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The Brewtanical Garden is CLOSED today; please join us in the Tasting Room, open until 8pm!

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It’s a testament to the creativity of brewing: how you can have one defining flavor, but use it in two vastly different ways. 

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Beer

If soda isn’t your thing, or you missed out on our latest On the Way to Cape May brew, Root Beer Float, we have two new options for you to try this weekend. If you’re one of our intrepid fans who have collected each release so far, take note: #4 and #5 are out today, Friday July 2nd. Read on to find out more about why you won’t want to miss these!

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If you missed out on our anniversary celebration last weekend, now’s your chance to come join us for another festive occasion. 

Red, White, and Brewtanical!

We’re rocking out this weekend with our Red, White, and Brewtanical celebration!

It’s the Fourth of July weekend, and we’ll be starting the weekend off on Friday, July 2nd at 11am! Our Brewtanical Garden and Tasting Room will be decked out in patriotic fare, including stars and stripes and red, white, and blue streamers, garland, and flags! 

Check out the details here for our live music and new releases!

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“Gavin is a real rockstar."

Meet Gavin!

We’ve got a number of engineers on our team, from events and sales to admin, production, and the Tasting Room. One of our newest team members, Gavin Lewis, is no exception!

Gavin wowed our Tasting Room staff when he first visited the brewery, and since we were hiring more staff members for the sure-to-be crazy summer, we knew Gavin would be the perfect fit for the team.

He’s articulate, thoughtful, and always ready to lend a helping hand.

Meet Tasting Room Associate Gavin Lewis!

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“As we’ve gotten bigger, it’s been a great thing to see. We’ve become a destination point for the county."

Ten Perspectives on Anniversary Ale 10

Each year, we do something a bit different for our anniversary ales. For Anniversary Ale 7.0, we used seven different hop varieties, and it was dry-hopped with seven pounds-per-barrel, featured an SRM of 7, and an ABV of 7.7%. Anniversary Ale 9 last year was 9.0% ABV, and was crafted at nine pounds-per-barrel of hops. Do you see the pattern here?

While Anniversary Ale 10 bucks the tradition a bit (can you even imagine trying to wrangle a 10% ABV brew with TEN different hops in it??), we decided to pay homage to our number system by reaching out to ten crew members to talk about this brew. From each of our main departments, admin/marketing, sales/distribution, the Tasting Room, and production, we spoke with five OG crew members and five of the newest crew members to get their thoughts on our new double IPA, and what Cape May Brewery’s 10th anniversary means to each of them!

Read on to learn a bit more about some of your favorite crew members, and a sneak peek at some of our new crew members ahead of their blog features!

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“It’s indulgent. It’s a dessert beer through and through."

Make Room for Root Beer Float!

Next up in our On the Way to Cape May series is No. #003: Root Beer Float. As many folks already know, we make our own root beer and have it on draft in the Tasting Room. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to grab some to-go when we have enough in stock!

Our Culinary Ops, Soda Guru, and Cellarperson JP Thomas crafts our root beer and homemade ginger ale when he has time outside of cellaring all of our other brews, and it’s a great treat when we have it on draft.

For this series, we took that root beer flavor and scaled it up in a big way. This variant might be a bit different from the root beer you’ve had in the tasting room, as the bit of lactose gives it those root beer float vibes, but it’s just as delicious. We caught up with Cellarperson Andrew Casey and Production Planning & Specialty Brewing Manager Brian Hink this week to learn more!

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Music in the Brewtanical Garden all weekend, and three new beer releases!

Cheers to 10 Years!

Many of us likely remember when we turned 10. You’re not quite a teenager yet, but it’s a big deal, hitting that two-digit mark to reach the big 1-0. 

This year, Cape May Brewing Company turns ten years old. We’ve had quite the decade, and are so thankful to have weathered through a number of difficult years with you, from Hurricane Sandy to 2020. 

We’re incredibly thankful to everyone who has helped make us a success for the last ten years, and we look forward to continuing to grow and bring you even more delicious brews in the future!

To celebrate, we’re throwing a party. But, like, a really cool party, because obviously there’s beer involved. 

We hope you’ll join us for our 10th anniversary party, kicking off next weekend, Friday, June 25th through Sunday, June 27th.

Read more about the fun you can expect at our Brewtanical Garden and Tasting Room!

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“Halie is fantastic with customers! She is honest, genuine and kind."

Meet Halie!

Halie might seem unassuming when you first meet her, but she’s a powerhouse personality who shares her warmth and humor with coworkers and customers alike.

If you’ve visited our Brewtique on a Sunday, chances are you’ve met Halie already. She’s been working with us since last summer, and we sat down to chat with her in the Tasting Room this week to commemorate her time with us the past year. 

Meet Brewtique Associate Halie Hennessey!

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“It’s like a hopped up shandy.”

Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It: A Big, Bold Release This Year!

You might remember that when we released Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It for the first time last year, our website could not handle the volume of requests for the brew. 

As in, Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It broke the internet. (Well, at least, our little corner of it.)

The demand was so high, in fact, that we sold out of cans the first weekend we released it. We re-released another batch, but it was still limited. 

We knew right away that this was one we wanted to bring back on a larger scale for everyone to enjoy, and this week it’s back, bigger and better than ever!

Starting today in the Tasting Room, you’ll be able to stock up on this brew, try it on draft, or grab your own six-pack for the first time! As an added bonus for this year’s release, Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It  will be available throughout liquor stores and on draft in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware later this month.

Check out what folks had to say about this brew!

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Reggae, Key West vibes, water views, and a "Caribbean flare on American food"

Spotlight On Wheelhouse!

Our friends right across the bay at Wheelhouse in Lewes, Delaware have been on our list to visit for some time now, and we were so thrilled to get the chance to take a midweek ferry ride over to join them for lunch.

Wheelhouse is part of the Zogg’s Raw Bar ‘n’ Grill Restaurant Group, which also operates Zogg’s and Bushels, two fellow local Delaware restaurants, each with their own beachy, southern vibe. 

Mike Dangerfield, the Director of Operations for the restaurant group, set us up with General Manager Keely Weber, who’s the GM for both Wheelhouse and Bushels. Sales Manager Scott McIntyre and Social Media & Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg joined us for the adventure. We rode the ferry over with Courtney, and Scott drove out from Philly to meet us.

We checked out a few of the dishes they have to offer, as well as what you can expect when you visit. I mean, just LOOK at these photos!

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“Brett is one of those fun yeasts where you can do the same thing and it can come out differently each time.”

Crusty Barnacle Makes Its Return This Week!

Crusty Barnacle has been a staple for the last several years, and it’s a favorite of many of our Brew Crew members and regulars.

Guest Guru Mary Braccili is a fan, and Operations Manager at Cape Beverage Craig Tropp also enjoys the funk of this brew. 

The brew has grown substantially from its humble roots as a Tasting Room team brew, and we’ve covered it at length on the blog before.

This year, we caught up again with Mark Graves. When we spoke with him in 2018 about this brew, Mark was a brewer, and he’s since worked his way up to become our Packaging Manager! 

He spoke with us about why this brew is so special, and what it offers that’s distinctly different from many of our usual brews. 

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