up in the air.

There are new rules for everything, including here at Cape May Brewing Company. Six feet of separation. Masks. Hand sanitizer. And a virus that could make itself known when you least expect it.

Can this be over already?!?

A bone of contention for many of our fans has been our growler policy. In order to minimize the possible contamination of our growler filler, we’ve been mandating that all growler fills come with a new growler.

No more!

Beginning on Monday, August 31st, we’ll be exchanging old growlers for new growlers!

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"Shaka is Always Ready to play, Always Ready to eat, and Always Ready to cuddle."

The Brew Crew and Their Furbabies

If there’s one thing that we love at Cape May Brewing Company… well… that would be beer.

But if there’s another thing that we love at Cape May Brewing Company, it’s our pets. 

International Dog Day was this past Wednesday and International Cat Day was earlier in the month. While we’re glad to see days dedicated to celebrating our pets, we’re not entirely sure why we need a whole day. After all, they already run our lives.

Nonetheless, we’ve got a huge number of animal lovers in the Brew Crew, so we decided to find out which of our beers their pets would be. And we asked them to submit a picture. One picture. Many found it difficult to choose only one.

Get ready to boop some snoots!

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New Merch!

There’s still time to get some great summer merchandise from Cape May Brewing Co.!

While it seems that this unique summer is quickly fading into the past, we’ve still got a few more weeks of warm weather and sunshine before those cool autumn nights begin rearing their head.

And we’ve got a bunch of new hats and glassware that you’re sure to love!

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Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It is back!

Our second release of Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It is this Friday!

We have been completely overwhelmed by the response our fans have had to this beer. Literally overwhelmed. When we first released it in July, our website slowed to a crawl, and we saw the same thing happen online last night. 

We want to assure you that we’ve made numerous changes to our website over the past few months in order to keep up with traffic, but we recognize that we still have a ways to go.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard of customer service than what you’ve been seeing, so we made the decision to suspend online sales of Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It. Fans will be able to buy this beer in person at the Brewtique, beginning at noon on Friday.

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