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“Rustic, yet bright, with a subtle tartness that adds a little zing to it and a strong fruity finish."

Erosion 2020

The folks in production have been working hard to keep up with the demand for our core brands like Cape May IPA and Coastal Evacuation — throughout the quarantine period, we’ve seen folks sitting at home, drinking our beers, and we love it. 

However, that means that our tank space is at a premium. Or, to clarify, our tank space at HQ is at a premium — we still have plenty of tank space available in our Experimental Brewery over in the Barrel Room.

What to do… what to do…?

Might as well brew up some crazy, mixed-fermentation beers for the Tasting Room!

First up, released upon our reopening earlier this week, is Erosion — a mixed-fermentation saison with a co-pitch of our favorite Belgian Saison yeast and our favorite, down-and-dirty funk musician… 

Ladies and gentlemen… 

Put your hands together for BRRRRRRRETT LAAAAAAMBICUUUUUS!

(…we miss live music….)

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Welcome back!

Reopening Phases

We’re thoroughly excited about opening our doors to our fans! As far as we’re concerned, Monday can’t come soon enough, and we can’t wait to welcome you back.

Last week, we gave you what we hope was a pretty detailed picture as to what to expect when we open on Monday. However, we don’t intend to keep things that way forever.  

We intend to reopen in three phases, each of which returns some aspect of your visitor experience to some semblance of normal.

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Get your orders in today to ensure shipping by Father’s Day!

Merch for Dad

The past few months have been a little on the crazy side. We get it. It’s been a trying few weeks. The kids have been home, you’re trying to get some work done, and shopping is a waking nightmare.

But, you know that Father’s Day is coming up on June 21st, and you’ve got to get dad something.

We’ll make it easy for you. Here are six pieces of swag from his favorite brewery! (And one pretty sweet gift box!)

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“It's tasty, and definitely something I'll be enjoying on these hot, humid days.”


Way, way back, what feels like many centuries ago, not long before COVID began, we had plans for a second partnership with the Surfrider Foundation, an activist network dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves, and beaches. 

We partnered with them last year to bring about Twin Fin, a kettle-soured, session, New England IPA, right around Earth Day. We had plans to repeat the partnership this year, and… well… you probably can surmise what happened.

We called it Cutback — a crisp, refreshing, classic American Pale Ale, blending old-school malts with new-school hopping techniques. Since the partnership with Surfrider lends itself to referencing surfing terms, we wanted to honor their mission with an appropriate name. In surfing, a “cutback” is when a surfer changes direction, using his or her rails to go back toward the breaking point of the wave. It positions the surfer back to the “power source”: the steepest, most enjoyable part of the wave.

Everything was ready to go for an awesome Tasting Room-only release: the ingredients were in-house, the partnership was coming together, and, most importantly, the label was approved by the TTB.

Then… everything got put on hold. And, in the intervening months, the more common definition of the word “cutback” began being applied everywhere, including things to which it had never been applied before. 

At this point, you’re probably ready for a good cutback, and, since we had an approved name and label and a great beer to go with it, we’ve got a great Cutback for you.

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Cape May Brewing Company serves people of every race and nationality, and racism in any form has no place in our company and it never will.

A Statement on Racial Injustice

At Cape May Brewing Company, we’ve always held the belief that beer brings people together, and, as we watch the world around us erupt in protests, we feel that this message needs to be heard now more than ever.

So, we’d like to take a moment to let our fans know where we stand.

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June 21st!

Father’s Day Swag

In all likelihood, the first beer you ever tried — surreptitiously — probably belonged to your dad.

This Father’s Day, you can take a chance to pay him back with some swag from his favorite brewery. 

Coming soon on June 21st, it’s never too soon to begin thinking about what to get dad for his day. We’ve got a few great suggestions below!

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“It’s more expensive than my car.”

Fun With Lab Equipment!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Lab Manager Lauren Appleman has the best toys in the brewery, and she recently added two new ones — the Anton Paar DMA 4500 with Alcolyzer and the Anton Paar CBox — to her arsenal of sciency weapons.

We got together with her over Google Meet this week to talk about them.

“You’re kinda forcing me right now to think about the science of all this stuff,” she says, “and in the regular day-to-day, I’m like, ‘I don’t know how it works. It just does.’”

She’s being a little self-deprecating — she definitely knows how it works, she simply never has to think about it.

So, what do they do? Basically, they make better beer.

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We hope to see you soon and hope that you and your loved ones have remained safe and healthy throughout this crisis.

What to Expect When We Reopen

It appears that the end is in sight, friends.

We’ll be opening with limited capacity and following recommendations provided by the CDC on June 15th!

So, to get you excited about what’s to come, we’ve put together an image of what things will look like when we reopen.

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“This is definitely a pinky-out kind of beer that is meant for those long days hanging around the pool.”

Strawberry Sunset

As you drive to the brewery, entering Lower Township, you may notice a sign tucked to the right side of the road. It’s an easy sign to miss — it seems to have been placed by a thoughtful neighbor rather than some governmental entity –, but it proclaims Lower Township to have the best sunsets in New Jersey.

Y’all… that sign ain’t lyin’.

If you’ve never had the chance to situate yourself on the bay side of Cape May County toward the end of the day, you’re missing out on one of the finest experiences of your life.

Combine it with a delicious strawberry lemonade shandy, fortuitously bearing the name Strawberry Sunset, and you’ve got an experience to remember.

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"Gatsby probably knew a thingertwo about bourbon barrels."

Books and Brews

The weather is getting warmer and we seem to be nearing the end of this lockdown — thankfully! So, whether you’re still staying at home or if you’ve decided to venture out and enjoy some of our recently reopened beaches, you’re probably looking for a decent book to read.

We decided to reach out to the Brew Crew to find out which books they love and which CMBC brew they think pairs the best.

Hopefully, you’ll find a new favorite book — and a new favorite beer — as we finish up the last few weeks of quarantine!

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